Heat Proofing

We provide Roof Heat Proofing in Karachi

Being the at forefront of waterproofing services in Pakistan, we provide the best solution for our customers in the department of roof heat proofing in Karachi. We have been into the market for several years and have done numerous jobs related to heat proofing services in Karachi. Our technical staff and project managers make sure that all the job that we get our hands on is completed with the utmost professionalism, dedication and within the specified timeline. We maintain a steady and colorful relation with our customer during and after the project. Not only the task on hand, but our heat proofing service also include after job support so that our customer can get at easy when they are looking to choose Lakhwa Chemical Service for their roof heat proofing service in Karachi.


Our reach is not only limited to a single city but all over Pakistan. We provide roof heat proofing service across the nation and would be available for work in every major city namely, Lahore, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Quetta, Faisalabad and rest of the location no matter how far or near they are. We are a committed heat proofing company in Karachi that aims to provide quality work for our clients which will enable them to re-visit our various other solutions as well such as waterproofing and heat insulation services in Pakistan.


Roof heat solutions that do the job right

Lakhwa Chemical Services has been into the market for several years which has made us more confident on providing numerous heat proofing service in Karachi. With our colorful portfolio and abundant of jobs, We are looking in great zeal and dedication to become the best choice for every heat proofing solutions in Karachi. Whether its residential, commercial or industrial, our technical staff and dedicated managers can look it into professionally and bring out results that are expected by our customers.


Have you ever wonder what makes Lakhwa Chemical Service one of the leading heat proofing service in Karachi. It’s the experience we have gained over the past years by working on various jobs all around Pakistan. All these experienced in transferred to our labors and staff members, who can manage any challenge regarding heat proofing service you can t throw at them. By providing the best industrially standard chemical treatment for our homes and office, we make sure that all the stored heat inside your roof and wall dissipates in a moments notice, enabling you to experience a major difference in the decrease of room temperature. All in all, our service for roof heat proofing Karachi will definitely hook you up to avail the other chemical treatment services that we offer, such as waterproofing and heat insulation services.

Heat proofing Services

Being the top-notch heat proofing service in Karachi, we offer most premium quality of service along with the imported chemical products that we use in order to lay down over your rooftop, whether it’s plain, or slanted, our team of professionals will make sure your business is taken care of in the most qualified manner. Besides roof heat proofing in Karachi, we also aim for providing additional services if our customers are interested that includes, waterproofing, roof leakage treatment in Pakistan, and various other heat proofing solution at your disposal. If you are looking to give us a go, our expert inspection manager will visit your site for a quick estimation and its all free.

Roof Heat proofing

With climate change on the rise, so is the need to having roof heat proofing in Karachi. We, at Lakhwa Chemical Services, aims to provide professionally tuned service for our customers to handle roof heat proofing service in Lahore, Faisalabad, and Karachi. With imported products and trained staff on the ready, we will make sure not a single opening is left for the scorching sun to get inside your rooftop. With the varied chemical treatment products at our disposal such as Elastomeric Heat Reflector Coating and Bituminous Aluminium Foil Membrane Heat reflector for that extra layer of protection, our professionals will make sure that our clients are fully satisfied with our work and get to live in relaxing more with cool and proof service.

Wall Heat Proofing

Being the leading provider of roof heat proofing in Karachi, we aim to offer a 360 solution for our customer. To have the ultimate cooling experienced using our environmentally friendly products such as simple reflector coating and Elastomeric Heat Reflector coating, we provide the same chemical treatment at the external of walls as well. The thermal insulation for wall heat proofing is essential to have the 100% heat resistant mechanism in order to isolate the heat radiation that usually gets absorbed by the walls during the day time and in return, exerts the stored heat during the night time, which makes it quite uneasy for people to face. Additionally, our wall heat proofing service provides commendable support as an anti-dust chemical.

Get free inspection for Roof insulation service in Karachi

Looking to avail our Roof insulation service in Karachi but not sure where to begin? Simply call or email us and give us a simple rundown of your requirements, our expert will come at the site for free inspection and provide estimation for the total job. Our site inspector has several experiences in providing estimation support to various clients whether belonging from the residential, commercial or industrial sector. At Lakhwa Chemical Service, we have tried our level best to provide comprehensive details by inspecting each and every aspect of your site using pinpoint accuracy that includes area calculation, working environment, day or night cycle, and current weather forecast.


Our aim is to provide the clients with the best heat proofing service in Karachi which can be categorized as one stop shop for all your waterproofing and heat proofing needs. Once the site inspection is taken care off, our expert will provide his recommendations to our clients, which relates to having the best experience for roof heat proofing in Karachi. Usually, clients that belong from residential homes often avail roof heat proofing service are already living in the pace for months and are wondering the issues during the chemical treatment process. Our expert staff will make sure that you won’t feel a little bit of resentment during our ensure work, and our customer can rest assured that no disturbance will take place during the entire process.

