Is roof cooling paint technology old in Pakistan?

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Any technology which finds its way into any society takes time to properly get matured. We have observed the integration of many technologies in Pakistan society, although we are a developing country there is no sign of slowdown when it comes to an innovative solution. The same can be said to chemical-based solutions which have opened a new era of breakthroughs using this method. The use of roof cooling paint is being used in Pakistan for quite some time, but many people still think that more time will be required to get fully accustomed with this technology for the society as a whole. Let’s explore what is this roof cooling paint technology in Pakistan covers and how old is it?

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What is roof cool?

Roof cool, like the name suggest cools your roof. When even we hear the word cool, we automatically think something related to ice, freezing or snow. Before going ahead with the reality behind roof cool, there is no use of ice, neither cold water during the entire process. That being said, home roofs take a lot of damage from the sun, especially if its summer. In most places in Pakistan, there is a hot climate, hence people go for other means to rectify the intense heat, usually in the form of air conditioning. But we all know how expensive is electricity in Pakistan is? This only the need and desperation has made our society explore other solutions which help to reduce the heat but doesn’t create a big hole in our wallet. Later comes the roof cool technology, which is the real answer to our call of a solution for intense heat from the sun in Pakistan.

Chemical treatment with no side-effects?

Now once we have understood that roof cool paint technology is made from synthetic chemicals in a laboratory. It’s like a paint, which we apply over our walls all the time, but this paint is special in the sense that it only comes in white color and is applied vertically over the roof, instead of horizontally as you apply to your walls and such. Now, when we talk about chemicals, we image various negative side-effects automatically, because chemicals smell bad. To our advantage, roof cool paint is applied only externally, meaning the smell will soon be gone after its application, once the paint is all dried up, which doesn’t take more than few hours. Now, what’s left with health-related issues from this chemical, like when it gets into your skin or other reactions. According to the international construction material research and development scientists, a roof cool chemical composes of around 80% of water, while another chemical is Petro based for binding the color and increasing life. There is no life-threatening material inside a roof cool chemical by far.

When did it introduce in Pakistan?

The real date is not confirmed but according to various journals and research papers, first roof cool paint was manufactured in the 1980s. So from this information, there is a huge chance that the roof cool paint technology introduced in Pakistan by the late 1990s or early 2000s. The first batch of roof cool chemical was not as much matured as it is now since that era was less affected by various types of man-made and natural heat augmented sources, such as global warming. Now there is a much need to have a solution besides air conditioning that helps us to counter intense heat as much as possible.

Which country uses roof cooling paint?

With primary research, we came to initial findings of such countries where roof cool paint is used extensively and with greater success. All of those countries have few things in common. Their houses are made from concrete, rather than wood. Also, they have frequent cases of heatwaves and hot temperature that ranges above 40 C. And the electric charges are a lot. Out of these countries, the leading ones are Australia, the US, India, and Pakistan. Indeed the chemical is available virtually everywhere or can be purchased through the online stores without any hassle, but still, the demand rise means people are finding this roof cool paint beneficial.

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Does heat proofing work?

Like we have mentioned above, the demands increase because people are finding it resourceful. And when we talk about the heat waves, even your air conditioning starts to show signs of unresponsiveness after working a few days because of the increasing amount of load. We must use a secondary or alternative solution to our roof, which works in tandem to decrease the total heat insertion into our homes.

The reason behind the name of roof cooling paint in Pakistan

Many a time people have asked or might be little curious to find out the reasoning behind the name of roof cooling paint in Pakistan and why does this name is used to label this chemical in the first place.

Well, there’s a history behind it which goes way back, but still, it’s a little interesting to find out the main reason and how come people are ok with this name used for the product roof cooling paint in Pakistan it has no element of roof cooling attached to it.

Nature of product

The purpose of the product and its name should have a great connection with one another. Although the name of the product can exaggerate a little as the market tactics, but still if its supplying soap, it should not market shampoo.

As for the product roof cooling paint in Pakistan, its mostly used over the roof area, although it has been found that walls can also be used to apply roof cooling paint in Pakistan.


The main reason for ambiguity or a little concern is not related to actual product, but the name of roof cooling paint in Pakistan.

The main word of roof cool is what makes people with the second guess as to be a phony product at best because there’s no such chemical that can make our roof cool.

Although the main reason for this product is to ensure that temperature is reduced from the roof, which subsequently makes it a little cooler than before, if not like refrigerator like cool.

Element of attraction

Which name has more attraction, roof cooling paint in Pakistan, or slightly roof cooling paint in Pakistan? It’s of no use if people are caught up with the name of the product and do try it themselves.

This name is one example of how a good name matter especially if anyone is introducing a completely new product into the market.

If we can’t give away free samples, we surely can name it something awesome to gather people’s attention.

Easy to remember

Names such as roof cooling paint in Pakistan are way easier to remember than a chemical name, such as an elastomeric polymer.

It’s vital to have the pseudo name of anything difficult to remember or hard to pronounce. The main reason is quite obvious because people come to buy a product only if they easily remember it.

Otherwise, your competition will get all the benefits from your hard work, since there are a lot of vendors of the same chemical.


Heat proofing solution works, and if you are still not satisfied, we at Lakhwa Chemical Services invite you to give us a call. We will reach your home and provide a free consultation about the entire process along with free estimation for the roof. Also, when the heat proofing service is availed from our company, you will get years of warranty and guarantee for our services as well.

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