Is heat resistant paint quality different in urban and rural areas in Pakistan?

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Pakistan is a big country that is composed of small and large metropolis along with rural areas spread across miles. Our rural areas consist of both fertile and barren land, same goes with the temperature, which differs concerning the region. The area that is located at the central part of Pakistan, including Punjab, takes up a hot and dry climate, while Sindh and Balouchistan take up the temperature that is in its extremes. All of these areas are in dire need of some alternative solution as well, unlike city centers and a large metropolis where the supply of electricity is usually consistent. In this article, we are examining the use of heat resistant paint quality and to ask is the quality in urban and rural areas in Pakistan different?

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Heat proofing service in Pakistan: An overview

Chemical-based heat proofing service in Pakistan is available in large cities, that includes Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad and areas at the vicinity to this metropolis. In these areas, the suppliers for heat proofing service can be found, unlike rural areas, we supposedly find it quite difficult to get a hold of a heat proofing company because of a lower hotspot for a location as a business. People at rural areas are usually not fully educated with heat proofing chemicals and how would they benefit, unlike people from cities, they can easily avail this service with plenty of after service, free inspection, and various options for heat proofing chemical to choose from. In reality, the heat proofing service in Pakistan is pretty strong in cities, but unfortunately, the same cannot be said for rural areas in Pakistan.

Key Difference between urban and rural areas

It might come as a shock, or not, but Pakistan is filled with rural areas to a much large degree. Talking about the population comparison, around 60% of people are living in rural areas. Agriculture is considered among the top industry in Pakistan, so its only natural that heat proofing service should be considered in rural areas as well. But in reality, due to people not fully educated with the types of heat proofing chemicals, the most low quality is delivered and applied in rural areas, than in urban areas, where people are pretty much educated about the quality and other important factors that play part in ensuring heat reflectivity to its best possible outcome.

Roof heat resistant paint suppliers

A heat proofing service and heat resistant paint suppliers are usually separated, because its the job of heat proofing service in Pakistan to apply the chemical over the roof and provide with other services for the clients, while heat resistant paint suppliers are responsible to supply the goods to these heat proofing companies or private customers for that matter. There is absolutely no second opinion that heat proofing companies are generally in more in number than the heat resistant paint supplier, which are only found in urban areas. These suppliers are the one that provides the chemicals in the first place, and its the job of a good heat proofing company in Pakistan to only procure the goods from the supplier than doesn’t compromise on heat resistant paint quality.

Where does cost come in?

Homes that are constructed in rural areas, in general, are usually low-cost homes, and people in number are poor. Although they are in great distress from intense heat during summer, it’s difficult for these people to go for the best quality since they cost more. That’s why somewhat people living in rural areas are willingly opting for products with low quality because of the monetary restriction in the first place. It is pretty much understood that products cost low if the quality is decreased, but its the job of heat proofing service to apply even the low quality of chemical properly.

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Result of heat resistant paint for rural areas

The results are different for rural areas, based on the region and quality of chemical applied over their roof. It’s safe to say that even the low quality of heat resistant paint, the effect is good. But due to weak construction of houses, that are prone to damages from rainy seasons and such, application of heat proofing chemicals is somewhat lower in number in rural areas, than in urban cities. But there is absolutely no second opinion that people are still there in urban areas that are looking for a good heat resistant paint to reduce the heat over their roof.

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