What’s the difference between heat resistant roof and normal roof?

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Heat in our home needs our special attention in the form of additional solutions that might come in different forms and sizes. People who have air conditioning can agree to the fact that it’s way expensive, hence the need of heat resistant roof in Pakistan. Usually, people have only one air conditioner, or the most two. Because as the number of air conditioning increases, their monthly energy bill will roar high up to the roof, which makes it unrealistic to have more than one. So how we can limit down the heat that is coming down on us, mostly through our roof? For that purpose, we want to let our readers know about the difference between heat resistant roof and normal roof.

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What is a normal roof?

It just a term we are using to compare the two for today’s article. The word normal roof, is simply roof, with no additional solution to counter heat or leakage issues. The roof which was made during the construction through the pouring of cement, concrete and interlocked by RCC based structure, is the roof we have over our heads. The basic advantage of a roof is to protect from environmental hazards, in the form of direct sunlight, shade, and sanctuary from all sorts of climate-related things. Now, this is just a roof we needed, but with the heat going crazy during summer, the roof has no special intake on cater to the intensity of heat transfer. For that, we have air conditioners.

What is a heat resistant roof?

Now here comes a term we usually hear, known as heat resistant roof. When the ordinary roof undergoes a chemical solution, the chemical is known as by the term heat proofing chemical makes the roof heat resistant. The result obtained from such activity is lower heat transfer inside your home, for up to 5 C. The heat is reflected due to the chemical which was heat resistant terms means. The chemical is specially designed for the same purpose. Another aspect of heat resistant roof is it saves people from operating the air conditioning uncontrollably, thus saving money from the result of it. Its a good solution by far for people living directly under the roof, which is faced with sunlight.

Products used to make heat resistant roof

Like we have mentioned above, the heat resistant roof came into being through the use of special products application that we usually refer to as heat proofing chemicals. They are like paint, and its application is also like a paint job. The effect is instant, and people will feel a drop in temperature because all this product is doing is reflecting the solar heat into the atmosphere. This chemical application required to be professionally applied, because if certain sections are left without the chemical, the heat will find a way to enter into the homes and its effect will be nullified.

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The main difference between the two

The difference between the two can only be measured with the chemical application which makes the heat reflective roof for the first place. The ordinary roof has virtually no ability to reflect the heat into the atmosphere. This is an important requirement, which helps people understand how to differentiate the two. We have gathered some of the important features that heat proofed roof has over the ordinary roof, as mentioned below:

Reflects heats

The most basic job for a heat resistive roof is that it reflects heat from the sun back. There will be no heat if there is no sunlight, but practically around 75% of heat is reflected because there are walls and other elements that cannot completely nullify the sun’s heat energy from entering into your home. Still, that number is quite large, considering only a chemical application is carried out over the roof.

heat resistant roof in Pakistan is always in White color

This is one important element between ordinary and heats reflective roofs that the later will always be in white. Now, most people might consider it a restriction, but considering the stature of the roof, it cannot be visible for people from horizontally plane. No one cares what your roof color is, because in reality the paint job is usually laid out for walls of your home.

Makes your interior cooler

A heat resistant roof will make your interior cooler than the normal roof. This is caused by a chemical application which we have explained before. Hypothetically, the reduction in temperature could be around 10 C which will help you to save around 60% in the energy bills each month. Hence the use of heat proofing chemical applications certainly has the element of Return of Investment feature attached to it, which by most cases is two years period.

Is there any substitute for heat resistant roof in Pakistan?

Many people understand that if someone is looking to get some relief from the high temperature during summer, the only thing it can rely on is air conditioning units.

But to our surprise, we can get secured through adopting other solutions at the same time, know as heat resistant roof in Pakistan. The heat resistant roof is usually referred to as chemical application whose main method is to ensure that high temperature in our home is reduced, especially if we are living directly below the roof.

But are there any other solutions besides using heat resistant roof in Pakistan, or in other words, the heat proofing chemicals for our use.

Heat insulation

Automatically, the solution which comes as the best replacement of heat resistant roof in Pakistan is heat insulation solution.

These are simply material which tend to resist heat entering into our home. The material takes all the damage from the high temperature from the sun and secure the roof.

The best thing about using heat insulation is that it can be used in more places besides your roof. The insulation can be used over the walls and ceiling as a sandwich method to ensure that your rooms are properly secured from the adverse effects of high temperatures for years to come.

Metal Shed as heat resistant roof in Pakistan

If you have a good budget that you can spend on ensuring that high sun heat is reduced as much as possible, there’s always extra padding we can apply over our roof, in the form of the metal shed.

The true heat resistant roof in Pakistan solution lies on the roofing material itself, which usually people understand as a metal sheet that we can use to ensure that all heat from the sun is withstood by the shed itself.

This solution is a little expensive on the wallet but since we are exploring various solutions besides the use of heat resistant roof in Pakistan as chemical application, a metal shed is a great solution for providing some relief from high temperatures during the summer season.

Roof Gardening

The roof gardening is not just a solution to protect from high temperatures, but it helps our atmosphere at the same time.

Simply by growing some greenery over our roof, the heat is controlled greatly and from the result of it, we can also benefit from some good vegetation.

Make your roof heat proofing Today!

If you are looking to try out this feature on your roof, you need to contact Heat proofing company, like ourselves, where we will provide you a free estimation, a free inspection of your roof and ensure that chemical procurement is handled most professionally. We at Lakhwa Chemical Services are considered as a one-stop-shop for your heat proofing needs.

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