Heat resistant chemicals in Karachi : Properties and Characteristics

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Heat Resistant Chemicals in Karachi

Have you ever wonder how does the roof heat proofing works? Well, the magic is all inside the chemical composition of the material that is used over your roofs and walls by a roof heat proofing contractor in Karachi. What are the composition, the properties, and science behind such hear resistant chemicals is no rocket science and everyone including our readers can understand the characteristic of any industry grade heat proofing chemicals in Karachi which is practically used. Let’s start off by learning what they are called, and what properties do they contain within.

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Adhesive Compounds

Heat resistant chemicals in Karachi are quite many, which are being used either in industrial projects, commercial buildings or residential houses. No matter what is the application, the chemical actually contains the same properties throughout the board. Basically, it is an adhesive compound which contains various other coatings, sealants, and encapsulation characteristics all serving one purpose, to withstand the heat and disperse the radiation effect within their surface, preventing the outflow of heat in your roof. Usually, the heat resistant chemicals in Karachi can withstand up-to 370 C temperature. All of these chemicals can face such heat integration without losing their chemical composition, making sure that they can withstand to a longer duration of time, much more effectively.


Epoxy: Best Adhesive in the market

There are many adhesive heat resistant chemicals available in the market which can prevent heat from entering into the rooftops quite significantly. Some of these chemicals are UV curable systems, silicones and sodium silicate coatings which can hold off higher temperature without losing their chemical composition and pertains intended performance, as expected from the top line heat resistant chemical in Karachi. With all the adhesive available in the market, the top chemical which is being used almost everywhere for heat proofing service is called Epoxy.

Epoxies have the property to withstand 120 C to 350 C and can be a lot more durable among the rest. Through their coating and bonding property, epoxy is widely used for roof heat proofing, wall heat proofing in Karachi and various other application across the board. Since epoxies generally characterize based on its temperature resistance level, we have separated them as per the very heat resistant chemical properties when looking for an application on a practical scale.

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Solar Reflectivity Compounds

When we talk about roof heat proofing in Karachi, the specially designed coatings that have been used as a heat resistant chemicals in Karachi seems to have a solar reflectivity characteristic in order to prevent storing heat into the concrete walls and surrounding. These types of the chemical do two things, one is to reflect the sunlight from their surface, and the other is to remove stored heat in the form of radiation. No matter it’s a flat rooftop, low-sloped or curved, these highly effective heat resistant chemicals in Karachi has been applied into many practical locations to improve the room temperature of houses, buildings, and industries.

The right way to apply heat resistant chemicals in Karachi

The advantages of applying heat resistant chemicals in Karachi are endless but only if it’s applied the right way. People who know how to apply heat resistant chemicals in Karachi properly are the ones who are doing this work for years and are known as the experts in heat proofing work.

But still, anyone can be good at something only if its properly guided. For the same reason, if you are looking to apply heat resistant chemicals in Karachi the best way, these few things to consider will greatly benefit you in your quest.

Clear all the dust

Cleaning the roof is the first step which often people neglected altogether or do it halfheartedly. Its a job like any other, and because of it, the application of heat resistant chemicals in Karachi is the best way is possible.

We can start by cleaning the visible debris all over the roof, and then on with the dust cleaning. All of this is hard work, but heat resistant chemicals in Karachi is worth it at the end.

A sunny day is the best day

Application of heat resistant chemicals in Karachi is one thing, which we can do day or night because its simply applying the chemical in the first place.

Well, there’s more to it than just applying. Having sun over our heads and working during day time helps greatly during the application process.

Firstly, we can see every part of the roof and how to apply the chemicals in the first place. Another thing about doing it during the sunny day is to ensure that the chemical is properly get dried up because of high atmospheric temperature.

Thoroughly clean equipment before and after

The equipped and its cleanliness will ultimately make or break the comprehensive application of heat resistant chemicals in Karachi. Its the part of the heat proofing application to ensure that brush or roller will thoroughly be cleaned before and after the work.

Before the part is more important, and cleaning the equipment will ensure that the chemical is applied most properly.

The after-work cleaning helps to retain the equipment life as extended because a dirty brush or roller will only make it unusable and increase our costs.

Apply double coat

The application of heat resistant chemicals in Karachi is pretty simple. Just apply the chemical everywhere since its white, we can see which place its left unattended.

But the most tricky part is the application of the second time because when we apply the coat for the second time, the already white floor doesn’t help us a lot. Hence our focus and moving in a calculated pattern will dictate us properly.

Benefits of Heat Resistant Chemicals in Karachi

Similarly like any other mega city, Karachi is a concrete jungle that houses around 20 million people. All of this residential and industrial occupation has gradually increased the heat by one degree each year. In order to get protected from harsh sunlight and heat wave in Karachi, it is essential to use Air-Conditioning units, which only adds up harmful radiation into the atmosphere and takes up more electricity in the process.

Heat resistant solution can play a tremendous role in not just reducing the heat as a most natural way, but also helps to decrease the air-conditioning time, which in return saves up the energy cost.



With the emerging use of various heat Resistant Chemicals in Karachi, the application they pertain and in return of it helped us city dwellers in a most effective manner. Based on its chemistry, these highly effective chemicals with powerful properties such as durability, adhesion, elasticity, water ponding, UV-resistant, and dirt resistant helps our roof to stay in tip-top shape plus provide us the intended temperate level decrease which is a requirement for this hour.

Lakhwa Chemical Service provides the best roof heat proofing solution in Pakistan, along with various other solutions such us waterproofing, and heat insulation services in Karachi.


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