Fixing bathroom leakage from ceiling

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Bathroom leakage and seepage treatment is considered something to get used to with if there is a leakage it should be dealt effectively. It’s even a bigger issue when a ceiling is a leakage comparing with the floor. The main reason for this is that its not under your control since the leakage from your ceiling clearly means that the bathroom located just above you has some leakage trouble that is effecting their floor. Ceiling is usually more weak and if leakage is not controlled, concrete will start to break down over your heads, which sometimes become a reason for an accident. Indeed there are solutions that will ensure that bathroom ceiling is properly fixed and that your well-being security is looked after.

Understanding types of leakages

Going ahead with the solution directly is not a good process for any issue that needs resolving. This is mainly because firstly its always better to understand the sources from where the leakage is happening in the first place. When we talk about bathroom leakage, there are more than one sources and all of them is important to understand because if we are unsuccessful in fixing the source of leakage, no matter which solution we go for, the leakage will still be there. In short, for a bathroom ceiling leakage issue is considered, there are four types of solution that need some consideration. Let go with these water issues one at a time and understand some of the quick ways of fixing them with an utmost guarantee.

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Plumbing issues

First thing first, its always important for bathroom leakage to ask your local plumber’s satisfaction and to go through with any visible Bathroom leakage and seepage treatment which are usually the case when concerning bathroom leakages. It might be possible that there is simply some outstanding job required our attention since your entire bathroom is spread with things that use or exert water. By examining the area of effects where leakage is usually happening in the first place, the plumber would be making certain amendments to ensure that the part where bathroom leakage is taken its toll is properly fixed, plus its always better to learn from the side of your plumber about any recommendations that might assist us further in ensuring that the future leakage is controlled.

Supply leakages

Next big source which is usually referred to as an endless source of water leakage is the supply from which your water comes into your bathroom. It may be possible that the leakage your ceiling is experiencing could be possible that the supply line might have damaged and the neighbor living just above you might require to go through a quick inspection towards any area of damage that might help us to further understand this cause in general. In reality, the supply leakage usually occurs as internal Bathroom leakage and seepage treatment , which corresponds to conceal pipes and fixing them requires some breaking of the concrete floor and repairing the pipe. Your local plumber will help you fix this issue thoroughly.

Drainage Bathroom leakage and seepage treatment

Sources of leakages are not so easy to fix and takes time since thorough scanning your Bathroom leakage and seepage treatment is of utmost importance since all of our solutions completely depends on our hunt for the leaking bathroom. The drain is also considered one of the culprits that happen to leak make trouble for us quite often. The solution about fixing any damages drainage is through fixing the pipe or repair them with any sealant. The drain pipe leakage comes with a foul smell, so its a little bit easier to finding the actual cause of leakage when there is a drain leak existed.

Leaks that are hidden

There might be some condition where you’ll see the pond of water laying over your, but you can’t seem to find the source. This is considered most troubling since these hidden pipes are usually more than one and cause cumulative damage to our bathroom in the form of leakage and seepage around the ceiling and walls. Some of these hidden leakages could be of directly from pipes or bathroom items, or it could simply come in the form of intense moisture buildup inside the bathroom and through that buildup, leakage and seepage can surely emerge.

Guaranteed Bathroom leakage and seepage treatment

Clearing the sources of leakage is one thing, but it doesn’t guarantee the leakage to appear again. To gain immense confidence and to ensure that leakage is controlled properly, we use the service of bathroom waterproofing in Karachi. With the help of chemical treatment and application, there is more security and performance of our bathroom to withstand any form of water-based damages with the best of abilities. Products of various sorts can assist us greatly in securing the airtightness on the surface and ensure that bathroom leakage is something of history.

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Do Bathroom leakage and seepage treatment work for old toilets?

In Pakistan, there is no shortage of old toilets. These are the ones made from old material, most probably from raw concrete filling.

They are extremely prone to water-based damage and usually have a bad smell plus with pest infestation. For anyone remotely interested to fix an old bathroom usually goes ahead with an overhaul of renovation works.

Still, to perform fixes on the same old toilet, the question might arise that whether leakage and seepage treatment are possible over these old washrooms in the first place?

Find the major source of leakages

There’s no yes or no answer for leakage and seepage treatment, especially for old bathrooms. The best method to ensure that there’s any chance to perform chemical-based repair works is through step by step findings of its possibility.

Firstly, it’s important to find the sources of apparent leakages from the old bathroom. If there’s some breakage required to repair a leaking water pipe, you need to perform it without a doubt.

Filling cracks

Once the apparent sources of water leakage are properly repaired, the next element which comes into play is filling up cracks and other damaged parts.

For this solution, we might need the assistance of masonry labor or anyone who knows how to fill up holes using a mixture of composite concrete and cement material.

Bathroom leakage and seepage treatment accompanied by smooth surface

Once the filling is done, the second element to consider is to make the complete surface smooth so that chemicals may be applied over the surface without any issue.

Talking about the smoothing surface, the use of grinder comes into consideration. If you have money to spare, you can apply an extra layer of cement over the walls and floor over your old bathroom since in most cases the old bathroom is extremely damage is usually requiring an extensive amount of repair works.

Passing chemicals over sewerage lines

After the surface is taken care of, the next step is to close down the points of your old toilet. Usually when someone refers to points in a toilet is the drainage and sewerage lines. For a basic bathroom, there are 3 points.

Apply the mixture of chemical and cement into these points which makes the entire drain pipes properly fixated from any opening or cracks if found.

The main purpose of this application is to ensure leakage and seepage treatment of the bathroom is completed. This process also fixes the issue of bad smell to a certain extend.


Fixing one’s bathroom with conviction and thorough investigation takes time and resource, but a leakage bathroom on a certain stage could lead to any sort of damage that might be a root cause of an accident, most importantly if the leakage appears on bathroom ceiling.


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