How does waterproofing chemicals react on the leaking roof in Karachi?

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In Karachi, we have seen countless times that our home undergoes intense leakage and seepage issues because of many sources. The best option we have at our disposal is to apply the roof leakage chemicals in Karachi over the affected area which not just instantly but fixed your roof for years to come. There is always fixing the roof through masonry work but not just it costs us more but also involves more time than expected. While people are living inside, its quite difficult to apply for a masonry job over the roof, because of the debris and noise of work, not to mention the breakage will make us roofless for some time being, which is not advised. People often get curious about the fact that how a chemical reacts over our roof, and what should we do if that happens.

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Leakage over the roof: the main causes

Leakage over your roof can be either caused by man-made sources or natural sources. Talking about the natural ones, usually raining and intense moisture causes leakage to appear, where raining leads the list. But mostly we are more concern with man-made leakage because raining might happen season based, but man-made could be done 365 days, 24/7. From our experience, we have observed that usually the main source of leakage over the roof is a leaky water tank or overflowing water tank. These are the top sources and it can happen to everyone. Another source of the leakage is burst the main pipe, which can also hurt is pretty bad. It goes without saying that before actually availing the waterproofing service, we opt to first fix the water leakage sources and let our roof get secured from water-based damages.

Fixing leaking roof using chemicals

Once the source of water leakage is clamped down, the next job is to fix the roof with waterproofing chemical applications. The main reason to do it is to make our roof and internal ceiling completely secure from water-based damages. The waterproofing helps us plenty during the rainy season, from seepage caused by fogy and moisture in the atmosphere, leakage caused by a burst pipe, an overflowing of the water tank. There are more than thousands of other ways where water can cause your roof to show signs of leakage and seepage, which can be controlled by a good waterproofing chemical application in Karachi.

What reaction takes place over your roof

Now let’s talk about the crux of the subject, which revolves around the chemical reaction if there is any, caused over our roof because what we are applying to our roof is synthetic material completely made from the chemical. Also, people are often interested to hear about what causes our roof to upgrade itself to become water-resistant simply with chemical application. In reality, there is no such reaction over your roof, because of what the waterproofing chemical is made from water and some part from oil. Now when we look into an oil-based chemical, it’s doesn’t dissolve water, and if it’s mixed with a binder, which is a chemical help to get stick tightly with the roof, it would help water to stay away from the roof. The main concept behind a waterproofing chemical is that it creates airtightness over your roof, making water find it difficult to reach the base of the chemical.

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Chemicals used to fix roof leakage 

With several brands available in the market, most prominently, we use two types of chemicals to apply over our roof and make it water-resistant. The popular ones are an acrylic based chemical solution, which is transparent in color and can be worked with cement, closing down the damaged area, and to work on some masonry. For laying, bitumen is more popular, which is a tar-based chemical used in the road carpeting, a byproduct of petroleum. Bitumen comes in two forms, liquid, which is heavily viscous, while another form is membrane-based. The membrane is very effective for a large roof and if you want to stop water as last resort.

How Waterproofing company come into your aid

Waterproofing company like Lakhwa Chemical Services can apply not just chemicals over your leaky roof in Karachi, but it also provide after-sale services in the form of warranty, customer complains after the job, and ensure that your roof is protected for years to come. At an expert in roof waterproofing chemical service in Karachi, we make sure that our customer gets the best service, the product of the highest quality and free of cost estimation and surveying into their roof. We provide free consultation as well, so go ahead and ask us a question before hiring us.

How to apply roof leakage chemicals in Karachi in apartments?

Most have been seen and read about roof leakage chemicals in Karachi when the roof for a home is considered. Although for apartments, things are still a bit vague, to say the least.

We find it of importance to help our readers learn how a person living in an apartment can avail of roof leakage chemicals in Karachi. Although we understand that water leakage can happen in other areas besides roof as well.

Reduced labor force

It’s worth to mention that for apartments roof leakage chemicals in Karachi, a low amount of labor force is needed. This is mostly because the roof located is at a height that only fewer laborers can handle the work although it might take some additional time for completion.

Because the leakage and seepage treatment are done with the help of chemicals application, usually there’s an additional labor work required to simply procure the chemicals up to the roof of the apartment, which might come under the additional cost, to say the least.

Chemical application inside the bathroom

Most of the time for apartments, people are more interested to avail of the bathroom leakage treatment in Karachi. This is because there is a bathroom located at the same line, which brings about the trouble of seepage over the roof.

This issue can be catered through applying the same chemicals used for roof leakage chemicals in Karachi over the bathroom located above your bathroom, and subsequently, treat your walls and floor at the same time.

Protect penthouse leakage using chemicals

There is only one major leakage point over an apartment where roof leakage chemicals in Karachi come in handy, and that’s the penthouse.

Usually, a house that is right below the penthouse needs a proper solution to cater to the leakage and seepage for the better.

This is activated with the help of a professional waterproofing company that has some experience behind their belt to work in penthouses before.

Best suited solution for apartments

Chemical treatment seems to be one of the great solutions for apartments, if not only roof leakage chemicals in Karachi, but to counter another leakage at the same time as well.

In most cases, water tank waterproofing and bathroom waterproofing seem to lead the service index whenever apartments both residential or commercial are considered.

It’s the job of a professional waterproofing company to not just provide roof leakage chemicals in Karachi but also another form of chemical-based application with great results.


No one likes a leaky roof, and as much as we hate it ourselves, we want our customer to realize that as an emerging waterproofing company in Karachi, we aim to provide the best chemical solution that helps to stop the water flowing into your house, maintain your interior, increase the property value and most importantly secure you from illness, diseases, and pest infestation.

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