Does waterproofing completely fixes leakage and seepage

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Leakage and seepage repair issue is an old problem faced by countless people in Pakistan. The causes are several and when referring to how big or small the leakage is, it ruins your house. We are talking about renovation costs add up which continuously grows to extremes if nothing is done to stop this trouble of leakage and seepage. There are of course various solution at our disposal which ensures that leakage and seepage are controlled, such as calling your local plumber, reconstructing the damaged part, and include protected valves to limit the flow of water and use when needed. Out of all these potential solutions, one leads them all, as to be a comprehensive and ensures that it is done with minimum cost with highest result orientation. That is called a waterproofing solution which is widely used to fix issues like leakage and seepage in Pakistan. Here let’s examine how comprehensive this solution is in reality and to answer the question, does waterproofing completely fixes leakage and seepage?

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Looking at a bigger picture

When we hire a plumber, we are looking to fix an issue which requires our immediate attention, such as a damaged valve, broken seal, or pipe bursts. This is important to understand because when have made up our mind about calling the assistance from a waterproofing company, what we are aiming is not the immediate issue, but a bigger picture. This refers to the protection of the home from unprecedented damages caused by water during raining, leakage from pipes and moisture. These waterproofing companies use chemical treatment without disturbing the construction of your facility or any damaged area. Simply coating can be referred to whenever a waterproofing solution is availed. That coating is enough to make a wall, roof or floor waterproof. But how effective is waterproofing is? that’s the real question of century?

Devil in the details

When ever there is leakage and seepage, going all straight with waterproofing chemical application is not the way. Instead, it’s important to first examine the nature of the damage, where it’s causing, what is the level of the damage, etc. This question helps a waterproofing expert to choose a chemical product, nature of application and creation of its strategy to work his way for fixing leakage and seepage. No matter what approach the expert select, chemical treatment will be chosen. Since the chemical application includes coatings, if the damage is extreme, the coating performed should be the inclusive and layered base. Plus there mustn’t be any area left untreated so the application must always be done carefully. This job should never be executed in a rush manner, cause the coating will ruin if leakage is not fixed.

Examine the nature of construction 

How old the wall or floor where waterproofing chemical is applied? How much damaged has leakage and seepage have already caused on the walls? Are some of the questions which helps the experts examine the nature of construction. Before applying chemical over the damaged walls, it is better to fix any section of concrete with filling it and repairing, just we do during the paint job. Because similarly like paint, waterproofing chemical is liquid based, hence it requires a steady level to work as intended.

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Chemical treatment posses no threat

No matter how big or small the waterproofing job is, rest assured that there is no threat involved in chemical treatment. That includes any damage to your construction, to your health and the environment. It’s completely safe to use which is simply to ensure that concrete doesn’t leak water and that’s it. The water leakage for homes is troubling for concrete as well as our health. So no matter where you live, or status of your home, availing waterproofing solution is pretty much best solution you can opt for.

Some cons of Waterproofing 

After learning all the good parts, it’s only fair to learn some of the drawbacks of waterproofing to make our readers understand that everything in the world has issues. Waterproofing is a coating of chemicals which protect from leakage. Talking about leakage does this proves to be the only solution for the protection of leakage and seepage, the answer to this query is a big yes, cause seepage caused can never be fixed on any other manner. Water finds a way no matter what, cause it entirely depends on pressure and consistency. Waterproofing is an additional cost, which is indeed costly if there is leakage, you need to fix the leakage first, even if it requires some breaking and fixing. If there are breakages on floor and roof, waterproofing solution should be applied again. Hence it’s a costly solution.

Why wall leakage and seepage repair are necessary?

It’s quite common to see your walls showing signs of seepage during monsoon season. Although it doesn’t pose any dire threat over one’s health, walls leakage and seepage repairs are the urgencies of the hour could of various reasons.

Some of the major reasons have been discussed below which will further testify that wall leakage and seepage are by no means should be taken lightly.

Only through using waterproofing chemicals, we can make it possible that leakage and seepage repair is covered for several years.

Refrain from mold and mildew

Since water stays up on walls for more time when compared to the ceiling, mold and mildew appear all over it. These elements present a disgusting look over your walls which proves devastation, especially for your overall beautification.

It’s quite natural to perform leakage and seepage repair over a wall to fix the mold and mildew once and for all. Cleaning these elements will disrupt the aesthetics of our home as well as pose additional costs for repair works.

Secure your paint and aesthetics

Water is damaging to paint over your walls. Many times we experienced that water-based leakage and seepage manage to devastate our paintwork.

Especially during the rainy season, there are far few walls that remain unaffected by the water-based leakage and no paint removes out on its own.

It’s the paint removal through water is permanent damage, fixing it means to clean up all the paint over your walls and reapply it from all over.

Thanks to the application of waterproofing chemicals, it’s decisive to perform leakage and seepage repair that completely fix your paint and aesthetic removal issue.

Seepage damages concrete

Concrete mostly makes up all of our walls. They are strong and cheap to manufacture, but against water, they are quite poor.

Since water comes in the form of leakage in most situations, it’s quite evident that we need to protect our walls from this scenario as well.

Water posts a great threat against concrete since, at the microscopic level, concrete walls have a sponge-like opening in which water stores. After a certain amount of time, the walls become weaker and the result is the breakage of that area.

It’s necessary to avail leakage and seepage repair using waterproofing chemicals to ensure that proper protection is ensured for years to come.


Waterproofing helps to protect yourselves from leakage and seepage for a long shot, but considering it the only solution for the leakage, well it is, in fact, the only solution. Whether you are facing extreme leakage, chemical treatment will surely provide some positive results.

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