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The importance of chemicals to protect ourselves from the unprecedented summer heat in Pakistan as well as for our construction use is paramount, especially in urban areas. These chemicals are supplied only by experienced companies that handle complete and concise procurement as well as the application of these chemicals in the necessary area. These companies are all around Pakistan with a respectable portfolio and expertise in their respected domains. Lakhs Chemical Services are among those companies that are providing invaluable service to the masses for heat proofing and construction chemicals company in Pakistan.

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Heat proofing Services

The heat proofing chemical solution is going through heaps and bounds since the summers in Pakistan is almost unbearable especially with all these global warming issues going around. Simply by using the chemical application of the affected roof and wall ensures complete protection from the high temperature from the sun. Benefits of heat proofing are immense which also gets people round-up in availing the service from companies that handle heat proofing services. The good thing about the chemical-based solution is that it has no maintenance cost that adds up over the period, the amazing thing isn’t it.

Roof heat Proofing in Lahore

Every large city in Pakistan or urban countryside might get in fixed through intense heat during summers. The main reason for cities to bear the extremities of heat temperature is due to two main reasons, one is of high temperature from the sun, accompanied by global warming, while other and more renowned issue only located at urbanization areas is from urban heat effect, which is in the form of heat radiation. The good thing about roof heat proofing in Lahore, that the service ensures that complete and concise service is ensured to maintain a secure roof over your head from the high temperature that might get into the way.

Roof heat proofing chemical price in Karachi

Many people go around asking with service that works to counter the high roof temperature in Karachi, but many don’t avail of the service in the first place. Asking the question for roof heat proofing chemical price in Karachi comes in many people’s minds which often gets in our way to fully aware of the heat proofing service in Karachi. Heat Proofing and Construction Chemicals Company in Pakistan which ensures that chemical solution gets into the way of people and fixes a lot of issues which was pending in repairing works.

Heat insulation tiles in Pakistan

The heat insulation material that fixes the heat temperature keeps getting advance over time because of advancements in science. Thanks to this technology, the heat insulation tiles in Pakistan are proving to be quite a valuable asset which ensures that all intense heat is properly controlled simply by heat restricted material which can be applied over the roof of your home. Although there are various other Heat Proofing and Construction Chemicals Company in Pakistan which does the same job of resisting intense heat for years, the heat insulation tiles in Pakistan is one step ahead in the effectiveness and longevity, along with the rain protection which has a lot of defense during high rain days.

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Roof cool services

The most popular name of heat proofing service is roof cool service through which we can attain various solutions for our customers. No matter where the solution needs to be applied, the roof cool services ensures that the proper solution is applied that makes their roof secure from intense heat waves and summer temperatures. The best thing about roof cool services is that it secures from high electric bills and ensures that we save plenty of money from lesser energy consumption.

Can experts for heat proofing chemicals apply construction chemicals as well?

No one can undermine from the fact that heat proofing chemicals have been in use for quite some time, similarly, another form of chemicals comes under the same umbrella. It’s the duty of a heat proofing and construction chemical company in Pakistan to ensure a steady supply of these chemicals to our customers in the first place.

But simply selling the chemicals and in short applying it to the area needed are two separate things. Most probably, people who are wanted to buy these chemicals will need to have a system, either ready through their resources or through the resource of the chemical company to apply it in the first place.

Being a top heat proofing and construction chemical company in Pakistan, it’s our responsibility to clear the air and provide in-depth information about how to go on about with the application works.

Difference between construction chemicals and heat proofing chemicals

Keeping things simple, there is a major difference between construction chemicals and heat proofing chemicals in Pakistan.

One of the biggest differences is its mixing methods and who the chemical is handled during the job. When we take a look at heat proofing chemicals, it can be applied simply by opening the lid and applying it directly into the affected area, while construction chemicals, as the name suggest are not used for a singular purpose, but for many purposes, highly depended on the nature of the job.

Apply on the roof only

One of the major differences between the heat proofing chemicals and construction chemicals is that heat proofing chemicals are usually only applied over the roof.

The main job of a heat proofing chemical is to ensure that sunlight is reflected in the atmosphere and also to ensure that our roof remains cooler throughout the summer season.

When we are talking about construction chemicals, they are applied where ever necessary, such as mixing with concrete or cement and applied without any reservation.

The difference between Equipment and tools used

There are various types of tools and equipment required during the entire work. The difference between the execution is different, and its quite obvious enough to undermine from the fact that heat proofing only requires a type of spreader, such as paintbrush, roller, and high-pressure spray.

While on the other hand, the construction chemicals are not applied but are usually mixed with another chemical or compound. This mixture process may require another form of tools such as a driller or a large mixing machine to do all sorts of mixture process for the chemical in the first place.

Construction work need more labor force

Construction is a high labor-intensive work, and also it requires a lot of resources and time to execute to its completion.

For as, the heat proofing chemicals application doesn’t take more than few hours for its application plus its the job of a well-tuned heat proofing chemical expert to ensure that the application is completed most effectively, so the entire success depends on the labor’s experience.

Avail the services of chemical procurement company

Lakhwa Chemical Services we’re a best Heat Proofing Company there is the range of our services in Heat Proofing:


We are providing services & applications of these Products for Roof Heat Proofing:

• Heat Reflector Coating System LH1
• Elastomeric Heat Reflector Coating System LH2
• Elastomeric Heat Reflector Coating System LH2 with Fusin Sheet
• Bituminous Aluminum Foil Membrane Heat Reflector & Waterproof
• Simple Reflector Coating With Fusin Sheet
• Etc.

And many others company products apply as per client requirement.

Different Warranties.

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If you have any question and concerns, please contact us

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