Our service greatly Reduce heat from the roof

Our roof heat proofing service in Pakistan not only improves the overall heat radiation from your roofs and walls but also reduces the direct heat greatly from your rooftop. Our heat resistant chemicals such as elastomeric compounds, which helps to decrease the overall heat dissipation of your homes, industries and commercial structure. We apply our industry grade sun reflective paint for roof without any wear and tear, just within days, to make sure our customer doesn’t feel irritated and makes the job done in a flash. As per megacities like Karachi, Lahore, and Faisalabad, where heat Island effect is increasing in an alarming rate, we make sure that our elastomeric paints and chemical coats decrease the sun intensity from the heat wave in Karachi and help you to get pleasant room temperature.


With our premium heat treatment on the roof in Karachi, the reduction of heat will also bring many other benefits to our customers which include, air conditioning costs, lower greenhouse emissions and decrease heat-related illnesses among the masses. Located at the dry plain of Pakistan, Karachi is basically most vulnerable towards the heat build-up due to all the traffic, population growth and various harmful gases from combustion of industries, using proper pre-emptive measures for roof heat proofing in Karachi are necessary for today’s time of the hour. We at Lakhwa Chemical Services makes sure that our customers experience instant result from our roof heat proofing chemicals and improve their overall room temperature down from 40 C to just 20 C.

Introducing sun reflective paint for the roof

The Urban heat emission is a serious concern for our modern times which has to be rectified in the most effective manner. Roof heat proofing in Pakistan is handled by various industry tested chemical to tackle a high number of solar reactivity and high-temperature emission from the concrete surface. Our top of the shelf sun reflective pain for roof work in the most effective manner to reduce the extra heat radiation which emits from urban heat island effect and intensive heat waves in Karachi. Our top-notch service in heat treatment makes sure that no heat is transferred into the interior walls of the structure which greatly reduce the cumulative heat effect from our homes and commercial sector.


Our chemical treatment for your roof in Pakistan is flawless in terms of service, customer satisfaction and application guarantee which shows professionalism in our work. Our protective pigments not only gets in the way of direct sunlight to stop from entering into the structure, but it also improves the excessive radiation which is stored inside the concrete during the day time and later released during the night time, creating irritation and increase of temperature inside our homes. Lakhwa Chemical Services makes sure that our roof heat proofing chemicals in Karachi is well tuned for our customer’s needs and gets the result instantly.

Considered best Service as roof insulation Pakistan

Best one of the leading roof insulation provider in Pakistan, Lakhwa Chemical Service relies greatly on two components, provide the most current environmental friendly and industry tested chemicals to our customers and secondly, to deliver spotless and professional chemical treatment service in Pakistan which speaks louder than words. Our out of the shelf roof heat proofing in Pakistan is adequate with providing various well-tuned applications and compounds to secure your rooftops with direct sunlight, which includes Elastomeric heat reflector coating and bituminous aluminum foil membrane to stop the extra temperature during summertime in Pakistan. Extremely effective which with the instant result, our roof insulation service has always remained to be an emerging roof heat proofing solution in Karachi by a long shot.


Our thermal insulation chemicals in Karachi features with international standard and proven compounds such as elastomeric properties, elasticity, UV-resistance, durability, dirt prove mechanism and waterproofing characteristics which enhances the overall ability of the roof heat proofing chemicals to greater heights.

We offer best roof cooling ideas to our clients

Wondering the best way to decrease your room temperature without a lot of fuss, Lakhwa Chemical Service is a proud roof heat proofing service which focuses greatly on new ideas, for both national and international standard. Our chemical treatment service comes with the best roof cooling ideas straight from Chinese markets which have been implemented across the board. Few of our emerging service in the field of roof heat proofing in Karachi greatly depends on mixing with elastomeric property with the durability of waterproofing chemicals in Karachi, that not only protect your house from excessive heat on the roof but also helps you to protect from any unintentional water pour around the roof.


Our out of the box home ceiling insulation service in Pakistan greatly improves the overall effect of heat resistant properties of your rooftop through our heat resistant roofing sheets and solar reflective paint for the roof in Karachi which increases the comprehensive effect of your heat resistance.


How long will it take to apply roof heat proofing chemicals?

Our Elastomeric heat resistant paint will be applied within hours of application. You will feel a substantial difference after the paint is applied to the roof of your home.

How do you insulate the exterior wall finishing for my home?

We use the same chemical product as applied on the roof, which helps you to reduce the overall excessive heat adds up from the sun and various radiation agents.

What are the materials used for thermal insulation?

Our chemicals are all imported from international markets which contain an adequate amount of elastomeric properties and sun-reflective characteristic.

What is the best cheap thermal solution you can provide?

All of our thermal solutions consists of while sun reflective paint which is very affordable for most of our customers.