How to Fix cracks using bitumen membrane waterproofing in Pakistan

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Waterproofing services need no introduction especially in Pakistan, because of its cheap solution to fix leakage and seepage most effectively. But did you know, that the waterproofing can fix cracks as well? This is valid for those cracks, which are not too large and do a mighty disturbance for people because water gets penetrated from them. For all these cracks, the use of bitumen membrane waterproofing in Pakistan is the answer to them. This waterproofing membrane based solution is quite effective to counter these issues, along with our ordinary leakage and seepage in Pakistan. Let’s learn more about these issues in general.

Benefits of bitumen membrane waterproofing

Waterproofing generally is a chemical-based solution that works like any paint job, but the cause of this application is to secure walls from getting leakage and seepage. While the chemical is a good solution for most of the water-based damages, there is a high and more advanced form of a solution, existed in the family of waterproofing, but has more weight in terms of effectiveness and cost. We are referring to the use of the bitumen membrane in Pakistan. The benefits of bitumen are endless, but it’s always a good idea to go through some of them.

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Problems of cracks over the surface

The construction of the waterproofing membrane itself is through sheets composed of rubber-like substance. The main job of bitumen membrane waterproofing is to secure leakage and seepage on especially that area which are quite weak on water-based damages, or where the chemical is unable to apply, like expansion joints. Referring to the cracks, we can simply fill it with a cement-based solution or if we didn’t require the filling part, the waterproofing membrane can do the job, or we can refer to it hitting two birds with one stone

Leakage and seepage waterproofing

First and foremost, while every client should be thinking before contacting any waterproofing company in Pakistan is to repairing leakage and seepage over their surfaces. There are many places that this leakage might appear, such as roof, basement, water tank, or foundation. Although there is no restricting of using bitumen waterproofing in Pakistan, countering the leakage and seepage does somehow is the prime concern whenever we are required to avail the services of a waterproofing company in Pakistan.

Application of bitumen waterproofing 

Bitumen waterproofing in Pakistan is possible for any sector of society, whether it’s residential, commercial or industrial. Another important part of a waterproofing solution provider is to provide consultation to their customers who are unsure how does this service work. Because of the chemical involvement and restoring the surface to its former glory, the application of bitumen waterproofing might make many people concern and requires proper education, a responsibility entirely covered by waterproofing companies in general.

Fixing the cracks for years

The most viable benefit of the waterproofing membrane in Pakistan is the repairing cracks not for a few months, but for many years to come. The bitumen waterproofing in Pakistan is availed by many clients who completely understand the importance of long term repair, instead of simply fixing the walls or roofs for a few months. Since bitumen membrane waterproofing is more expensive than any ordinary waterproofing chemical application, the solution is somewhat lesser than the chemical-based application, but still, no one can beat the quality of the waterproofing membrane in Pakistan.

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No more water-based damages

Not just us, but people that have applied waterproofing membrane in Pakistan will confirm that no water-based damages will ever come into the way over the surface where the material is applied. The membrane application is applicable on any surface in Pakistan, and it’s up to the customers to ensure that no water-based damages ever comes into their way. Along with other waterproofing based solutions, bitumen membrane has been usually applied on roof and basement, the most damaged areas from water. When referring to the roof, its quite easy to understand we are referring to raining season and leakage protection, while every water eventually comes towards the basement, so protecting it is the only solution we have in mind.

Where to buy waterproofing membrane in Pakistan?

The waterproofing membrane in Pakistan can be procured through waterproofing companies such as Lakhwa Chemical Services. We do not just supply the material itself, but since we know quite well that waterproofing solution will never come to its optimum level until the waterproofing application is spot on. Thanks to our years of experience in the domain of bitumen membrane waterproofing in Pakistan, we are well versed with every solution related tow waterproofing solution in Pakistan without a sweat.

Are there other solutions like bitumen membrane waterproofing in Pakistan?

What’s a great thing about waterproofing? It secures our home for years to come. Because if we have no protective coating in place, we are left with the mercy of our concrete, which is not build to put all the leakage and seepage at bay.

What we are left with ultimately is to use bitumen membrane waterproofing in Pakistan. Now the next question people might ask is are there any other solutions like membrane waterproofing in Pakistan?

What most people are looking for is to find other solutions that help in securing water-based leakage and seepage for the better. Below are some of the solution which helps secure from leakage and seepage for the better.

Acrylic-based waterproofing

Looking for a good old chemical-based solution, a transparent based chemical has been used for years to come, and with great results. Known as an acrylic-based solution, which is a type of chemical that goes extremely well with cement.

The main role of acrylic-based waterproofing is to protect from the adverse effects of water leakage and seepage but doesn’t cost a hell lot more.

Hot and Cold Bitumen

Same within the chemical bandwagon, we have hot and cold bitumen is made with a similar compound that’s used in membrane waterproofing in Pakistan.

As the name suggests, hot bitumen is not asphalt which is applied while it’s boiling. As for cold bitumen, it’s applied without turning the temperature to any extend.

Cementitious Waterproofing

Any chemical which is ultimately mixed with cement is called cementitious waterproofing. Some chemicals have the proper waterproofing but don’t have a natural bonding feature.

For all those chemicals, cement seems to work extremely well only because most of the surface where people apply waterproofing in the first place is the place made from concrete.

The concrete and cement seem to be the same thing, hence waterproofing chemical when mixed with cement works quite well overall.

PVC water stopper

Not let’s talk about some similar material to membrane waterproofing in Pakistan. One material is known as a PVC water stopper. As the name suggests, it’s a plastic that can be used to stop the water.

It’s applied over cracks and surface over the concrete roof and helps to secure from leakage and seepage for the better.

Inside the category of plastic, many other types of material work similarly as membrane waterproofing in Pakistan, but PVC is most cheap and does a fantastic job overall.

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