What’s unique about lac heat reflector chemicals?

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Heat proofing chemicals are considered nothing short of a marvel provided to us by the advancements of science. Through this chemical treatment, it is not possible to get away from the only solution there was to get relief from the hot weather in the form of air conditioning. By ensuring that the heat doesn’t enter into our home for the first place, we can keep our interior more secure from hot weather, whether it’s in the form of a heat wave or heat island effect. Most importantly, for homes where the roof heats up to a greater extent. For this very service, we have many products available in the market, out of which, we want to explain something about the lac heat reflector and what’s so different about this product?

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Properties of heat proofing chemicals

Whether you buy a heat proofing chemical from foreign markets or local, the composition is usually the same, meaning the chemical formula doesn’t change much, only the brand name is different. Each heat proofing chemical comes in white color and there is a reason for that. In a few words, white color can reflect all the frequency present in the bandwidth. Plus the chemical is extra viscous, which creates a natural layer when applied into the open. If it would a thin layer of chemical, the effects would be different. It goes without saying that heat proofing chemicals are applied only at external areas, whether its roof or walls. Keeping this feature in mind, many brands have come up with additional features to provide waterproofing features inside the heat proofing product as well. That’s a good solution but comes with a higher price tag.

Roof heat proofing benefits in Karachi

In Karachi, we experience quite extremities of heat temperature which lasts for several months. There are few options left with us, since our homes are made from concrete, and every other home around us, which brings a new challenge in the form of a heat island effect, that further intensifies the cumulative heat into our homes. If somehow we can make our home resist to heat and make it hard for the internal temperature to rise, our home would take some relief in the form of low energy consumption, which is another issue, being the electricity in Karachi is very expensive. Roof heat proofing solution is the only answer to our needs which is widely available in Karachi.

Salient features of Lac heat reflector

Lac heat reflector, like any other heat proofing chemical, does the job of resisting the heat from entering into your home or building. But talking about the important features which are located inside the lac heat reflector is in the form of quality. In reality, there is no change of chemical formula, neither there is any difference in the color. The application of the chemical is also usually the same with equipment that is used for application purposes are the same. All we can provide to our customers is the quality which is only differentiating factor in any product. Lac heat reflector provides quality of the highest order for our customers, who need to make there roof and wall heatproof for years to come.

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Lac heat reflector vs other heat proofing chemicals

Like we have mentioned above, there are more than a few heat proofing chemicals available in the market in Karachi. Lakhwa Chemical Service provides our product for the masses to ensure that they can have their home completely protected from heat-related issues, which includes heat waves, heat Island effect and another form of summer heat, which makes our home difficult to live without the use of air conditioning unit working 24/7. Lac heat reflector is locally made, hence people opting for our chemical solution is not just making their home secure from intense heat, but also supporting the local industry and our national economy at the same time.

Where can you get a lac heat reflector?

People who are interested in the lac heat reflector paint can get its access from Lakhwa Chemical Services, and by simply contacting us, we will ensure to provide you product no matter what is the quantity. We take great pride over our products and services, so people usually contact us with not just product-related inquiries, but they also put their trust into our chemical treatment and application for their roof, because that’s what are trait is in the first place.

The difference of Lac Heat reflector from other brands

Lac heat reflector is a brand name provided by Lakhwa Chemical Service like we have other brand names within the same heat proofing family that does exactly the similar job of providing relief from high temperature in Karachi.

What we need to understand is who well this Lac heat reflector provide the solution, because there’s another solution just waiting for the customer which greatly assist them in ensuring that no temperature comes near their roof.

Below we have highlighted some of the important features which ensure that Lac heat reflector is quite a unique product from other products within the same family.

Reasonable price

Why do people go with new products, because of two main reasons, one of its quality and other its cost?

The cost element always leads to every solution, especially if it’s a new one. The good thing about Lac heat reflector is that very much within the reach of people that are looking for solutions for heat proofing over their roof.

Like any other products of the same potency, Lac heat reflector also does the same thing, but better cost range, hence it’s something worth visiting.

Made locally

The chemicals of Lac heat reflector are completely a by-product of local industries and prowess, which is always a good thing for the economy in general and being self-sufficient in product manufacturing for local use.

The main thing about the locally made product is it’s manufactured keeping the local needs in mind. A product that comes from outside is somewhat not designed for our environment or generally designed for all environments as adequately accepted potency.

Produced through advance methods

Since Lac heat reflector is a chemical, we need to be varied of the fact that if a chemical is made by using century-old methods, it’s of no good for us.

The good thing about Lac heat reflector is that it produced through advanced methods, which not just increases its workability, but also improves the production as well.

Used imported raw materials

Raw materials for chemicals are imported that Lac heat reflector carries within its composition. The raw materials are most or less available from other countries and they help manufactures to use only the best raw material for manufacturing.

On another note, the use of Lac heat reflector, and with the advantage of imported raw material, we can ensure the imported quality while developing the chemical on a local scale, something worth a lot of benefits.


Lac heat reflector paint is quality driven, locally made, and reasonable in price, everything you can ask from a heat proofing chemical in Karachi. Not just the product itself, but we at Lakhwa Chemical Services ensures to provide the application services for our customers as well. Simply we are referred to as one-stop-shop of heat proofing in Karachi.

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