The science behind White color in roof heat proofing in Pakistan

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Roof heat proofing in Pakistan

If you have ever noticed that every Roof heat proofing in Pakistan includes white color chemicals which are always applied at the exterior of your home. You might ask, why only one color, It might be possible that there are several colors to paint outdoor at the roof, But there is science behind the selection of color. Roof Heat proofing in Pakistan has to be white color in order to work, and there is no mystery behind the preference of this color during construction and various other fields. So how does while color plays an important role in achieving the maximum amount of heat reflectivity for our homes. In this article, we are going to explore the reasons behind white color and roof heat proofing.

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Why White color?

Color and light have a far greater relationship than you can imagine. Without light, color cannot be visible. In fact, we can only see color because of light, like you can imagine a rainbow, which always appears when sunlight passes from the water particles and dividing the light into several different light frequencies. So, we were exploring the importance of white color being used for roof heat proofing in Pakistan. Sunlight, which travels through space and into our world, has a certain value of intensity which is measured in lumens, which is a measuring unit for light. The greater the lumens, the more light is there in the surroundings. Although, sunlight is usually the same throughout the season, cause the Sun being the light source, doesn’t decrease or increase in providing the sunlight, what adds up is other environmental variables which makes it cold and warm climates, which is a different story altogether.

Light, coming down from the sun, does look like yellowish light, but actually, in scientific terminology, it is called white light. In the study of light, which is called optics, white light is made up of all the wavelengths which contain several other light portions. In terms of value, the electromagnetic spectrum, which is a measurement practice to understand various frequencies of wavelength, white color lies between 700nm, the highest of the wavelength. There is no white color in a spectrum, although, the combination of every color makes up the white color. This is the real beauty of science.


How white color help reduce heat from the roof

Now back to the crux of our topic, which is why the white color is being used as roof heat proofing in Pakistan? Well, the short answer is its used cause the scientist told us to. Which is the absolutely unfulfilling answer? A scientist has studied through various tests that white light, or sunlight, in short, carries all the wavelength spectrum with itself. The property of light with the color is connected with the atomic level. When the sunlight hits on a transparent surface, all the light passes through, without reflecting anything, so the human eye couldn’t see any distinctive color. If the light hits on an opaque surface, the effect of reflection takes place, which helps users to see the object, as well as the color of the object.

Lets only understand the white color and how its used for roof heat proofing in Pakistan. When you apply white color over any surface, all the light is reflected back as the white color is made up of the entire electromagnetic spectrum, so it makes the color visible to us. This is a defined rule made by nature that for any specific color, the certain wavelength reflects back and absorbs the rest into its surface. For the most extreme part, where every light is absorbed is the black color. Color absorption means they excite the atoms when its absorbed, so more heat stored inside the object, that’s why the solar panel is made in black color because the intent for the panel is to store heat energy inside the surface.

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Tips to further improve the roof heat proofing in Pakistan

With the amount of heat and warm climate change is taking place in Pakistan, simply by applying white color paint wouldn’t be enough to stop up all the heat which people intended to perform. In order to obtain the maximum effect for Roof heat proofing services in Pakistan, along using white color, there is various another method that is applied to restrict the unprecedented heat. One way to doing it is by using special chemical treatment with the white color, which is a natural mineral pigment called titanium dioxide, that has the properties to dissipate not only highest electromagnetic wavelength but also keeps the radiation effect from various urban phenomenon at bay.

How amazing is Roof heat proofing in Pakistan?

Since most people are feeling the heat during summer in Pakistan, and relying on the most expensive solution within our reach, the air conditioning unit. Then came a new roof heat proofing in Pakistan which completely changes the market of air conditioning as the sole solution.

With no extra charges from electricity or frequency maintenance, the roof heat proofing in Pakistan has proved to be a strong contender or producing relief from high temperatures in Pakistan for years to come.

Let’s learn some of the basic factors which have enabled roof heat proofing in Pakistan as an amazing solution a person can use for their roof.

100% chemically made

When we hear about something closer to civil works, we think about breakage and extra work, not to mention the cost of the work will increase exponentially.

But when it clearly says that roof heat proofing in Pakistan is the true solution which ensures that its a complete chemical and free to apply over a surface, not necessary if the surface is not a plain one, but zigzag could also work.

Hence its proved that roof heat proofing in Pakistan is chemically made solution with no trouble whatsoever during its application.

Reflects 90% sunlight back

Why do people avail of the roof heat proofing in Pakistan in the first place? Well to make all the high heat from the sun reflecting.

Although nothing is as good as a mirror to reflect things, even the sunlight, with the help of a chemically made solution and its application, over 90% of sunlight is reflected without any reservation.

The main cause of this reflection is not due to clean surface, but because of chemical help to reflect the sunlight and make one’s roof completely safe and secure for high heat.


When a solution comes with high cost, the result is an unhappy person, but with a solution with the same intensity and result base comes at a low cost, the very person becomes happy.

As cost is the most important fact in availing any solution even its related to security from high temperatures, but with the limited cost, the security is ensured for years to come.

Applied over every surface

No matter which material is used over your surface, its quite a treat to see that the same roof heat proofing in Pakistan is all actively applied on every surface.

Whether we are dealing with tiles, concrete, rough roof surface, or clear ones, the application works in the same manner, and when a professional roof heat proofing company applies it, the result is even better.


The white light and the properties that it carries plays an important role in Roof heat proofing in Pakistan, which is why many heat proofing companies are using that as a special chemical treatment for roofs and walls for homes, offices, and industries. We, at Lakhwa Chemical Services, also provide roof heat proofing in Pakistan along with various insulation treatment that guarantees the heat reduction for your roofs and walls.

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