what is the best heat proofing paint in Pakistan

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The scorching heat is considered to be a common thing in Pakistan as its location in the Earth is located at Tropic of Cancer, which is usually a hotter axis as compared to others. Keeping the geography aside, when there is heat, we feel its effect all around in terms of heat deterioration and heat strokes. There is even no solitude at our homes due to heavy energy rates that comes at our door every month when air conditioning units are running with an increased number of hours. The situation is not good with summer arrives, hence people are looking into secondary options to counter this extremity of the summer season and also to ensure that the results are not gradual but instant, cause if we are looking into any positive alternative of air conditioning, it is not easy to find. Thankfully, through the use of chemically tested heat proofing paint, we can ensure that no danger could affect us in any way when the summer season is nearing. Let’s find out which heat proofing paint in the best in Pakistan and how to evaluate the best from average.

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Understanding the SRI value of paint

When talking about thermal paint, its main job is to decrease the temperature on internal rooms, so applying the paint should be usually around the roof or higher grounds. This application of chemical does one thing certain, it will keep the heat controlled, no matter how average the construction of the bike is being done. Luckily the manufacturers and industry experts and provided us with an important indicator to realize the best from worse, when thermal paint is considered. That indication is known as SRI or Solar Reflective Index. This value scaled from 1 to 0, where 1 is 100% reflection and 0 means no reflection. Usually, the best one comes around 0.90, so it’s always better to see this indication and it will help to understand which is top class heat proofing paint in Pakistan.

Comes as solar reflective paint in Pakistan

The paint primary job is to reflect sunlight as much as possible, at the same time it should be cheap, cause situating a mirror can do the same job, but the mirror is not easily applied and maintenance is out of the question. The white paint has two jobs, which is to work as solar reflective paint, plus it can keep the aesthetic nature in an effective manner. If we are a concern with direct sunlight, there is another culprit which gives a boost in intense heat and gains troubles in our lives, which is known as urban heat island. This effect comes in the form of radiation, which means even when the sun is set, the heat is there stored inside the concrete and another form of materials. This thermal paint is aimed to counter this effect as well.

White color leads the way

When we referred to as why thermal proofing paint comes in white color, there is an impeccable explanation behind such effect. Considering the color spectrum, which is the wavelength of light comes down from the sun. If an object is displayed to us meaning that very light wavelength is detected to our eyes while all other wavelengths are absorbed by the material. White means all of the light spectrum is reflected back to us meaning, no spectrum is absorbed, hence saving us from radiation. While back color absorbs all of the colors hence back object is formed.

Environmental friendly an added bonus

Construction of anything industrial puts some concern on the environment, and as human beings, we must consider this a serious issue due to the fact of global warming and increasing temperature of Earth at the rise. The chemical manufacturing is completely synthetic and if it’s done keeping the environmental damage to the minimum, the environmentally friendly status is achieved by the very chemical which is always an added bonus is our book.

How much temperature is reduces in reality?

This is surely a debatable concern that how much temperature is reduced through the application of thermal paint over the roof. The exact value of temperature can never be visualized but many experts provide a range of temperature which means the reduction would come in between that range. Usually 5 C to 20 C is subjected to change after the paint is applied, which is not a bad reduction, keeping in mind, that it doesn’t need any form of external energy but the result of it we save energy and the investment that we have applied over our roofs are returned within 2-3 years.

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Using high-temperature resistant fabric cloth

Making a double effect of heat reduction is through a secondary element during the application of thermal reflective paint in Pakistan, which is known as high-temperature resistant fabric cloth that is applied, and over the fabric, the paint is applied. This fabric creates a small padding effect towards the roof which even decreases the temperature to a certain level.

Is there any better solution than Heat Proofing paint in Pakistan?

People are usually looking to go with not just mediocre but the best solution for their homes. The same can said for heat proofing paint in Pakistan and its application into our home.

Although it’s simply a solution, still important to understand why people go to avail of this solution in the first place.

Does really application of heat proofing paint in Pakistan helps greatly in reducing high temperature over your roof, or is it nothing more than a hoax.

Below are some of the important features of heat proofing paint in Pakistan which makes it the best solution out from the rest.

Cost related

As we have suggested on the beginning title, there is no better solution than heat proofing paint in Pakistan and one of the major reasons for this is the cost element.

The cost of applying heat proofing in Pakistan is considered among the cheapest than the rest, although the result element is quite handsome, as all the chemical plays a vital role in making sure that roof becomes cooler especially during the summer season.


For a solution to protect our home from the harsh summer weather in Pakistan, there are some solution which takes a heck a lot of time is its application, while other takes a lot of time to bring some result.

For heat proofing paint in Pakistan, there’s no trouble whatsoever for anything related to time. The solution itself is simply applied with the help of simple equipment which is used to apply chemical.

As heat proofing paint in Pakistan is nothing but paint, anyone with some knowledge of how paint is applied can apply it over the roof floor.

Maintenance troubles

For solutions, there are some which require yearly maintenance to ensure that it keeps on running on its ultimate level. Then there’s the maintenance of solution which revolves around the material and it natural that as enough time passes, the material badly deteriorates and needs a replacement over time.

For heat proofing paint in Pakistan, there’s no such thing as maintenance troubles, because its chemical which is simply applied over the roof floor, and does a remarkable solution as a whole.


There is more than one variable which helps us understand which heat proofing chemical is the best in Pakistan, but there is absolutely no doubt that whatever you pick, you will surely cover the investment within years due to heat reduction and energy saving from the result of it.


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