Heat Proofing in Pakistan

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Heat Proofing in Pakistan

No one can undermine the fact that summers in Pakistan are harsh. Most of us rely on air conditioning units during the intense heat summers in Pakistan, but with frequent power cuts and high electricity costs, this option seems to be getting out of reach as time goes on. What we require is a cheap alternative solution, has no yearly maintenance like air conditioning units and doesn’t make a hole in our pocket every month on high electric charges. What we are suggesting is the use of heat proofing in Pakistan, which seems to be the perfect candidate to help us protect from intense heat in Pakistan. This solution is not only available in Pakistan, but various experience companies handle its application, as its labor-intensive work to say the least.

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Heat proofing Services

We want our reader to learn about the concept behind heat proofing in Pakistan. It comprises chemicals that are applied over the roof and wall exterior, that helps to make the walls and roof resistant to direct sunlight. What this chemical does is to reflect the sunlight into the atmosphere, without any side effects. When the heat which enters our home is lower, subsequently, our home gets cooler from the process. Heat proofing services provides this solution over the roof in Pakistan and ensure that roof heat proofing service in Pakistan is handled in the most professional way possible.

Heat insulation tiles in Pakistan

There is more than one material used to make our roof protected from intense heat in Pakistan. The heat proofing in Pakistan is something of a broad term that takes other heat proofing solutions such as chemical-based and material based. Talking about material based, let’s get some information about heat insulation tiles in Pakistan and understand why it’s getting a lot of popularity with every passing of the year. In short, heat insulation tiles in Pakistan are applied over the roof of any property, which is one step higher in the result than chemical treatment heat proofing in Pakistan. Not just these heat insulation tiles in Pakistan reflect the direct sunlight in the atmosphere, but it also makes the roof pretty cooler and insulated.

Roof heat proofing material

There are various types of a roof over our heads. Some are straight and some are not. Those which are little elated or uses roof material might need more than just heat proofing chemicals treatment as their heat proofing solution in Pakistan. The roof heat proofing material which does the job for us mostly is insulation based heat proofing service, that includes polyurethane insulation as the leading solution we can use for our selves. The best thing about roof heat proofing material in Pakistan is that it fixes the problem of intense heat In Pakistan for good without any reservation. Good thing that roof heat proofing companies in Karachi ensures that heat proofing is properly applied over your roof for good.

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Waterproofing membrane price in Pakistan

In summer, especially in Pakistan, we are not just faced by high temperatures, but subsequently, monsoon season also comes in the same timeline. While heat proofing in Pakistan helps us in protecting from high temperatures from the sun, but it doesn’t secure us one bit from roof leakage and seepage. Especially for roof leakage and seepage, there is an amazing solution that can work on both occasions, adjoining the heat proofing solution along with it. The waterproofing membrane price in Pakistan makes it possible that water-based damages get hold down during the rainy season as well as the high temperature is also controlled within the same scope of work.

Lac heat reflector price in Pakistan

As of chemical used heat proofing in Pakistan, Lakhwa Chemical Services provides its homebrew material for our customers known as Lac heat reflector. This product is chemically secured and considered as a mighty good chemical for roof cool service. Now with lac heat reflector price in Pakistan, the cost might be way lesser from ordinary products that come under the same quality range. Good thing that Lakhwa Chemical Services provides 3 years warranty over the product for our customers as well.

Equipment required for a perfect heat proofing in Pakistan

The work of heat proofing in Pakistan requires to be done with precision in mind, and above all ensure the client is satisfied with the work.

It’s important that for every work, it’s evident that heat proofing in Pakistan must follow best practices and to ensure that the chemical is applied on the roof with the best of the ability of the company who is responsible to apply the chemicals in the first place.

Here, we will explain all the necessary equipment which are required for a perfect heat proofing in Pakistan.

Application chemicals over the roof

Since heat proofing in Pakistan is all about chemicals that need to be properly applied to the affected area. It can only be done through the equipment which is intended to apply chemicals over the roof in the first place.

Below is all the equipment that professional uses during the job of heat proofing in Pakistan.


The first thing that comes into most of our minds whenever we see a chemical that looks like paint, is a brush. For the job of heat proofing in Pakistan, the use of brush goes almost naturally, which is above all, effective as well.

Since brushes are the cheapest form of equipment for the application work of heat proofing in Pakistan, the use of brush does a remarkable job in ensuring the all the heat proofing chemical is properly applied over the roof, even if we need to apply horizontally or vertically.


Besides brush, the heat proofing in Pakistan also relies on rollers, which is extended with a long rod to make the application work easy, without crouching down all the time.

Depending on the requirement, the rollers are great equipment if we need to apply chemicals quickly but over a smooth surface with not many blockages around the roof.

High powered spray

Spraying the chemicals requires an extra layer of protective gear, but for jobs where time is short and a lot of areas need to cover, the use of spray seems to be the best option by far.

Attaching a liquid spray with an air pump, the spray can be used to effectively apply chemicals in any area, even amidst obstacles.

Buckets and mixing rod

Any chemical, especially if its paint-like chemicals, need proper mixing. This mixing takes place over a container, usually a bucket when heat proofing in Karachi is a concern.

The equipment which assists in mixing the chemicals is the responsibility of services that ensures to apply heat proofing in Karachi. Through bucket and mixing rod, the chemical can be mixed and ready to apply through any of the 3 application methods.

Personal protective gear

With all these chemicals and its smell, its optimum to wear some personal protective gear to protect oneself. The protection of chemicals requires a mask, gloves, boots, and eye goggles.

Since the entire work of heat proofing in Karachi revolves over the roof in high heat, wearing a cap also makes things a little bearable.

Avail heat proofing through our expertise

We are providing services & applications of these Products for Wall Heat Proofing:

• Heat Reflector Coating System LH1
• Elastomeric Heat Reflector Coating System LH2
• Simple Reflector Coating
• Etc.

And many others company products apply as per client requirement.

Different Warranties.

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