Signs to know that its time for foundation waterproofing in Pakistan

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Your home entirely depends on the foundation over which it laid during construction. The time during its construction and when the foundation was laid the first time, either you were there or not, it doesn’t matter, cause once the foundation has been laid, there is no other option but to get accustomed with the foundation, cause it a home, everything can be renovated from square one, expect the foundation on which it was built on. Once that is cleared to our readers, the next important topic we would like our readers to understand it’s vital to do as much as possible for the protection of your foundation by adopting various methods and techniques ensuring that your foundation doesn’t get decayed too quickly. There are some signs which help homeowners to understand whether your foundation needs some fixing and quick, so let’s go through all of these below.

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Watch for cracks and damages

The first and foremost thing you might need to look out for is the cracks, simple and straightforward. It’s the best sign and quite open that will help you understand what is the current damage of the foundation on which your entire home depends on. Don’t worry, these cracks are usually a normal thing and happen to everyone after a certain period has passed for their structure. Cracks and damages which you are about to search will start from the bottom and to the top. Look out for the bottom-most level of your basement and them upwards. Cause to understand is a proportional manner, the cracks might appear not just at the bottom, but at some cases, even the rooftop might show cracks which is due to the damaging foundation of your structure. Let’s understand the cracks on the foundation and see what does it tells us.

Stair cracks

Since every foundation is being laid down at the ground level, so its only natural that most homeowners will have a stair that leads you to the basement and the ground floor. Those stairs will be your first sign to understand how much the foundation is damaged. Cracks will appear at the side of your stair walls, which usually lead all the way where the stairs get finished. The cracks that appear might be as thin as a hair or quite prominent, which is not the point here. Once you see the cracks, it’s enough for you to get some idea about the foundation life and how its been showing symptoms of damages.

Horizontal cracks

Cracks are there, that much as been cleared, but what does the alignment of cracks tell us. They are quite a storyteller if you understand some of the civil works. But if you don’t its not much of a rocket since anyway. Foundation consists of solid concrete and reinforced iron at the basic level. The certain newer foundation also uses composite material which is good for anti-quake and waterproof based material. But no matter how strong your foundation is, the cracks are inevitable and they will keep on appearing once your house becomes of certain again. For the horizontal cracks, these are the once which tells you that 50% foundation has become reached its lifetime. It has just started to show bizarre signs which will only get worse from this stage. And with the cracks opening to wider, there will be times when you notice water coming out from these cracks. A worse scenario indeed that is enough to tell you that its time for some renovation.

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Vertical cracks

Similar to horizontal cracks, there are the vertical ones which are even worse than the latter one. The vertical cracks will let you know that foundation is completely reached its lifetime and its quite best time to call out an expert for a reevaluation and inspection of the damage. Cause they might need to have some more material and expert hands to deal with these cracks as much as possible. Vertical cracks are those cracks which will lead not just around your basement but will travel up to other parts of your home such as walls, rooms, bathroom, and even rooftops. Due to these openings and cracks, water comes around all over these cracks and gets the condition to worsen even further.

Floor crack over basement

There are cracks over walls, and then there are cracks on the floor of your basement. These cracks are dangerous since floor cracks get widen to a much faster rate. As since water always reaches at the bottom of the ground no matter where it’s coming from, these floor cracks will come into your way if you happen to take these things to ease. Basement floor cracks don’t mean that your foundation is gone for, it can be of various reasons, such as bad material used as flooring binder, or some heavy thing has been collided with the floor and damage it along the way. In any manner, the best thing the homeowner can do is fix it sooner rather than later.

Call a foundation waterproofing expert in Pakistan

With all these damages, you can go around asking people for items and start on your own. With this method, you could finish the work, but with the uncertain mind that whether the work is done is satisfactory. An expert is your best bet since they will provide a warranty to their customers. Not just that, but their experience for their line of work is vital to have a good foundation repairing. The foundation cracks and other damaging factors around your basement can be handled by an expert in the domain of foundation waterproofing in Pakistan. It will use specially made products that help to resist water from entering into the floor, or walls of your home or anywhere the chemical are applied into. This solution is the best bet for most of the homeowners which will ensure to have the best solution they can vouch for.


As Lakhwa Chemical Services has been working as a foundation waterproofing experts for years, we feel it’s important to give some insight to our readers about certain signs that usually appears after a certain time to understand that your foundation needs rework in the form or repairs and renovation. Experts in this domain such as foundation waterproofing in Pakistan are more equipped in both, manpower and equipment to handle such a large job with better results. So do call them out for a quick inspection and estimation in the very least.

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