Bitumen Waterproofing in Pakistan

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Lakhwa Chemical Services has been known for years to provide a quality-based solution to fix leakage and seepage in Karachi. Our main is pretty straightforward when it comes to waterproofing solutions. Being as one of the emerging waterproofing providers in Pakistan, our supporting team of experts will ensure that every product application reaches to the expectations of our customers and beyond. Among such solutions, bitumen waterproofing in Pakistan is considered one of the most used waterproofing chemicals used by professionals and casuals alike. The companies with water-resistant solution used as an active waterproofing chemical will surely know their business as the chemical application is little advance as compared to other chemicals that come within the same portfolio.

Bitumen sheet in Pakistan

There are two types of bitumen based chemicals which are used for waterproofing solutions in Pakistan. The bitumen that is used as a common chemical in Pakistan is the bitumen waterproofing in Pakistan that is available in liquid form. Another form of water-resistant solution is sheet based which is made as a membrane-like form, which can easily be applied over the affected area. Once the application of bitumen sheet in Pakistan is properly applied into the affected area, properly apply high temperature to ensure that the bottom of the bitumen sheet melts which in result stick into the surface more effectively.

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Waterproofing price in Pakistan

When chemicals are applied through the bitumen-based treatment, the customer will surely need to learn about the waterproofing price in Pakistan. The waterproofing application along with the chemicals is both treated as separate for the job. Many customers are only interested in the waterproofing price in Pakistan as of chemicals, while others often want to learn more about the waterproofing application price in Pakistan as well. The most common practice by most of the customers that are looking to avail the services of bitumen waterproofing in Pakistan, they need to know the cost for both of the applications, which means the chemical as well as the bitumen chemical of various quantity.

Bitumen membrane waterproofing Pakistan

Since we have mentioned before, the waterproofing chemical application is considered as the most popular application for waterproofing needs. But many other forms of chemical and non-chemicals are available in the marketing for waterproofing solutions, all that’s different is its solutions. The bitumen membrane waterproofing Pakistan is among the most used chemical application which helps fix the water-based leakage and seepage for years to come. Simply by applying the waterproofing chemicals in Pakistan, the application is long-lasting, and for the very least, the customer will get complete protection from waterproofing based issues in Pakistan.

Bitumen membrane price in Pakistan

As we have fully understood the nature of various waterproofing solutions that are currently in large over the market, bitumen membrane is among the top-notch solutions which help to counter the issue of leakage and seepage in Pakistan. Once understood this claim, the bitumen membrane price in Pakistan will be the next topic of concern for many customers that need the best waterproofing solution in Pakistan. As we understand the need to use water-resistant solution, the customer might have to believe the waterproofing company and trust his experience because he surely knows well than the customers. The main thing to ask the right bitumen membrane price in Pakistan from a company to learn about the years of warranty for the product as well as their services which are usually for the best.

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How to apply Hot Bitumen waterproofing in Pakistan?

Sometimes it’s better to ask an expert how to do anything the right way. For the same reason, we want to explain all the right elements which ensure that what steps are involved to apply hot bitumen waterproofing in Pakistan.

Below are all the necessary steps that ensure that bitumen waterproofing in Pakistan is applied most professionally and above all the right way.

Hot bitumen comes in Solid form

Before we go ahead and jump right into the real deal of its application, it’s important to understand that there are two types of bitumen waterproofing in Pakistan, hot and cold.

In the following article, we are more inclined towards how to apply hot bitumen waterproofing in Pakistan the best way.

The substance, which we call hot water-resistant solution in the first place is usually available in solid form. The form we are looking at is actually in rock form, as its extracted from oil-based solution, the solid rock form needs to heat up to proceed with the actual waterproofing process.

Heat up until it becomes liquid

All of this solid rock-like substance that makes it a hot bitumen waterproofing in Pakistan can only be applied when it’s in liquid form.

The application is done through heating up with the material for hours. Either we can use some burning wood, or through a gas cylinder, although it’s better to use some sort of elevation in place as it’ll help to make the fire reach to every place without any trouble.

Use a solid barrel

There are many things we can use to heat the product in the first place. But above all, it’s advised to use a solid barrel to ensure that your heating is done properly.

The structure of a barrel is made in such a way that it can withstand even the harshest heat and make the melting process without any unprecedented even following the intense heat.

Pour down on the surface

Once we have achieved the melting point of the hot bitumen waterproofing in Pakistan, its time to apply the liquid form of bitumen over the affected surface.

Simply by pouring in the chemical all over the surface will help us to ensure that waterproofing is being with the best of our ability.

Spread it using a Metal wiper

Its important to more things more quickly as the liquid form of hot bitumen waterproofing in Pakistan will certainly get solid on cooling.

The next step is to ensure that we apply over the affected surface by spreading it all over the surface. For that we can use a metal-based wiper as through it we can cover more surface area more quickly.

Bitumen waterproofing providing Company in Pakistan with a track record

Lakhwa Chemical Services we’re a best Water Proofing Company in Pakistan there is the range of our services in Waterproofing:


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