3 important factors during basement waterproofing in Karachi

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Did you know that basement is the most sensitive area where leakage leads to flooding and increases the possibility for devastating consequences? It is to understand the basement is difficult to fix since its compact, little air to travel across, so most of the fast track solution doesn’t work at all. And during the flooding trouble located in your foundation, the extraction of water and to find out the possibility of any leakage, is the biggest target which needs to be set to find the source from where the water comes and makes the basement flooding a nuisance. The only viable option which is of great benefit to fix the basement leakage and seepage is through the help of basement waterproofing in Karachi. Various companies provide the services of basement waterproofing in Karachi with a great track record, but as the owner of any property, where the leakage basement makes your life miserable, it’s important to understand various types of damages that could be located at the basement, and also who to fix them. All there is to understand is the possibility of some factor to understand before hiring any waterproofing company to do the job.

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Understanding the types of damage

Damages might be in the form of crack, leaky pipe or simply water coming out from underground. No matter what’s the cause, there is never a mysterious manner from where the water could leak out and floods your entire basement. This is never a possibility by a long shot. Still, the damages that might come into play which eventually gets to the nerve of most people, are hidden or overlapped by mold and mildew, which could be hard to find. A person or leakage treatment company hire to do the job might need to first clear out any existing water that is laying under the basement. First, the water is cleared from the scene. The next thing which is of great importance is through the lookout from cleaning any type of mold and mildew which could be a source of concealing the source of leakage in the first place. Because the water leakage or seepage for that matter, could create fungus around the effects area, and if there is no possibility to clean the affected area, the problem can never be identified in the first place. Below we will explain some of the areas, from where the waterproofing company and specialist have to go through and manage to find the possibility of any source of water drainage if possible.


For flooding problem around the basement, the first thing to understand is the possibility of any source of draining blockage. Cause no matter how careful you are during the construction of your home, the basement should have some sort of drainage mechanism which is used to drain the water without any restriction. The flooding could occur when the drainage is not working correctly. That being said, the drainage must be cleared the first thing during the search of basement waterproofing tasks. If the drainage clogged, cleared and eventually, the water would drain down without any extra work. The next thing which is only left that need to be fixed is applying the solution, usually from waterproofing solution. This is necessary since all the extra flooding might make the little bit weaker and there is a chance that the wall will absorb all the water and makes is a weaker result from it. So, drainage is always the first step during the waterproofing services in Karachi.

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Drainage is cleared, that’s being done so far, but we are not in the safe zone yet cause the internal wall could also be playing a part for making the basement flooding. Cause we still haven’t figure out the source of leakage in the first place. The internal walls are the first area where you need to see any noticeable cracks or damage caused by any type of external factors such as earthquakes or other sources. These cracks and leaks will never go away, no until its being cleared through working by some external sources such as using the chemical treatment around the basement area. Once that has been cleared, we can then lead to the next level, which finds any source of leakage or cracks from the external area.


The internal area helps to clear any source of leakage if there is a damaged conceal pipe which is usually located inside the walls and such, but there is also a possibility that the external factor could come into play and damaging the walls which lead to internal leakage from pipes and such. Using the same method which we used for finding the internal damages such as leakage and cracks, we need to move at the external of the basement and find any source of leakage but from the exterior end of the basement. Once that’s being said, the chemical treatment will usually be same so that’s just a concept which needs to be understood beforehand.

How Basement waterproofing saves the day?

By applying the basement waterproofing solution, the troubles of seepage and leakage go away, simply as that. If you happen to apply for renovation works over your basements, such as applying any new set of tiles, or reapplying concrete around the walls and floor, still, there is no guarantee that the leakage will not happen again. It is a certainty that leakage and seepage might come into the play again, so the best bet is through the use of basement waterproofing in Karachi.

Few concepts to understand during hiring waterproofing company

Professional will be handling all the aspect of basement waterproofing for your home. That means cleaning the flood, find the clogged drain, internal and external cracks find and other major or minor factors which involved in the waterproofing solution for the basement. So that means everything you can do is during your search for a waterproofing company and hiring their services for basement waterproofing in Karachi. So it’s important to know that the waterproofing companies go with only one source of identification. Their previous work on in the technical term, the portfolio of a waterproofing company in the first place. That is an important hiring tool used to make your choice much more profound during the search of a goof waterproofing company in Karachi.


Flooding over the basement is by no means pretty and fixing them is hard work. But it’s essential whether you are facing with basement flooding or would be facing in the future. Keeping the basement in tip-top shape is essential for a relaxed life during your stay at home.

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