How long it takes to repair bathroom leakage

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Fixing one’s bathroom is not an easy feat by a long shot. This is the main reason where most of the people, while knowing that there is leakage all over their bathroom, but usually keep it as it is because, for bathrooms, the thing is, we can’t let it up unoccupied for a longer time if there is no spare bathroom available. This is an important article we are covering today, where our readers can have a gist of understanding that how long it takes to repair bathroom leakage so that we can organize our day accordingly, and before we begin any further, it is all done within a day.

Understanding the damage

First thing first, before going around with repairing your bathroom walls, and place a no go area warming sign in front of your bathroom, its only wise to understand the damage done in your bathroom, where the leakage source, is there any seepage around, or there is none, but you just want to go ahead with repairs or better apply waterproofing chemicals to make it completely water tight. The inspection can take time, so it’s better to do this a day before you make up your mind to call a bathroom repair experts at your disposal.

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Make your preparations

Calling bathroom repair company and understand the methods and steps involved in repairing the bathroom. Also, they can provide a much clearer picture of what product will be used, how much time will it takes, based on the requirement, and what will be the final cost. Because once you have booked the company for a visit, you need to make arrangements for them to save time. Either you can go ahead and buy products necessary for the repairs, but usually its the job of the company to bring all the chemicals with them. Any how paving the way for them is your job so that no time is wasted once they arrived and they can begin on its working without any delay.

Cleaning the bathroom

If you don’t want to, no matter, the bathroom repair company already execute this part using their people, which is cleaning the bathroom. Cleaning not like scrubbing all over, simply cleaning so that no visible dust is laying around, which usually takes around 15 minutes if the bathroom is average size. For queen size bathroom, add 10 minutes more. The equipment used is a usually dry sweeper, which proves enough to give it a clear hand because we understand, time is of the essence.

Repair damaged areas

This step can be skipped based on the condition of the bathroom damages. Usually, its followed for old bathrooms, and those that have any damage created by an external force. Filling the damaged areas, like voids and cracks needed to begin the bathroom leakage repair. The filling is done with waterproof concrete, so creating the compound and applying it to the damaged area takes time, and here where the technical stuff begins. Luckily for us, this part is only for the old bathrooms, one’s that are already pretty bad in shape, so 90% of the time, this part is ignored.

Apply waterproofing coating

Waterproofing coating is where the magic begins. After cleaning, or filling damages areas, the coating of specially made compounds, is applied all over the bathroom. It’s up to the owner actually to make it full-fledged or apply chemicals to the important areas, like near toilet, shower, and drain. If the application is allover, it helps to protect not just current damages, but also future damages such as leakages and seepage. Because if you have already called the waterproofing experts, by not go ahead and do full-fledged waterproofing for your bathroom. This area is time constraints, but usually, take an hour or two at most. Plus an hour to make the chemical dry as well.

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Consulting with experts

We try to make it as generic as possible which can be applied for most of the cases, but in reality, each bathroom repair is different from the rest. It is the job of waterproofing experts to give you a clear timeline as to how much it would take for a complete waterproofing repair job, but no matter how big or damaged the bathroom is. If its only one, it can be done within a day, and that includes the drying part as well.

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