Does Roof heat proofing in Karachi protects your home from rainwater

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Rain season is considered to be damaging for concrete if no protection is in place, hence we need a solution such as Roof heat proofing in Karachi. We have mostly two types of roof-based damages that ruin our house structure namely, water leakage and seepage. These both damages are because water augments the concrete absorption strength and with this effect in place, the wetness can be seen inside the home. For residential areas, mostly the topmost house is effected from rainwater the most and while the raining is not the only damage our roof faces, once the rainy season is all over, the extremities of hot weathers follow, which weakens the roof to a non-returnable manner. The use of chemical based treatment is the only solution which limits both type of roof based damages, including roof leakage and heat resistant.

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Chemicals used in Roof heat proofing

The most popular chemical used as a roof heat proofing has always been elastomeric based chemical, which helps concrete to provide a stronger resistance from all types of heat based damages, that includes increase heat radiation, sunlight and urban heat island. With the chemical places, there is an active chance for the temperature to decrease around 10 degrees without any external source, such as air conditioning. Along with the chemical, cloth and canvas is another form of heat proofing materials, which further boosts the effects of sun resistivity. For limiting the flow of water which might enter into your home from roof, is usually restricted through the use of waterproofing chemicals, but at the same time, there are products which work in dual nature, prove to be best for both worlds.

Types of damage by rainwater

Since we have briefly explained about the types of damages which is brought to you by rainwater, besides leakage and seepage, we usually skip the most damaging part of the rain, which is something of a followup, and caused by an increasing amount of moisture content in the air along with extreme heat light. The worse thing about this effect is that the sun increases the atmospheric temperature which is a result of it not only makes your roof hotter and wet but also increasing number of temperatures will be added into your home to a certain extent that would be unbearable. Through the use of heat proofing chemicals, the sun light which strikes directly into your home will be limited and it helps to cool down the existing thermal heat effect which usually increases due to the concrete structure.

Security from hot weather after the rain

No matter how structural sound your home is, there is no escape from the heat after rain, because no matter if all water has been properly drained, the moisture will still be present around the atmosphere. And with the sunlight working its way over water, the total heat will increase inside and outside your home. For the inside of your home, simply by using heat proofing chemical will go ahead miles in protecting your roof and concrete from absorbing rainwater. Not only that, the sunlight effect will be minimized to a substantial level, which in return helps the homeowner with life inside their home with internal temperature much decreased than before.

Warranty provided by the supplier

Application the chemical can be done by anyone, and with little amount of guidance and a paintbrush it can be applied, but there are still some expert-level areas where individuals with a little know-how are advised, that includes application of cloth and canvas over the chemical laying, and how to calculate the coating thickness of the cloth based on the amount of heat exists in a particular area. With the help of heat proofing company, not only you will get complete application of chemical in place, but the company will provide warranty as well, which further increases the benefits from the user side and improve their mindset which helps the users to act more profoundly on selecting the top rates to heat proofing company in Pakistan.

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Other benefits of roof heat proofing

Simply by applying chemical over your roof have more benefits than you can ever count. Suggesting the name of the chemical, the roof heat proofing is intentionally build to protect the homeowners from intense heat, during or after rain. What else a roof is for, protection from water, that also been taken care of, the moisture is restricted, the concrete life increase for your roof, the color of your roof is uniform, which is usually white in color, it removes the odor of after raining water, will help you keep your roof tidy, since white color will clearly highlight even the smallest dust if any is laying there. Not to mention that improved heat temperature directly applies to reduce the electricity bill for your home, so the financial benefits are also placed.

How good the service is Roof heat proofing in Karachi?

Often we hear from people that are looking to avail certain solutions, especially if it’s next-gen and out of the box solution. That how good is the service of Roof heat proofing in Karachi is?

The answer to this question is quite the simple one, which can be given in a single word, but as we provide the very Roof heat proofing in Karachi by ourselves, its fair that we make it more interesting for our readers by providing more details about this question.


No one can deny from the fact that Roof heat proofing in Karachi is a complete and thorough chemical-based solution.

What benefits can be get through availing Roof heat proofing in Karachi if it’s so-called chemically tuned? Anything chemical is easily applicable and takes no time whatsoever.

Since time is money, its quite evident that everyone needs a solution that takes the least amount of time for its application, to say the least, and what good is there besides Roof heat proofing in Karachi solution when we require convenience.

Works on every surface

There are various types of service available all around the Karachi in general and Pakistan in particular. As most of us already knew that around 99% of the times, concrete roofs are located in Karachi and there are other forms as well.

No matter which material is used for the roof, its Roof heat proofing in Karachi is valid for every one of it. There are rooms or small houses made of metal, for that as well the Roof heat proofing in Karachi is the best choice because of obvious reasons.

Reduce Electricity

In Pakistan, we bear an extremely high amount of electricity bills, especially during the summer season. Hence what we are left with no other option than to rely on other forms of solutions such as Roof heat proofing in Karachi.

Upon applying Roof heat proofing in Karachi, we can surely experience a reduction in our monthly electricity bill for up to 50% especially during the daytime, when the sun is directly shining up in the sky.

Instant Result

For an air conditioning lover, they can surely understand the benefit of it because the result provided through the air conditioning is instant.

The same can be said for Roof heat proofing in Karachi because upon its application, we can experience instant benefit from the solution as the process of light reflectivity does require any time at all.


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