Bathroom leakage effects on your health

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Bathroom leakage and seepage pose a great threat not only for our homes, but it has devastating effects on our health as well. The bathroom being a sanctuary of peace and tranquility should also remain clear from any sort of water-based damage in order to make lives of people trouble-free. Although, all type of leakage has a negative consequence, the leading area where the leakage is amplified due to the fact that there are comparatively more sources of water located in the bathroom than any other area in your home. For people who are experiencing such extremities of leakage, it’s advised to go through bathroom leakage repair in Karachi to ensure that no your health is managed properly and that you are not in stress or irritation due to this effect.

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Growth of Mould and Mildew

First and foremost, before leakage, comes seepage or wetness of walls or ceiling. Usually, this ailment exists when water moisture is gathered around the walls or may be there is any start of leakage which, if controlled would be proved to be beneficial in the long run. So what do mold and mildew does to one’s life? As the name suggests, these occur as a side-effect of water being stored due to moisture content over the surface due to fungus. Now we don’t need to go into the depth of medical science to understand the negative effects of fungus over our health. The only way this mold and mildew can be wiped out through a comprehensive cleaning regime for our bathroom, and make it a permanent fix using waterproofing services.

Bathroom leakage repair in Karachi used to repair structure damages

Your bathroom no matter how complex it is, its made from concrete. Now, when water lays over the concrete surface, the wetness will appear. More time passes, then we notice that very concrete become soft and due to pressure strains, we will experience physical damages caused by leakage. Although this structural damage is very slow it will happen if things are not repaired sooner rather than later. Through the use of comprehensive waterproofing service, we can promote a strong sense of security for our damages security and ensure that wall and ceilings of our bathroom is protected from water-based damages.

Consequences of odors

The fungus which gathered through water eventually creates bad smell through out the bathroom. The decomposition of these organisms is not safe to multiply inside your home. When odor starts to emerge, the first thing that should be done is to take care of the bad smell through proper ventilation and using room freshener. Simply by using waterproofing products, we will also get a strong and relative position for our bathroom walls and floor that odor is controlled as well as its wiped out from our bathroom once and for all. The formation of mold and mildew is never a good thing, but like the structural damage caused by water leakage, the odor due to mold and mildew is also slow-paced, besides bathroom usually, have another form of odor which usually relates to doing with one’s business when the inside bathroom. A distinguishable odor, pun intended.

Wall decolorization

Often we have noticed around most of the bathroom the decolorization caused by a source known. In reality, the color comes as a byproduct of water-based leakage and seepage. Since tile-based bathroom provides more resistance to seepage than exposed concrete, the water poses threat into the walls and floor in the form of decolorization, which also makes our bathroom looks unattractive, to say the least. This problem can only be resolved through coating the wall with water-resistant chemical, most probably waterproofing chemicals would ensure that decolorization over the walls and floors are controlled and catered accordingly.

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Bathroom leakage repair benefits

Waterproofing is used to repair leakage in your bathroom in Karachi. There is what we called waterproof concrete is also a sub-service of waterproofing solution. No matter which solution people are looking at, the chemical treatment ensures a secure and best solution for things like odor, decolorization, structural damages, and mold formation. Through a comprehensive waterproofing company who have worked fixing bathroom repair in Karachi is best suited to fix this problem with promising result.

List of equipment used for bathroom leakage repair in Karachi

A bathroom leakage repair in Karachi requires two components for a job well done. One is the chemical, and the other is equipment to apply the chemical properly.

Being one of the professional solution providers of bathroom leakage repair in Karachi, it’s important to let our readers understand the list of equipment used for filling chemicals between files, passing chemicals to sewerage lines, and coat complete bathroom to ensure that it doesn’t leak for several years.

Below we have mentioned all of the equipment which is generally used for bathroom leakage repair in the Karachi task.

Chemical Mixing bucket

A normal bucket for mixing chemicals comes first during chemical application for your bathroom waterproofing.

As chemical comes in the form of a liter, it has to be mixed with cement and water to form a solution to apply over the affected surface.

Usually, a 2-3-liter bucket that looks like a paint bucket is used for bathroom leakage repair in Karachi.


After making the chemical solution, we need to apply it over the surface. A paintbrush is used to apply chemicals around the floor and wall sections.

A simple paintbrush seems to work as only one pair is pretty enough for the job. One thing to consider for using paint during bathroom leakage repair in Karachi is to dry up the brush once the application is done. Otherwise, the paintbrush will be permanently damaged.

Cement mixing tray

There will be the use of fixing some cracks and other damages around your bathroom. Also, for applying to grout, we need to have a tray with white cement mixed with acrylic based waterproofing chemical to provide much-needed water leakage protection.

For that, we use a small size tray for mixing purposes. The application of cement solution is usually done by hand and the goal here is to make sure that every damaged area is fixed, especially if it’s small in size.

Hot air blower

For applying the chemical into the sewerage lines, it evident to pass a mixture of cement and waterproofing chemical through sewerage lines.

There are mostly 3 points from where the chemicals are passed. But to make sure that chemicals are properly dried up through these lines, we apply a hot air blower.

It’s a standard procedure to quickly and effectively dry chemicals plus it also makes sure that chemical travels to every nook and corner throughout the several lines.

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