Who should avail roof cooling paint in Karachi?

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Whenever people hear about the heat proofing solution in Karachi, they instantly thought that it’s not for them, but someone else whose facing acute heart problem. Truth be told, heat issue it not for a particular segment of society but everyone, whether its young, old, rich, poor, men, women, businessmen or employee. But above it, we are facing with issue of energy shortage and those who have been provided with uninterrupted power face high energy prices. Air conditioning is a luxury believe it or not, but almost 50% of people rely on air conditioning because its effective. If we compare the roof cooling paint service and air conditioning, without a doubt, people will prefer air conditioning, and there is a reason for that. Because air conditioners are a lot more famous than heat proofing, plus, heat proofing is usually applied over the roof. To broaden the scope even further, we have examined and covered a wide range of people in our society who can avail roof cooling paint in Karachi, so that it can help you decide more quickly after reading this article.

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People that can benefit from roof cooling paint

As we mentioned, everyone deserves some relief from the intense heat that pours down on us in Karachi, without any reservations. Although in reality, only a few people avail roof cooling paint in Karachi. Indeed there is a reason for that, which we want to explore in detail for our readers to understand two things, one is what this service aims towards, and does it works for people who have availed in for the first time. Let’s go in detail about which people can benefit from roof cooling paint.

Residential sector

Let’s begin with the heart of our heat proofing service, for which this solution came into being for the first place, the residential sector. We are using broad terms because there are various sorts of homes where people live. They spend most of the time of their lives inside residential, and most importantly, they want to relax inside their homes. Air conditioning can be found in around half of the homes, but we have another element into play when referring to residential, there are multi-storied homes, bungalows, single-storied and residential buildings. In Karachi, there is absolutely no shortage of homes with different sizes and structures. Now for the crux of our discussion, who should avail roof cooling paint in Karachi? We want to be fair with our readers as well as stick to reality. People who have a direct roof over their heads must use heat proofing. That neglects many homes, such as the ground floor, lower floor, and each floor except the top one in residential building.

Commercial sector

People who work about their routine also feel the heat of summer in Karachi, and the good thing about heat proofing service is it’s just not restricted to any specific sector. For the office, we usually notice that either they are in a building or cubicles. Offices usually have air condition units fitted because a good environment produces maximum productivity. The commercial sector also includes stores, shopping malls, and hospitals. One thing we have utilized that any warehouse type of structure that uses steel sheets as roof requires heat proofing because, during day time, it gets extremely hot.

Industrial sector

Factories and large manufacturing plants consist of many labor force which works in the day-night shift. Usually, air conditioning in industries is not used, because of machines and such. The use of roof cooling paint for the industrial sector is immense like they can be used over the roof, and walls of a factory. If its a warehouse, apply the paint over the metal roof to reflect all sunlight into the environment. There is indeed a huge potential for the industrial sector when using heat proofing solution.

Anyone who fed up with high electric bills

More people are living in Karachi that might not belong to above mention sectors, and for all those who are completely fed up with electric bills, they can try and avail this service, because frankly, all other solutions require electricity, but heat proofing solution is next-gen service which doesn’t rely on anything.

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People in Residential buildings

Like we have mentioned above in the residential sector section, that only those people who are living at the top floor can avail roof cool paint in Karachi. But its somewhat half answer, because people who are living in the middle and lower floors, also faces heat issue. For all of them, they can avail wall heat proofing service because walls are the only source that is storing all the heat inside its material and radiates afterward. If we counter this source, the heat is significantly reduced.

Why roof cooling paint in Karachi is cheaper than others?

There a curiosity among people when they ask for cost about roof cooling paint in Karachi and others that comes within the same bandwagon.

What we are about to underline are facts and by these facts, people will start to appreciate the reduction of cost and why roof cooling paint in Karachi is more popular than others.

Not to mention, roof cooling paint in Karachi has been going on actively for more than 20 years, which is a huge period, to say the least.

Below are some of the facts which help us understand why roof cooling paint in Karachi is cheaper than other solution

Locally made

Anything which is made locally is cheaper, as compared to imported item. Especially if the product that’s being available is quality based.

Most of the manufacturing plant from where these roof cooling paint in Karachi are made is simply a mixture plant that mixes imported raw materials to product roof cooling paint in Karachi.

Since these materials are important, the actual processed product is way cheaper, than actually importing the raw material in the first place.


As the name suggests, roof cooling paint in Karachi is paint, and something which is completely chemically-based is usually easy to apply and cost less.

Especially if we are looking at civil construction, where wastage is a huge problem and is considered not just a waste of money, but a waste of time as well.

It’s the chemical solution which most of the people are searching for since it saves them time and money both, no doubt about it.

Applied in hours

Another best thing about roof cooling paint in Karachi which also makes sure that cost remains to the minimum is through its application time.

If a product takes less time to apply as compared to another product which takes a lot of time, obviously the less time solution does save us money and time.

No maintenance cost

A chemical solution such as roof cooling paint in Karachi has no maintenance cost. The maintenance cost is more natural with anything that is a solid material.

For example, the air conditioning unit, it’s a solution that decreases high temperature during summers, need yearly if nothing quarterly maintenance, otherwise its effectiveness decreases. It just an extra variable in our cost bearing.


Heat roof cooling paint in Karachi is a cheap solution and for people its a great choice because it’s simply a one-time investment. No soaring monthly electric bills or maintenance cost which air conditioning usually has, plus the result I am instant. Its quite straightforward service, which is only applied at the outside of your home, used to reflect the heat into the atmosphere.

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