Which is better service for the roof: heat insulation or heat proofing?

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The summer season in Pakistan is harsh and people mostly here rely only on air conditioning units. That solution although works well, but considering an energy deficient country, we must need other alternatives that help reduce heat temperature without the expense of an increase in our monthly electric budget. That can only be achieved using a next-gen solution that involves resisting heat from entering into your home. For this purpose, we use the chemical-based solution as well as heat insulation or both to reduce the heat in the roof or limiting the heat from entering into the roof and walls. The effects of these solutions are substantial, that’s the only reason why people are starting to trust this solution for their needs. But since we are more prone to avail the service while understanding which solution should opt for, since we have two available. This article will help you decide more quickly and provide some background information about what to expect from each solution.

Availability vs cost

Asking the question, is the solution available in Pakistan and how much it cost? Before anything else should be the prime question asked. So its the product passes this question level, then other parts mean something, otherwise, if the thing is out of reach, or not available then what’s the point in talking about these solutions in the first place. Talking about availability, both of these solutions, whether we are talking about heat proofing solution or heat insulation, have been used for quite some while in Pakistan, so availability is not a big issue. As for cost, it varies based on the quality of the product. Putting up long story short, heat proofing solution is cheaper than heat insulation material.

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Which takes lesser time during the application

These solutions are not some form of appliances like air conditioning, which simply need to fix up not more than an hour, connected with a power source and we are all done. Since we want to save the electricity and made our home lesser hot, these next-gen solution is adopted in the first place. So the application is necessary when dealing with these solutions. So, comparing with both heat proofing and heat insulation, which takes lesser time? Well, again quick answer goes with heat proofing, since its simply a chemical, that requires no more than a couple of hours, comparing to heat insulation, which requires materials, and proper application, plus more people are required to work with insulation rather than heat proofing solutions.

More Options

When we have several options at our disposal, there is more room for price negotiations and other benefits as well, as compared to only one option. For example, when buying a car, if we have only one car available, things will be quite dull and boring, cause more options makes things interesting. We understand pretty well and want to point both of the solutions with the lens of option and diversity based on market availability. Based on our research and marketing survey, heat insulation has options and quite a lot, comparatively, heat proofing chemical has low or no options at all. This makes things interesting because heat insulation not only provides relief from the heat, but we can see and try different material and each of which has a different effect on your roof, comparatively, the heat proofing chemical is singular, white chemical, with none options available.

Results speak

Everything is properly applied, with quality and everything we ask from heat proofing solution, now lets talk about results, so which service can resist heat more? There is some competition existed on both of the services and they support each other in many areas, for instance, we can use both heat insulation and heat proofing at one location, making it more resistant, but increasing the cost exponentially. If we would require to apply simply one solution, heat insulation provides more results, cause it protects not just with direct sunlight, but also radiation which usually radiates from roof and walls during night hours. Heatwaves are another hurdle in which heat insulation solution far exceeds the heat proofing solution by a landslide.

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Return of Investment

Both of these solutions require cost, and whenever you ask any heat insulation supplier and consult about the options, they will support you by promising you the Return of Investment, which you’ll get in the face of saving energy consumption in your home. The air conditioning thermostat setting will be far lower, and it would help the cold air trapped inside the rooms while keeping the warm temperature stay outside. Same can be said for heat proofing chemicals as well. Based on the level of investment, we can get ROI for heat proofing way quickly than heat insulation due to the reason that heat insulation is far more expensive than heat proofing chemicals. 

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