Tips to insulate fastener on corrugated sheet

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Considering the damage areas around, its vital to apply corrugated sheet waterproofing in Pakistan as the first measure to counter the concerned trouble of leakage for good. Indeed the damaged area means the complete corrugated sheet must pass over some repair works so that the damaged area can get fixed properly. That much is straightforward, but what do we do when there is leakage from the area of the fastener. A corrugated sheet, like any other roofing technology, uses fasteners to hold its position firmed either through the matrix of the iron belt from it these fasteners are situated or from the walls of the room. Either way, these fasteners presents a threat as well mostly during the rainy season since the holes intended for fasteners are nothing but holes from which water might pass and as the result from these holes, we can experience the acute problem of water leakage.

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Fasteners are screws

Most of the times, these fasteners, in reality, are screws which come in various shapes and sizes. Whenever we were are going to provide some sort of techniques that don’t involve tightening mechanism, these screws tend to fix as an instant fastener without any worries. Once it is decided that fasteners are in reality simple screws, which needs to be properly placed, the next thing comes into our minds in order to protect the corrugated sheet from intense leakage through these openings is to effectively place these fasteners in position so that these holes are not open freely in the mercy of abrupt weather forecast.

Importance of Materials used in corrugated sheet waterproofing in Pakistan

A screw could come in ordinary material as well as well made composite compounds based on our requirement. The important thing to consider is that the size of screw is what we aim to examine our fasteners, while the size is of no issue when situating the screws in its proper place, there is another important consideration related to the material of these fasteners which plays an important roles whether the screw will get degraded with respect to time or would play its part for years to come. When talking about screws material and its importance during the rainy season, based on its popularity there are two most used materials for screws, namely zinc and stainless steel. Both of the material is rust-resistant and can situate as a solid fastener element for years to come. Using an ordinary steel fastener is not preferred since we are dealing with a large corrugated sheet which is entirely dependent on good fastener screws for a longer duration.

Integration of magnetic

Along placing the screw as fastener over various material is somewhat have its disadvantages, mostly due to the degradation caused by either rust or vibration, there is a need to place another additional element which is effectively fasten the screws and remove any vibration caused and nullify it with great result. The element is called magnetic which is placed at the surrounding end of the screw which is fixed from the base of a fastener. The magnetic plays to parts when placed near a fastener for corrugated sheet. One it situate to a greater degree and stop the vibration caused either by strong winds or raining, and second the leakage is also controlled cause the magnet fills all the area when might consider as opening from screw ends, simply by filling the gap, the water won’t find any opening and this protection from leakage is ensured.

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Protection from corrosion

Everything depends on the type of material when considering perfect insulation of fastener for corrugated sheet. The materials of the screw are what we aim to discuss in this article. In reality, there are several types of materials which are important for fastening the corrugated sheet with an assurance of corrosion-free performance for years to come. Some of these materials include are zinc or galvanized steel, aluminum or aluminum alloy, steel or cast iron, Lead-tin plated material, brass, copper, Monel, bronze, ferritic stainless steel, and austenitic stainless steel.

Security from leakage through corrugated sheet waterproofing in Pakistan

Since we have taken great care when it comes to material, there is another important part which we have left for the end, which is equally important as well, named as a screw head, over which entire weight of corrugated sheet depends. In short, it’s up to the requirement to use one of the screws in reality, out of which these fasteners will prove of great value. Including some of the widely used profiles of screw head as Hex, Hex Washer, Flat Wafer, Pan, low-profile and flat countersunk. Keeping in consideration for these heads, the problem of leakage will be removed for good.

Can Corrugated Sheet Waterproofing in Pakistan insulate your roof?

Often, we hear queries about the chemical-based solution and how would it fix the leakage and seepage over your roof. Although one thing which comes as a secondary requirement by metal sheet roofing owners is whether corrugated sheet waterproofing in Pakistan insulates your roof?

We would like to explore a bit more about this concern and if its possible, how does corrugated sheet waterproofing in Pakistan can insulate or not.

Types of chemicals that insulate using corrugated sheet waterproofing in Pakistan

Before talking about how the metal roof sheets work with corrugated sheet waterproofing in Pakistan, what type of chemicals comes into consideration especially in our region of the market.

Especially in Karachi, most of the people looking to avail of the waterproofing solution over their roof have to comply with specific products.

It’s important to understand the comparing with concrete roof, corrugated sheet waterproofing in Pakistan is a bit different in terms of chemical handling and above all application of certain equipment at the same time.

Hot Bitumen 

The widely used corrugated sheet waterproofing in Pakistan especially if someone looking to insulate their roof is none other than hot bitumen.

It’s widely understood from the fact that hot bitumen works extremely well with every type of metal sheet, whether it’s straight, or corrugated.

The application is also a little straight forward which corresponds to the effectiveness of chemicals as well as how it’s applied properly over the complete structure.

Because at the end of the day, corrugated sheet waterproofing in Pakistan’s main job is to protect from the water-based damage such as leakage and seepage.

2-component chemicals

Any chemical which is mixed with cement is referred to as 2 component chemicals. Since the chemical are most used for concrete or RCC roofing, this type of chemical is not used as corrugated sheet waterproofing in Pakistan.

Oil-based chemicals

Oil-based chemicals include cold bitumen which doesn’t concern any additional chemical mixed with it. Another practical application of oil-based chemicals comes into consideration during primer application for bitumen membrane.

The membrane is considered very heavy material and does an excellent job of leakage and seepage protection. But as for corrugated sheet waterproofing in Pakistan is not recommended because of the lightweight of roof material as well as the irregular surface of corrugated sheet.

What is the level of insulation through waterproofing chemicals?

Before we answer this, there is plenty of insulation material available whose main purpose is to ensure that insulation is properly applied over the corrugated roofing sheet.

But for corrugated sheet waterproofing in Pakistan, there’s no evidence found that these chemicals apply insulation on any level because ultimately the main purpose of corrugated sheet waterproofing in Pakistan is to protect from leakage and seepage for several years.


We always take about the corrugated sheet waterproofing services but generally miss other important aspects as well. Of course its equally important that a proper fastener material is in place which helps to improve its effective performance of the corrugated sheet. But to make double sure to secure from any sort of leakage over your rooftops, availing the waterproofing solution would ensure that you are completely protected from any form of leakage for years to come.


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