Securing roof from the rain using bitumen membrane waterproofing in Karachi

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The raining season comes with an intensity that doesn’t look good for a roof over our heads. Especially in Karachi, where rainwater is not properly passed through the drainage and other channels, we face a dilemma in protecting the roof and other areas of our home. The solution which we want to shed light over is related to the bitumen membrane waterproofing in Karachi, which is specifically aimed to counter all the water-based damages caused during the raining season. In this article, we will learn more as to how the waterproofing membrane helps secure the roof in rain and other water sources leaks.

Advantages of using bitumen membrane waterproofing

Bitumen membrane waterproofing is quite simply for its application and the result we gain through the solution is outstanding. If you have some information about waterproofing chemical treatment, the membrane is a type of waterproofing solution but doesn’t involve chemical treatment. All it has is the bitumen-based sheets that are applied through providing intense temperature using a blow torch. With this unusual procedure, the surface, which is mostly made from concrete gets completely protected and no leakage or seepage every comes into your home, even its raining like cats and dogs.

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How rainwater affect our roof?

Its quite self is explanatory that water affects concrete. The more a water keeps settles over the concrete, then the material starts to absorb the water into its composition, from the result of it, the concrete gets wet. This wetness is not good for our roof, especially the ceiling since leakage will start from dripping down from the ceiling. This method doesn’t mean that some cracks or our roof are damaged, but its the nature of the concrete that it doesn’t naturally protects from water. By using waterproofing based chemicals that work as water-resistant, only then we can fully control the water leakage and seepage over our roof.

Leakage and seepage

Leakage and seepage over the ceiling almost compulsorily show up when there is the raining season. Since no one can forecast as of how long will the raining season lasts in Karachi, people often get their minds to the ready for followup water-based damages like leakage and seepage. They start to put buckets under the dripping water and keep on wipe the water out of the floor. This trouble usually comes through the door or windows of the home, but the bucket effect is purely the outcome of leakage and seepage during the rainy season.

Mold and mildew

Any other problem which is also natural from raining is the possibility of mold and mildew over the ceiling of the roof. This issue can never go away even if all the water is complete dried up because mold is caused by even a small amount of water, in addition to the fungus that is born within the water layer. The mold will greatly affect the paint of your wall, and if no solution is applied to secure it from mold and mildew, we are seeing a large budget allocation for renovation works.

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Dampness on roof and walls

Lastly, the rainwater will bring dampness on the roof and ceiling, which is a fancy word used to mention a wet wall. This dampness completely ruins concrete walls to the level which is something quite difficult to handle. Water will find its way even away from the roof and into the walls. All these water usually comes down through an expansion joint in building, which is too can be secured through bitumen membrane waterproofing in Karachi.

Application of bitumen membrane in Karachi

The application of bitumen membrane waterproofing in Karachi is very important because if proper application is not carried out, the effect of securing the roof from raining will not be achieved. When understanding how bitumen works, it has a high melting and boiling point, which takes time to gets into the solid-state as well. Bitumen or asphalt is always heated before the application. For bitumen membrane waterproofing in Karachi, the heat is provided through a blow torch, which doesn’t use to make the entire membrane to melt, but just to make the bottom layer to stick properly over the surface. This is a technical job that is usually handled by a professional waterproofing company.

Purchase waterproofing membrane from companies

Waterproofing company like Lakhwa Chemical Services manages to provide solutions that range from waterproofing chemical application to the supplying to our customers across the board. Referring to bitumen membrane waterproofing in Karachi, we at Lakhwa Chemical Services will first provide a free of cost estimation and inspection, along with free consultation to our customer. For the application, we will go to use hi-grip bitumen membrane waterproofing in Karachi that does a marvelous job in protecting from the water-based damages caused during the rainy season.

What are the Best qualities of bitumen membrane waterproofing in Karachi?

Did you know? The bitumen membrane waterproofing in Karachi tends to fix your waterproofing, and repair your roof similarly as people apply a plastic coating over their books to protect them.

Your roof, no matter which product it is made from tends to undergo leakage and seepage when water comes into contact with it for quite some time.

We are talking about years’ worth of water damage, but eventually, when leakage starts to happen, it will disrupt our paint, hence increase the cost for renovation.

Let’s learn about what are the best qualities of bitumen membrane waterproofing in Karachi as it will greatly help us in purchasing the right product for the right job.


The best thing about bitumen membrane waterproofing in Karachi is that it’s a sturdy product. Since the main goal of a waterproofing product is to withstand the constant effects of water.

And everyone knows the properties of water, it can cut through rock during continuous strain and stress. Hence is good for the bitumen membrane waterproofing in Karachi to be a sturdy protect and protect us from the adverse effects of water leakage and seepage for the better.

Long Life

Any product that people expect to apply over their home should have a couple of years of life. The good thing about bitumen membrane waterproofing in Karachi is that it has a life worthy of 2 to 3 years.

With contact water flowing over our roof and another type of leakage caused by a pipe burst, this bitumen membrane waterproofing in Karachi will ensure that no leakage and seepage comes into account over our roof, which is why we avail these products in the first place.

Fixes Cracks

It happens quite often that for roof and walls both, the leakage comes through cracks, as well as other harmful elements show up that disrupts our well-being to some extent.

It’s quite important to fix these cracks the first chance we get. And with the help of bitumen membrane waterproofing in Karachi, there’s some good chance that these cracks are repaired without availing the assistance of a masonry expert.

Easily applicable

Thanks to the smooth surface at the bottom of bitumen membrane waterproofing in Karachi, simply by applying some temperature over the material, it will get melt and hold its position into the surface.

The application should be handled by experts as the equipment used to apply bitumen membrane waterproofing in Karachi is usually a blow torch.

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