Roof Waterproofing in Karachi and environmental benefits

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Roof waterproofing in Karachi is among the widely availed service by most of the customers. There is, of course, the benefits of fixing the leakage and seepage which is the main purpose for availing the roof waterproofing in Karachi in the first place, but there is another aspect of using this service inside the residential areas. Most people who are little conservative and environmentally conscious might go for this service in numbers due to some of the amazing benefits that it holds in general terms. We would like to mention few of these benefits in front of our readers and inform about the numerous advantages of availing roof waterproofing in Karachi and what benefits it carried over your homes and most importantly the environment where we live in.

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Bitumen Waterproofing: Best roof waterproofing product

There are products and not just one but many. Out of all these products, the most leading one by far is the bitumen waterproofing, which is considered the king of all products when dealing with roof waterproofing in Karachi. This is important to understand because our aim of this article is entirely based on understanding the chemical evaluation of bitumen product and how benefits it caries over our environment. That being said, roof with problems such as leakage and seepage is completely resolved through this service and if you think the damage and cracks are in numbers, this service is the way to go. So, there are no second thoughts about this product not being the best out in the market all over the world. Let’s learn about the benefits of bitumen waterproofing over the environment.

Bitumen is carbon derived product with low impact

First and foremost, the bitumen is the second name of asphalt, which is a product used to fill roads and made it more compact. This product is a carbon derived product, straight out from the petroleum refinery. The product is indeed a byproduct of petroleum so no additional energy is used to create bitumen, saving energy at the same time. The quantity of bitumen is quite a lot, so there is a huge market for this product and as long as there are vehicles on the roads, there is absolutely no shortage of bitumen any time soon. There is no secondary roof waterproofing product available in the market which has the lowest impact on the environment that bitumen, so hence, this is the one most people go for it to fix the leakage and seepage trouble for their roofs.

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Completely recyclable

Since we mentioned above that bitumen is a petroleum-based product, which is a good binder for construction materials. The rule of thumb to understand about recycling is that anything which can be reproduced through the waste is an absolute recyclable. For bitumen, and since it’s derived from asphalt, simply by reheating it, mixing with few additives and further improving its strength by adding fiber material, you get a recycled product out from bitumen. This is the most important aspect of having a safe and environmentally friendly product, to begin with. Simply by using bitumen product, and once the roof no more needs the use of bitumen, the raw material that is extracted out can be recycled with little or no energy consumption whatsoever.


There are chemicals which are harmful to human, and some of those are harmful to the environment. Bitumen lies on neither of those. The main reason for the nonhazardous is because the carbon-based product is highly combustible, but not with bitumen. They are non-combustible which means they won’t produce any carbon dioxide element, that is extremely harmful to people. Bitumen is simply a dark, slimy product that binds on anything it touches, air tightening the surface at the same time. A simple concept, yet the material is readily available in the market.

Minimum waste during application

Once the application is taken place and the individual who is working to apply the bitumen over the roof, the waste that is extracted during the nature of the application is minimized. Since we are dealing with a chemical which can be used as a whole. Either if the product is saved, it can be reused even if its get solid. The bitumen simply gets in liquid form when heated. It is a simple chemical product with a promising solution for roof waterproofing in Karachi. Many customers get into the plan of availing roof waterproofing services in Karachi that helps the environment in the best possible way.

Low Odor levels

During the application of bitumen based roof waterproofing, the odor that is extracted from this chemical is lower, not completely zero to say the least. Of course, the bitumen that extracts odor is only during its application when the bitumen is heated and applied over the surface. But within hours, when the binder cools off, the smell and odor vanish completely from the face of the earth, proving it to be the best product for many good reasons that can be applied over the rooftops of a residential area.

Benefits of applying a waterproofing product

Once we have gained some inside that roof waterproofing in Karachi can be completely handled through the application of bitumen product. Let’s hear out some of the benefits derived by availing this surface over your roof. The main reason, of course, is securing yourself from leakage and seepage trouble over your roof. The raining and other leakage caused by the leaky water tank and such is handled with the biggest success through the use of bitumen based waterproofing service.

Low pollution

When the waterproofing based product is applied over your rooftops, it will surely help out with some mold and mildew getting generating over your home. At the same time, the pollution factor which is the biggest culprit for damaging the environment and giving it some hard time, to say the least.

Energy management

Zero or minimum leakage and seepage over your heads, meaning lower use of other means to control or make the water gets dry more quickly, such as the use of blower, fan or heater. The product helps you a lot to control your energy bill and save some money along the way.

Low maintenance

Home renovation is a headache for many of us if its ideal if things most ahead of time when it comes to maintenance of your home. Simply by applying the bitumen-based product over your roof, it will ensure that it is very hard for a roof to show some signs of leakage and seepage for people.


Bitumen based product for roof waterproofing in Karachi has a promising future. It is already being used in a bundle around the world for many reasons. Out of those reasons, a good face against the environment through using the bitumen over your heads is a great solution to fix the leakage and seepage plus ensuring that you won’t damage the environment in any hazardous way.

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