Is heat reflective roof paint safe for our health?

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We have seen a change in weather in recent years, in the form of high humidity, low pressure, and high temperature. Hence the importance of heat reflective roof paint in Pakistan came into existence because of these conditions, we are facing a great amount of health degradation in the form of stroke attacks, dehydration, and loss of continuous. At home where we can find only relief is too not much help. When we try to turn on the air conditioning units, we are faced with another type of trouble in the form of high electric bills. To our advantage, there is a solution that resists the heat entirely from entering into your home and has been widely used in Pakistan. We are referring to heat reflective roof paint which helps reduce the heat over our home. But there are some concerns regarding health and whether it’s safe to use or not?

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Properties of heat reflective paint

Before going into the main topic of our discussion, the first thing to understand is which compound is used in the heat reflective paint. Like the name suggest the main purpose of this chemical is to reflect direct sunlight into the atmosphere. Consider it as a mirror, but chemically made. When talking about chemicals, naturally people will be concerned because the chemical is usually not beneficial for our health. Chemical wise, heat reflective paint is made from the elastomeric compound, which is usually white. This white color is what makes the sun reflects in the first place. Hence it’s more of optical science, rather than chemically induction.

Completely synthetic made

Like you have imagined, sun reflective paint is a synthetically made chemical, meaning everything which is used in its manufacturing is made in a laboratory. You can compare this heat reflective roof paint with your ordinary color paint. As its synthetically made, and pose no health threats over your health, the sun reflective roof paint can come into the same category. But we need to clear all areas for our readers so that we come clean in terms of what we are trying to achieve in this article.

Advantages of heat reflective paint over the roof

Now like we have mentioned above, solutions to get security from heat are not a lot, out of which we have to take assistance from an industry made solution. The main benefits of the chemically made product are that it can easily be available, and cheap. And if it’s developed locally, it’s better. Among its main advantages, the heat reflective paint tended to reflect direct sunlight into the atmosphere, making your roof cooler than before, and from the result of it, your entire home gets cooler.

Health concerns and their ramifications

Coming back to our main topic, are there any health risks involved in the application of heat reflective roof paint in our home? The question is valid and it’s our job as professionals in this industry to provide an effective answer to this question. We have arranged with the most asked question related to health issues from people in general, and hope to answer them one by one, to make our customers more understandable based on the questions they have. Let’s see what are the reservations that people have to apply sun heat reflective paint over their roof.

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  1. Problem with breathing all this chemical? 

Chemicals are known for their bad smell, which usually has a different odor in nature. About heat reflective paint, the odor is almost negligible. The good thing about this chemical that it’s applied outside your home, and with the intense heat, it gets dried up within minutes of its application, and when something is exposed to the sun, the odor is gone.

  1. Exposure to direct paint

During normal paint jobs, either by accident or some other way we get in contact with the paint, on our skin or hands, which becomes hard to remove, so what about the heat reflective paint? If we are exposed directly to our skin, will it have negative effects? Not. All of the paints are similar and the sun reflective paint has no exception in this regard. If you are in contact with the chemical, simply washing it with water will do the job, or if it’s dried up, use petrol-based chemicals to remove the paint, similarly like the ordinary paint is removed.

  1. Did extra build up heat over the roof?

The heat reflective chemical is responsible to reflect the heat, not making way for the heat to lock up, its absolutely the opposite.

  1. Concerns with chemical reactions?

Let’s say the roofing chemical is combined with another chemical, maybe flowing outside in any way, does it has any negative reactions? Not at all. Chemically speaking, sun reflective paint is 80% water, and the other 20% is adhesive. The adhesive part is nonflammable, nonreactive and simply acts as a binder with color and water.

  1. Is this chemical flammable?

Since the roof heat reflective paint is made from water, there is no chance that it’ll be ignited with flammable elements, hence its completely safe.

  1. Does it have any radiation implications? 

The sun reflective paint is applied to resist the elements of solar radiation in the first place, that’s why there are no implications for radiation being present through the application of roof heat reflective paint in your home.

Fundamental qualities of heat reflective roof paint in Pakistan

How does a simple chemical make a high temperature of the sun if not vanished, reduced to some degree, and provide the most needed relief to the people?

This is quite an important question as it helps a layman to understand the science behind the chemical application and further improve our home from other harmful elements using the assistance of the next-generation solution.

Let’s understand in detail about how heat reflective roof paint in Pakistan helps us from intense heat and by learning about its chemical composition and fundamental properties.

Elastomeric chemical

Every heat reflective roof paint in Pakistan is made from one chemical, known as elastomeric chemical. This chemical’s main purpose is to sustain high temperatures without losing its chemical composition.

As the name suggests, the elastomeric comes from the name elasticity, which simply issues the main criteria, that when heat enters into the roof, the elastomeric chemical doesn’t get out of form but instead withstand high temperature for the better.

Heat reflective roof paint in Pakistan is always in White color

The main role of heat reflective roof paint in Pakistan is to reflect sunlight into the atmosphere. This cannot be achieved if the chemical is made from another color except white.

We have learned from the basics of optics and science related to light waves, the white light is known as sunlight which comes naturally and enters into our atmosphere.

The white color is located at the end of the spectrum, meaning all wavelengths are required to reflect from the white object to make the object looks white color.

No strong odor

The heat reflective roof paint in Pakistan produces no strong odor because we apply this chemical over the residential home.

If for some reason, the chemical exerts a strong odor, many people will get little restricted from the chemical in the first place.

Heat reflective roof paint in Pakistan has Instant result

Everyone wants to experience the instant result, and thanks to this heat reflective roof paint in Pakistan, the result is instantaneous.

Simply like air conditioning, whose effect is also instantaneous, what people required from heat reflective roof paint in Pakistan is to have relief that doesn’t take a lot of time for effects.

Can be applied on any surface

Another fundamental quality of heat reflective roof paint in Pakistan is that it can be applied over any surface without any reservation.

If for example a chemical is applied over the concrete roof, the same can be applied over the metal roof, tiles, or marble for that matter.

How to secure yourself from the intense heatwave

Through the use of heat proofing services, you will greatly feed a definitive difference over your internal temperature. This change in internal heat is quite necessary for our homes because the health effects of increasing heat are far more than the application of some chemicals which help to reflect the heat. The choice is indeed up to the people.

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