Lac Heat Reflector paint Keeps your roof cooler for years

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Heat in Karachi is widely known for its intensity which is further gaining its momentum each year due to global warming. It’s important to understand use of Lac Heat Reflector in Karachi that people have used, because of the Heat Island Effect, which is entirely man-made. Our entire city is overly populated, with homes constructed with concrete which tends to absorb heat energy and radiates during night time. This is quite distressing and with electricity not cheap and disconnections a rapid issue, we have few options left at our disposal. With highlighting all the issues at the forefront, we are left with few solutions at our hand, one of which is the use of heat proofing chemical treatment over our roof. We at Lakhwa Chemical Services have introduced our very own heat proofing chemical that helps to keep your roof cooler and provide you relief to certain extends.

Dangers of heatwaves in Karachi

Heatwaves are directly proportional to the increase of heat temperature with a rise in humidity, both of which is plenty in Karachi. Being as a coastal city, if the air coming out from the sea stops, the heat increases to an extreme level. There are huge health concerns with heatwaves with extremes of fatality is also possible. Even people taking refuge inside their homes are not safe. Without any cooling solution such as fan, air-conditioning, etc people are left with extreme heat that only gets worse each day. For the very reason, we implore for our customer to adopt a next-gen solution which is only beneficial for their health and well being.

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Advantages of heat reflective chemicals

We have an amazing option that does the incredible job is resisting heat from the sun directly, ensuring some relief from the heat and help your roof to stay cool. This roof cool mechanism helps to decrease the cumulative heat inside their rooms which is up to 10 degrees, If we apply the same chemical over our walls, the effects will only increase. These chemicals look like white paint, which usually is applied at the external end of your home. The effect is instant, so you will find it quite beneficial after its application. There is no maintenance cost for heat proofing chemicals, hence its application is quite cost-effective, especially where air conditioning and other solutions is hurting our monthly budget.

Support local industry

That being said about the heat proofing service, we want to go around another direction of procuring these chemicals for your roof cool needs, which is locally made. The importance of locally made chemicals helps not just our economy, but also create a lot of jobs along the way. For the same reason, we at Lakhwa Chemical Services has introduced a new chemical that does include all the features you can expect from a top-notch heat proofing chemical. We call our product as Lac Heat reflector which is locally made and helps improves the local industry at the same time.

No compromise in Quality 

For people who have some concerns about a local product not being quality active, we want to reiterate that our Lac Heat reflector product is quite active in terms of quality. We have especially procured the product that shows results, since we have been into the market of heat proofing services in Karachi for several years, who would have a better understanding of this chemical than us. We make it sure that chemical possesses great quality, and that once it’s applied over your rooftops, you will too sense the incredible difference in internal heat.

Proper chemical application

So going down to our checklist, we have a cost-effective chemical solution which is locally made with quite handsome quality, to say the least, but what we are left with is the proper application method of this chemical. Simply like an electrician who fits your air conditioning unit, the heat proofing chemical need specialized people that helps to apply the chemical over the roof. Because of the chemical is improperly applied over your roof, the effect will be not as per we claim. Only a person with adequate experience is a good choice for Lac heat reflector application over the roof.

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Is Lac Heat reflector solution for all your roof heat problems?

As people with little or no information about heat proofing and related solution, it’s quite obvious that they start asking various questions about the potency of the chemical.

This is important to understand and keep in mind the various chemical brands available, Lac Heat reflector has taken some spotlight in the market for roof heat proofing, and whether it tends to fix the extreme heat problem for good.

Let’s go through the various elements and understand in detail how the Lac Heat reflector is the right solution for all of our roof heat problems.

Helps counter extreme temperature

The temperature over the roof is quite high in Pakistan, especially during summer. But thanks to the application of lac heat reflector paint, we can have some security from the advanced heat of the sun.

With this solution used for the same reason, the Lac Heat Reflector goes a long way in protection from the adverse effects of high temperature. The air conditioning alone can’t be relied on because of high electricity costs for our home.  

To counter the high cost, people use the next-gen solution which works a great deal of effort in fixing the temperature trouble over your homes for the better.

Works for all roof types

Heat doesn’t see which type of roof it’s coming down into. No matter which material the roof is made from, the effect of heat makes our lives quite difficult to comprehend, especially for people living directly above the roof.

In Karachi, concrete roofs seem to be used extensively and after that, we have roofs made from steel, wood, marble, and tiles. No matter which material type we have in from of us, using the Lac Heat Reflector seems to work like a charm.

The best solution for top floors

People that are living at the top floors will surely agree with the fact that temperature over roofs is quite higher in degree as compared to the temperature on another floor. The main reason behind this situation is because the high temperature over the roof is where the sunlight comes in direction.

If we rely on the use of air conditioning alone, it won’t be enough by a long shot since the temperature over the roof will still be very high. With the use of Lac Heat Reflector, we can secure ourselves especially if we are living on the top floor.


That being said, we at Lakhwa Chemical Services takes great pride in providing our heat proofing services in Karachi for countless customers with great success. We help you procure not just the Lac heat reflector chemical for your roof cool needs but also aims to provide chemical treatment services as well so that it’s possible to the bundle of the package, the product, the application which results in a happy customer.

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