Importance of water tank leakage solution in Karachi

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No one can deny from the fact that when water tank leakage solution in Karachi takes place in your home, the resultant we are left which is quite good. Troubles brews on a daily basis and many people simply hope that one day the leakage will just stop on its own. Keeping inside the reality realm, the only solution we have to fix the leakage and seepage over the walls is through the application of waterproofing based chemical treatment. The main thing about this solution is that it ensures that your walls and roof are protected from unprecedented water leakage and seepage. But when we talk about roof leakage, the top issue that comes into our mind is the water tank leakage solution in Karachi. Let discuss in detail the importance of water tank leakage solution in Karachi and why everyone must consider this service for themselves?

Why does water tank leaks?

When water stays on any area for months and years, the border becomes affected, irrelevant to the material of the boundary we are dealing in. What is of great importance in water tank leakages that it might occur suddenly or step by step. Either way, concerning the time the water tank will inevitably show signs of leakage and seepage. Many people have experienced intense leakage which eventually affected other areas as well, such as the roof. Its prime consideration that firstly the water tank is properly fixed and onwards the work on the leakage control treatment must be extended to other areas of your home.

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Unhygienic issues

Understanding the issues of water tank leakages, one of the disadvantages of the leaks is water contamination. Because of the leakage, and exposure to the outside world, the water will be infected with bacteria of dangerous nature. The best thing we can do is to complete the clean of the water tank and then close down the points of leakage and opening with waterproofing chemical solution. Doing this method will ensure that all the leakage and seepage are properly contained and to make sure that water finds no way from the outside world. Also about unhygienic problems related to the water tank, the seepage itself is an accumulation of fungus which gets into the way of clean and protected water.

Leakage over water tank walls

For large apartments or homes, concrete water tanks are used to store water. This concrete for the water tank is not made from any special material, but the same all material is used to store it. Although the water tank can store water without any issue, there is always a possibility of cracks, leakage, and seepage over these walls concerning time. If any protective coating is not applied to the walls of the water tank, the leakage is evident. Once the leakage comes into being, then concrete will show signs of cracks and to the worst-case scenario, these cracks would then produce water leakage of uncontrollable state. All of this can be fixed through the use of waterproofing chemical services.

Types of the water tank

Since we have mentioned above, there are several types of water tanks used in practice. When we talk about the water tank, we are referring to the nature of the material used in the construction of water tank walls and floors. Since there are overhead water tank waterproofing and underground water tank waterproofing involved. Both the services are proceeding differently to obtain a leakage less water tank for their use. Talking about water tank types, there are 4 popular ones, namely concrete, aluminum, plastic, and steel. For all of these water tanks, the use of waterproofing chemicals is possible.

How does waterproofing chemical protect from leakage?

Once the water-based leakage is identified towards the water tank, the best sort of solution we have for ourselves is through availing waterproofing solutions and applications. The best thing about this chemical-based treatment is its cost which is minuscule based on the result it provides to us. It is without a doubt that once the leakage is controlled, not just our home will be protected from the unprecedented damages like water leakage and seepage as well as the dangers of water contamination inside the water tank. All of this and more is simply secured through availing smart solution that works for years to come

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There is absolutely no doubt that waterproofing chemical treatment is the best bet for the water tank leakage solution in Karachi. Lakhwa Chemical Services had a track record in providing services to our customers in the department of leakage and seepage treatment as well as fixing the water-based damages with the best results. We provide solutions for application as well as supply the necessary chemical for waterproofing based treatment in Karachi and across the board.

List of chemicals for water tank leakage solution in Karachi

Without roaming around the technicalities of water tank leakage solution in Karachi, the main ingredient which ensures that a perfect solution in waterproofing is done will only be possible through using the best chemical for water tank leakage solution in Karachi.

No one can undermine from the fact that people have avid options available within their disposal that they can choose to obtain the highest standards of water tank leakage solution in Karachi.

Here we’ll discuss further the most popular list of chemicals for water tank leakage solution in Karachi and one
which can easily be available as well.


Considering that most of our water tank would be made from concrete material, it’s only evident to use waterproofing chemicals which is appreciated by the same concrete.

The benefit of using the acrylic-based solution for waterproofing greatly helps customers in formulating with the best result in the water tank leakage solution in Karachi.

With transparent in color and environmentally friendly all the way, it seems to be one of the first choices that people
usually opt to consider especially when considering with water tank leakage solution in Karachi.

Hot bitumen for water tank leakage solution in Karachi

Have you ever wondered how these oil-based chemicals are gaining immense popularity especially in achieving a comprehensive waterproofing solution?

One of the greatly used waterproofing chemicals we use for water tank leakage solutions in Karachi is known to be hot bitumen.

The main trick behind the use of hot bitumen is that it’s provided with some heat before applying, or in order words, it’s applied with a bit of temperature.

Cold Bitumen for water tank leakage solution in Karachi

Cold bitumen, unlike hot bitumen, is used directly without applying high temperature into it. This makes it quite easy to apply and ensures that people get complete protection in the long run.

Cold bitumen is also way cheaper both in terms of chemical and application cost since not a lot of effort it being applied to the chemical application itself.


Cementitious waterproofing chemicals

Any waterproofing chemical which can be easily mixed with the cement is known to be cementitious waterproofing chemicals.

Acrylic is one form of chemical which is used for its application, while there are also other types of water-resistant compounds such as fiber-based.

SBR is also a form of cementitious waterproofing chemical used for a complete water tank leakage solution in Karachi. The main thing about using SBR is that its cheaper and provide the best result with concrete.

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