G.I. Sheet and steel corrugated sheets waterproofing Services

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Comprehensive Roof Sealant waterproofing service

Our most priced waterproofing solution is the chemical treatment which we perform for Galvanized or corrugated steel sheet used in Pakistan. Lakhwa Chemical Service has been into the market with a similar solution for our clients, which is to provide thorough waterproofing services, that primarily prevent water from entering into your interior structure. Whether it’s just a shed, rooftop, garage, etc, then our roof sealant waterproofing service will make sure that not only our clients get what they ask for but even more than that. Since the metal roof is made up of the tangible sheet, that is different from concrete, which restricts the possibility to use bitumen membrane over the sheet rooftops in Pakistan.

To make sure that you get the most out of our service, our roof sealant chemical technology works well on any type of metal roof whether it’s made up of copper, aluminum, zinc, steel, and tin. Our chemical has the tendency to get your roof not only clear from water leakage with just simply using the waterproofing products but also help to prevent heat from entering into your home through the use of synthetic thermoplastic technology. Our chemicals are all imported with the best track record to get things done more comfortably.

Optimal roof waterproofing service in Pakistan

For concrete waterproofing service, which also includes steel sheet waterproofing as well, is considered to be our proven motto, which speaks louder than words. Through our experienced team of professionals that has around 8 years of experience in the field of waterproofing service in Pakistan, we have made it our objective to provide the most optimal roof waterproofing service in Pakistan, whether our clients call us from Lahore, Islamabad or even Murree, It is our responsibility to proceed towards the work with complete dedication and sincerity. Not only that, the chemicals which we use contains the necessary solutions in order to prevent harsh weather changes into our city, which includes dry, wet and hot season.

Emerging waterproofing company in Karachi

With only 30 months into the market as Lakhwa Chemical Service has clients who are mostly returning clients, really appreciate our efforts at Lakhwa Chemical Service. Being at the forefront of few services which is provided by us such as basement waterproofing and foundation waterproofing has made us quite a brand name to remember. Throughout new growth and development as a waterproofing contractor in Karachi, we apply more devotion along with flexible costing for the project. Carrying with over 5 individual who is not only well trained to make things done the right way as well. At all times, a supervisor will be located at the site in see over things which are underway.

Metal roof installation for waterproofing service

There is various type of rooftops which is made of metal. Metal has the tendency to conduct heat quite effectively, no matter if its galvanized, or corrugated. For having the most optimal waterproofing service, we need to make sure that no water ever enters into your interior. Above that, if the proper focus has been giving on getting the most update chemical treatment which has two in one features, such as waterproofing and roof heat proofing services as well. Through the use of specialized waterproofing solution for metal sheets, the temperature control for harsh weather can be achieved by simple application of industry standard chemical treatment available in Pakistan.

Finest waterproofing roof membrane

Unlike concrete roof waterproofing, which can get protected simply from bitumen membrane in order to prevent water from entering into your home. As for metal roofs such as galvanized or corrugated steel waterproofing, the waterproofing roof membrane has to be a special form of the compound, which not only protects from water entering into the internal structure but securing the sheet from getting rust into the sheet. Through using various moisture control waterproofing roof membrane, we make it possible to help you get the best of both worlds, which offer sound security from climate change, which includes raining season or when the temperature soars up than normal.

We use clear waterproof spray

Clear waterproofing uses a new method into its construction that is entirely constructed through a modern method which contains only natural compounds, making it a transparent color into the steel sheet. Usually, if we talk about waterproofing spray, either it’s white or black in color, which is somewhat visible through the naked eye, but at Lakhwa Chemical Service, we try to introduce new chemicals into the market that increase the overall productivity of our industry and prevent from harsh climate changes into our society. Clear waterproofing spray is the best choice if you are looking to increase your productivity and make it aesthetically viable for many people.

Get an inclusive waterproof metal sheets

Do you know that all popular metal sheet made for either zinc, copper, metal or aluminum is naturally waterproofed? It is important to understand the roof cracks and joint openings make it quite the other matter where waterproofing chemicals come into play. In Lakhwa Chemical Service, we try our level best to provide the most inclusive waterproof metal sheets for our customers where clients can get rest assured that no water will enter into your building from roof ever again. Our chemical treatment is industry graded so you can expect nothing else from it.

Best waterproofing coating substances used

It is generally a common practice for every civil contractor to first have a special waterproofing coating substance applied to each sheet situated in your roof. The main reason for this application lies into having an increase of life expectancy for being effected from rust, and also get the cracks and joints sealant will improve for our clients.

Yes. All metal sheets can be used with a single waterproofing chemical treatment to restrict waterproofing induction for the metal roofs.

Naturally, a metal roof is a good waterproofing agent which prevents water to enter into your home. By application of waterproofing chemical treatment, it will further increase the waterproofing strength of your metal sheet.

Galvanized and other metal sheets both made from metal, the main reason is the dipping agent which is used as coating material.

There are 4 commonly used metal sheets in Pakistan Galvanized, Corrugated, Aluminum and Steel sheet.