How Risky is to avail basement water leakage solution in Karachi?

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We cannot emphasis enough on the importance of securing your home from the harms of leakage and seepage. Reiterating our statement, there are few areas where caution is needed, such as walls, bathroom, and water tank leakage, while some areas when it starts to leak and seep requires instant solution because we usually race against time and if left unattended, it would leave us to unprecedented damages. Out of that area, the leading space is of basement leakage treatment. The basement in your home should be dry and healthy all the time. It’s leaking from an undiscovered source or water is laying around the basement, damaging the wall from the result of it, is not only devastating for the homeowner but its quite difficult to repair a damaged basement, because your entire home depends on it. So the only option we have at the moment is to try to secure it from water as much as possible. For the same purpose, we use the assistance of a water leakage solution in Karachi. But since we have already understood the importance of basement for our home, how risky is to avail basement water leakage solution in Karachi.

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Types of water leakage solution

The water leakage solution’s prime purpose is to stop water from hurting the surface. If the water is laying around a surface, it won’t get absorbed by the concrete wall because of the water-resistant chemical used as a coating over the surface. No matter the area, or surface, the nature of water leakage solution are usually the same. Supposedly in Karachi, we have two types of waterproofing that are often used by professional and casual alike. The liquid-based solution, which can be further categorized into two types. Namely, bitumen and acrylic waterproofing. Another form of water leakage solution in Karachi is through membrane solution, which is made from bitumen, but are in sheets and requires heat to get melt and stick into the surface, creating a vacuum in the process. Both types will work as a basement water leakage solution in Karachi.

Foundation waterproofing fundamentals

Any waterproofing company understands the risks involved during the foundation water leakage solution. The important thing during the foundation waterproofing is that it can only be applied during the construction of the foundation of any site. The chemical which is applied over the foundation must be applied completely around the column from the basement, which helps its close down any chance of water is coming out from the soil. Not just the application, but foundation waterproofing is considered a critical area, and can only be handled by waterproofing experts.

Risk involves for basement waterproofing after construction

It’s pretty straightforward to understand that basement waterproofing only involves during the construction process. But for basement waterproofing, there is a choice up to the owner, as they can apply the waterproofing chemical during the construction of after construction, irrespective of any duration. But there is still a difference between both conditions. For the basement during construction, the water leakage solution can be applied at both ends of the wall, both internal and external. While basement waterproofing after the construction will only leave us with an internal area for waterproofing service. But still, there are certain precautionary measures required that help us fix the leakage over the basement even after the construction.

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Chemical used for water leakage solution

No water leakage solution is possible with chemicals, so it’s only wise to lay out details on the characteristics of chemicals that are being used for basement waterproofing. Talking primarily on chemical nature, it’s all synthetic made and free from harmful elements for humans. The widely used chemical water waterproofing is bitumen chemical, which comes in different forms. The liquid for basement waterproofing is the best seller, and is actually made from petroleum extracts, hence the water-resistant. Another form of chemical, which is more popular for roof waterproofing, but can be used as filling material, is acrylic, which is transparent and can be mixed with cement and concrete. Hence both of the chemicals have their advantages but do achieve the same goal, to make surface water-resistant for years.

Benefits of chemical-based basement water leakage solutions in Karachi

A leaky basement is the worst. It reeks and adds a heap of trouble to people living there. Whether using buckets or a summer pump to take out water is important, there’s also a need to apply a more robust and preemptive solution so that it does leak again. We are pointing towards the water leakage solution in Karachi.

Let’s learn some of the benefits of how chemical-based water leakage solution in Karachi helps people, especially when they are quite in a fix.

Secure from leakage and seepage

First thing first, the chemical-based water leakage solution in Karachi protects them from future leakage. If there’s water present inside the basement, you need to take it out and dry it first.

The chemical applies like a coat, several coats if I might add as well. The coat takes in such a way that it’s first applied at the floor then over the walls, ensure that leakage is contained within the concrete walls and floor.

Reduce the foul smell

After the chemical-based water leakage solution in Karachi is properly applied, the first thing it does is that leakage doesn’t take place.

Although there’s also another form of water-based damage, which usually adds a bad smell all over your basement. Because the basement is all closed off, the bed smell keeps inside until it becomes unbearable.

Thanks to these next-gen water leakage solutions in Karachi, the protection from the foul smell is also ensured for the better through chemical-based service.

Protects structure

Whether you like it or not, the water is not good for your structure’s integrity. It damages the interior of your structure over time to an extent that concrete starts to come out.

What you need is to make sure that water keeps at bay by applying a chemical-based water leakage solution in Karachi during construction.

If that’s not possible, we advise applying a waterproofing chemical over your basement after the construction, because it will surely help to secure your columns inside your home for the better.


No breakage required

The best thing about applying waterproofing for water leakage solutions in Karachi is that it doesn’t require breaking your floor or walls when the tiles.

Simply by applying the coat over the floor, your basement gets much-needed protection from the damage of leakage and seepage for several years.

How waterproofing company supports fix a leaky basement

Since there is some risk involved in basement waterproofing, it’s only wise to take up the advice and consultation from experts in the waterproofing industry. We, at Lakhwa Chemical Services, ensure to provide the waterproofing service along with the application so that our customers can rest assured that their basement will entirely be protected from the harmful effects of leakage and seepage. It’s up to our experience and quality based products to get things done as expected by the customers. And yes, we do provide a warranty for the products and application for years, which makes the minds of our customers at ease.

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