How to Properly Insulate your Roof in Pakistan

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Rooftops are considered to be a high concentration point where all the heat is circulated accordingly to the construction of the rooftops. For example, if you have a flat roof made from concrete, the effect of heat absorption would be different as compared to the slanted roof made from panels. But no matter which object you have used for your roof construction, the heat dissipation will never be lower if proper insulation to your roof is lacking. It is quite a necessity to properly insulate your roof in Pakistan and here in this article, we are going to explain in details.

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Start with the roof measurement

Before doing anything else, first and foremost, we are required to properly measure the roof of your home or office. This is the most vital stage and every process which will go beyond is highly dependent on it. So, in order to measure your roof, we need to have a measurement tape or in other words inch tape, to measure the dimensions of rooftops. The most used measure values that are calculated during the measurement phase is square per inch and then multiply by the total number of the sections used around the roof. It is a good practice to always leave some breathing space for your roof, and purchase more insulation in order to leave no area unattended as possible.

Purchase insulation of your choice

It a completely separate topic to understand which is the better insulation for a specific rooftop, as there are numerously available in the market. But no matter what insulation you are willing to go with implies with the same and general principle which is explained in this article. In the market and during your rate search, you firstly need to find the insulation material which is enough for your roof. It is not advised to have multiple insulations of different compound filling up your rooftop. During the singular type of any insulation will make sure that your roof heat is reduced and at the same time, proper compatibility is achieved in the process as well. Once you are all set with an adequate amount of insulation, go ahead and purchase it for your work.

Properly inspect the insulation after purchase

When we are working on any construction project, the item which we are directly dependent during our work is of great importance. For instance, the insulation material in Pakistan is a bundle and finding the correct price for the insulation material is important as well. But after the purchase is done, no matter how much you have bought, a thorough inspection is necessary for your insulation material. The basic need to have an inspection is to fulfill the criteria of whether the insulation material is in good shape and not damaged. In another manner, having a proper inspection also helps you to understand the required amount for insulation of your roof, so there are absolutely no issues for properly inspecting the insulation material after purchase.

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Wear protective gear during insulation application

The hard part is over. What’s left is to apply your insulation into the rooftop. But since we are dealing with chemical materials, its always a good idea to make your face, and head covered properly. The main reason for this is the harmful substance during installation from the insulation agent, which might get you down health wise. On another aspect, the chemical used as an adhesive or to make the insulation properly attached to the surface is not safe to inhale accordingly. The only correct measure one might take in order to get himself out of the harm’s way is by using protective measures during the process of insulation installation.

Start with the corners

Insulation usually comes in square panels, which can be cut down to our intended shape and size based on our need. Indeed no roof in Earth can be similar, so there is the need to have some flexibility during the installation process of insulation material in Pakistan. For making things simpler for most of the people, its always a better idea to start the insulation process from the corners. The corners get left out a lot and if it does, it will ruin all the hard work for applying the insulation in the first place.


Properly insulate the roof in Pakistan is an art, which must be learned throughout. This is important to get accustomed within you are looking to do it on your own. If not, Lakhwa Chemical Services will help you out with all the technicalities involving in the insulation of roof in Karachi, that includes procurement, buying, installing and after service as well.

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