How to apply Thorolac Waterproofing over your roof?

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Our roof takes a lot of damage in terms of water leakage and seepage. This case is only because we are directly affected by a damaged roof that can only be fixed if the proper solution is adopted. We have various solutions at our disposal that does the job well, some of the solutions are imported while others are locally made. In terms of waterproofing solution, it’s always better to use the locally made product, because we should play our part in supporting the local business and made their service more thriving. On the other hand, imported goods, although, are more widely known, but they are usually more expensive than the locally made product. What we aim to provide is about a product which is developed locally under the umbrella of Lakhwa Chemical Services, with a brand name of Thorolac Waterproofing solution. Let’s learn some of the basics of waterproofing and how it’ll help us to deal with the problem of waterproofing.

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Benefits of Waterproofing Solution

Waterproofing solution takes minimum cost, resource and time, but the result is great. It makes our walls and roof complete waterproof. No leakage and seepage will come near your roof again once you have applied a good coat of waterproofing solution. There is absolutely no restriction of waterproofing products and where it can be used. Anything that is made up from material, whether it’s concrete, metal sheets or tiles, it doesn’t matter, because the actual science behind the waterproofing solution is it has the ability to airtight the surface so that no water can come and affect the surface. The application is coating based, or it can be mixed with cement through an acrylic-based solution, which Thorolac waterproofing provides to our customers.

Secure your roof from leakage

Everything comes down to the security of leakage on your roof. This is way more important than most people realize. The only reason to secure your roof from leakage is due to the fact the if no matter what the reason, your roof starts to leak, all the water will go down, not just water, but the paint will become off along with concrete materials when it’s soggy for a lot of time. This may lead to extreme accidents as well. Hence we cannot give enough importance of how the waterproofing product is extremely necessary for the well being of people.

Waterproofing Chemical or Waterproofing membrane

When we have made up our mind about to avail waterproofing solution for our roof, we come to a new concern, which refers to the type of waterproofing that is available in the market. There is one called chemical-based waterproofing, while other is referred to as membrane-based waterproofing. Both are different in shape and application but does the same job. Also, for people who might be wondering about the difference in cost, the membrane is way more expensive than the chemical solution which people usually go to make their roof completely waterproof.

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Thorolac waterproofing: Product that works

We at Lakhwa Chemical Services have been provided waterproofing application solution for several years with great user satisfaction. It’s clear to say that we understand completely how this waterproofing solution is helping in changing the perception of people that thought the only solution to fix water leakage is through a metal shed over your roof. We are among the vast industry that provides waterproofing to the people who need it. Now with the introduction of our product, Thorolac waterproofing is an acrylic-based product which is transparent in color and can be mixed with concrete or cement. This way, simply applying a layer of plaster through cement, the original color of your roof remains same and your roof will have the ability to resist water-based damages as well.


Waterproofing solution has been going on for quite some time. What we as Waterproofing experts, has advised is to introduce our locally made product, Thorolac waterproofing does a great job to make our customer completely free from water-based damages in the form of leakage and seepage. Our product is locally made, hence people who will go for Thorolac waterproofing will do two things, one to make their roof waterproof, and other is to support local industry, which is important for the economy.


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