Does Roof Heat Proofing really work?

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For most of us myth busters, we want to mention some of the practicalities involved in roof heat proofing and to answer the question, do roof heat proofing really works? To make you fill up with initial details, roof resistive solution is actually a fancy name of reflective paint (usually white in color) which is usually applied over the exterior of the roof. The chemical properties of this specially made white paint comprise of two features: One it reflects heat rays that strike into the surface and second the decrease the roof temperature by increasing the resistivity index of your concrete slab. With this two instrument in mind, the next terminology which is widely used to refer to the sun reflective paint is known to be roof cool paint as well, cause it makes your roof cooler than other chemicals available into the market.

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It lowers the room temperature

The chemical although is simply the white paint with high reflectivity properties into its construction, but the most important thing is that the sun rays which strikes over your rooftop have the tendency to get absorbed in the process, which is further boosted by the properties of concrete which are known to have a high absorption rates than various other materials available in the market. Since concrete is used in the construction of residential and commercial buildings, it’s only viable to have a chemical tuned for that purpose. As explained earlier, the roof resistive solution makes it possible to reflect most of the rays at the outbound and also decrease the absorption rates of heat radiation into the roof, which evidently decreases the roof temperature and make your home a little bit cooler. Why? Cause all heat that gathers up to your home comes from the direction upward location, where the sun is sighted, so usually, the most heat that comes into your home is during mid-day, and it gets absorbed in the process. Through specially made sun reflective paint and with the proper application of it, your roof gets to be cooler than before. Which helps your entire room to take effect and maintain that cooler somewhat prominently.

It decreases your energy consumption

During intense summer heat waves, people try to maintain a steady room temperature by turning on their air conditioning unit, which seems to be working just fine but with a catch, it increases our monthly electricity bill to the sky. That’s a certainty which creates uneasiness among most of the air conditioning operators to have trouble sleeping in the peaceful night, the cause of rising electric bill which is evident. But to make things worst, the stored heat inside your room, which enters through roof and into your walls start to dissipates as nigh comes in, cause of the difference of heat from outside of your home and inside of your room, this heat dissipation will result in an increase in heat temperature and will eventually rose up the energy bill of your home at the same time. Through the application of roof heat proofing paint, you will secure plenty of heat being reflected back and some of the heat which finds its way into your roof is unable to successfully get absorbed into the process, making less electricity needed to maintain the normal temperature of your room through the use of air conditioning units.

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What does roof heat proofing paint make of?

Among decreasing room temperature and energy consumption, which seems to be possible through the application of roof resistive solution paint onto your homes, it’s pretty not satisfying enough for many of our readers who still hasn’t made their mind whether this marvel truly existed into the market. So to make things clear even further, we need to let our readers know what does roof heat proofing paint made of? That much has been cleared that roof resistive solution paint is always in white color and there’s a reason for that. One of the biggest reason revolves around the science and light spectrum. White light composed of all the frequency which means, your eyes can see all spectrum when it hits a white object, so in the result of it, heat white light from the sun reflects back with full force. As if the ingredient from which roof heat proofing paint is made of, its a highly reflective made available in liquid form, which contains aqueous coating based on acrylic-resins.

Can Roof Heat Proofing completely remove high temperatures over our home?

Often people hear the question from the customer about the effectiveness of roof heat proofing solutions in Pakistan. Although everything is pretty straight forward in terms of application, the main question still exists, how well can roof resistive solution remove high temperatures over our home?

There are few factors which play an important role in removing the temperature completely and how well can roof heat proofing solution can help us in achieving some reasonable relief in the wake of high heat waves and summer temperature.

Temperature reduction from the roof

The first thing that people expect from applying roof heat proofing in Pakistan is to reduce the temperature from the roof, and that’s what roof resistive solution manages to prove as well.

There is a clear difference between reduction temperature and completely removal of temperature. The high heat during summer is extreme, and nothing except air conditioning can remove such temperature.

But that doesn’t mean there’s no need for roof resistive  solution, a reduction in heat temperature without any maintenance of high electric bill is a solution worth having.

Depends on the situation

The situation is different for different people. A customer is living on lower floors, for them, roof heat proofing solution will have minor to no effect, while air conditioning proves to be the best solution by far.

Still, that doesn’t mean that the roof resistive solution solution is a solution not effective at all. Because of roof heat proofing, around 90% of sunlight reflects into the atmosphere, which eventually cools down the roof high temperature for the better.

No effect on urban heat island effect

Reflecting sunlight is one thing, but roof heat proofing does not affect urban heat island effects which are caused by concrete heat absorption and release during night hours.

This happens because of the concrete jungle inside the urban metropolis, although, the heat which is absorbed through the roof is minimized to a great degree, because of roof heat proofing solution.

The best solution for the top floor

For all those people who are living directly under the roof, or at the top floor, for them, roof heat proofing seems to be the best solution for all of the others.

No one can undermine from the fact that roof heat proofing is an outstanding technology that focuses on the reduction of high heat temperature from your home by providing you much-needed relief, especially during high summer days in Pakistan.


By explaining with some of the practical implementations, its proven that roof heat proofing paint really does the job of making roof cool in no time, so its always an option to avail this feature for your roof in order to keep your house free from intense heat temperature and maintaining a steady form of energy bill each month.

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