Roof waterproofing contractor – Choosing the right one

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How to choose top roof waterproofing company

With a lot of roof waterproofing contractor available at our disposal, sometimes it’s become quite a challenge to choose the right one for your roof waterproofing work. Especially, if you are looking to clear all the seepage and roof repairs, you might need to consider choosing the best roof waterproofing contractor in Karachi. In this article, we are going to give some suggestions for selecting the right waterproofing company for your roof.

  1. Hire an experienced contractor

The most important consideration one should make before selecting a waterproofing solution provider in Karachi is to ask about its experience in this domain. This is the leading criteria for any project, whether you are looking to work on commercial, residential or industrial projects. Although having the suitable experience in the job is self explanatory, but what we need to advice is if you happen to hire an inexperienced contractor instead and they mess up the job, it will not only waste the chemical that has been used for chemical treatment, but also, reapplication of the chemical will prove difficult for the new contractor to handle. So make sure you first ask them whether they have worked on the roof waterproofing project before.

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  1. Getting recommendations from your friends and families

These days, there are a lot of wannabes in the field of roof waterproofing services who even advertise themselves to be the leading heat waterproofing contractors in Karachi. In order to cross check, whether they are authentic waterproofing company, we have only two options. One is to physically check their past projects, which takes time and energy. Other is to get recommendations and reviews of their past clients.

  1. Guarantees

Roof waterproofing treatment has huge benefits for your structure, but it’s a somewhat pricy job. Every customer should avail those contractors that provide several year Guarantees for their work. This is an important factor choosing that your contractor will make sure that the work is done is of premium quantity and will do the job quite well. Providing Guarantees also filter outs the waterproofing contractors that are not experienced and well-versed in this domain. Only experienced and professional waterproofing companies in Karachi provide Guarantees and customer satisfaction.

  1. Professionalism in their approach

An experienced and best roof waterproofing companies can easily be distinguished by their professionalism and polished behavior. Any customer can quickly judge when they provide their estimation or talk about the project in details. The main thing about professionalism is that the waerproofing company will provide free estimation and inspection for your project. Also, they will give you additional advice on how to better protect your roof from harmful substance and provide extra services such as roof leakage treatment and roof seepage solutions.

  1. They are knowledgeable

Another way to identify the best roof waterproofing contractor in Karachi is to ask them a lot of question. If they have experienced working on several projects, they can tackle most of your question with ease. Also, you will learn a thing or two about the waterproofing industry and various areas that they provide services. Asking about their work, previous projects and about their company details are few of the question you should ask them directly. Secondly, you must talk about the project for which you are looking to hire the company and ask them to give you all the details from start to finish which will happen during the project work.

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  1. The price is competitive

Lastly, but the most important factor for choosing the roof waterproofing contractor in Karachi, is to learn about cost. The roof waterproofing price mustn’t be cheap, or too high, instead, it should be competitive in the market. The major cost in any roof waterproofing is the chemical, which is used on your rooftops. After having free estimations from multiple contractors, you should examine that cost shouldn’t be out of the ordinary. If you sense that roof waterproofing price is deviating a lot from the average, you might get an idea that the company is not experienced or away from the market rates.

Questions to ask from a roof waterproofing contractor

Often its found to have some sort of expert hired to work on any specific job. The main reason for this method is to ensure that the final work remains up to the standard.

The same can be said for roof waterproofing contractors and how important it seems of most of the people in general. There is absolute importance for having a solid expert in the job because they will ensure to have the work done as per our requirements.

Below are some of the important questions that customers have to ask to understand which roof waterproofing contractor seems to be up to the task.

Steps involved in waterproofing solution

The first and most basic question that clients should ask from a shortlisted roof waterproofing contractor, is all necessary steps involved in a complete waterproofing solution.

The main reason for this query is to understand the working knowledge about the roof waterproofing contractor and how much do they know about the work for starters.

For how long does the waterproofing membrane last?

There are multiple waterproofing solutions, one of which is considered to be a waterproofing membrane. Unlike the chemical-based solution, the waterproofing coat can stay fixedly for multiple years, but can we say the same for bitumen membrane?

If a roof waterproofing contractor understands their work, they will try to provide a complete picture of the product and its properties as detailed as possible.

What is the best way to stop seepage over your roof?

Then again, we do have hired a roof waterproofing contractor for the very reason i.e. to ensure that no leakage and seepage comes into our roof, asking a professional about which solution helps best in resolving the seepage issue is still a valid question.

At most, the roof waterproofing contractor will provide us a detailed answer about the solution for which we have hired them in the first place. Besides, its not always a possibility that waterproofing chemical application works the best on every surface and for everyone.

Maybe some people want to find out about other products in the line because of long terms planning and such.


Indeed it’s a work that has to be performed by the customer itself on finding out the best roof waterproofing contractor in Karachi because there are a lot of fake ones as well. Lakhwa Chemical Service provides waterproofing and Heatproofing services in Pakistan. We have been working for several years for customers from residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

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