How to protect the roof from sun heat in Karachi

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It is without a doubt that average Earth temperature is on the rise and with every year passing, the temperature will continue to rise even further. The main reason is due to the environmental changes and global warming due to hazardous gases being exerted across the ozone layer and damaging its integrity. But that’s something out of this scope is to how to protect our Earth from the grip of intense heat enhancement. What we will be discussing today is regarding various ways which can help to protect your roof from sun heat in Karachi. You won’t find something in your everyday newspaper or even in schools, as the heat is becoming unbearable after year passing year, we believe it is our duty to lay down various methods is to how to protect the roof from sun heat in Karachi that provides amazing results at the same time. So here we go.

Make your roof applied with roof cool chemicals

Let’s begin with the simplest ways to make your roof protected from sun heat during summer seasons. With the help of roof cool chemicals and its advantages during the intense sun heat radiation, your home can get all the unnecessary heat radiation out of the equation simply by the application of elastomeric paint over your rooftops. The behavior of this paint is to simply make sure that no heat ever enters into your home that is out of your level to bear up. We understand that more than anyone else that the need of a sophisticated solution must be provided, but believe it or not, the roof cool chemicals is surely a suitable option which instant result, so do try it out.

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Install a shade over your roof

Something out of the ordinary, but quite an important method in order to protect the roof from sun heat in Karachi as well as yourself. Since your roof will be constantly facing direct sunlight in Karachi and if you happen to have a beautiful rooftop with good greenery intact, it’ll be a shame to let all the plants die due to burning heat they are gaining constantly from the sunlight during the summer season. Installing a simple shade over your roof not only help protect your roof, but it also decreases the total heat generated within the rooftop. And if you happen to apply roof cool paint over the shed, instead of your roof, you will notice a remarkable difference in internal temperature, which will be around 15-degree decrease.

Don’t forget to insulated

Not let’s come back to some of the investment-related ideas which can help you protect the roof from sun heat in Karachi. With much things happens constantly during the heat waves, we have observed that it’s not enough to simply protect your roof only by using various methods that will help to reduce the intense temperature over your heads, but instead, you must have some type of solution to make those walls of yours protected as well. With that being said, through the use of heat insulation material, such as polyurethane, Styrofoam and mineral wool are some of the mighty useful insulation materials that you can use across your walls and rooftops.

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Air conditioning units work well if ventilation and ducts are installed

This is important to follow the steps categorically, from top to bottom, because if you happen to reply only on the air conditioning without first apply necessary insulation mechanism over your roof, the effect will be half as well as ineffective for the long run. Not to mention the energy bill would be soaring up in greater quantity. We understand the importance of having air conditioning units operated during the summer season, but always consider it a metered component in order to protect the roof from sun heat in Karachi. You cannot keep air conditioning operated 24/7 due to budget limitation, as well as since its a mechanical component, it might break down as well. So if your facility is properly ventilated and ducts are installed effectively, the limited flow of cooler air will have greater effects when operated without any ventilation and duct system.

Why should every one protect the roof from sun heat in Karachi?

As a solution provider, we can’t emphasize enough on the importance to protect the roof from sun heat in Karachi, because the high temperature not just endanger our lives, but the lives of our loved ones.

And since there’s a solution available in our market and with promising results, this makes it quite natural for people to adopt this solution for their advantage.

Although people are always getting ahead in the race to protect the roof from sun heat in Karachi, heat proofing solution has a separate place in the market.

Heatwave and high electricity load

During the summer season, the heat waves are becoming a normal occurrence, although its no way a normal thing for people who are facing intensity from the summer season.

We at our homes and outside both are unsafe from the devastation of heat waves during the summer season, not to mention the load balancing done by our utility department during this period, which only adds more trouble into our lives.

Hence people are left with few options to protect the roof from sun heat in Karachi, and one method is to use heat proofing solution since it doesn’t rely on electricity or any monthly maintenance, having this solution applied over the roof does a remarkable solution for the masses.

Day time is critical

During the day, if we can protect the roof from sun heat in Karachi, it’s effect leads towards night time as well. Hence it’s very important to place a solution that protects the roof from sun heat in Karachi during day time.

And what good solution is there besides using heat proofing solution in Karachi which shows real promises in safeguarding people from the adverse effects of heatwaves and other troubles in Karachi.

Security from direct sunlight

The main reason people opt for heat proofing solutions in the first place is to protect the roof from sun heat in Karachi.

Because of this direct sunlight which comes through their rooftops, people get in a bind to feel all the heat in which the sun is pouring down like a river stream. 

As the heat proofing solution ensures to protect the roof from sun heat in Karachi, it’s quite evident to use this solution to our advantage.

Save electric bill

If a solution that helps from high temperature as well as saves electric bill from the result of it, what more could be asked from a solution.

Not to mention that this solution is quite cost-effective and if avail through companies, we can avail warranty features as well, for up to 3 years.


Protecting your roof from sun heat in Karachi is becoming more and more a challenge these days, but with adequate equipment and the knowledge required to secure your roof, its quite a possibility to make sure that you can enjoy your summer season to its fullest without any reservation of being lacking behind on heat wave adverse effects.

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