Does adding house heat insulation works during a heat wave

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Heat wave in Pakistan is real, and its effects are troubling. It is the job of everyone to find various solutions in order to get some relief from hot weather that is affecting Pakistan with great force. With urbanization on the rise and heat getting more and more intense, air conditioning alone is not enough to handle this 3rd tier of heat which comes during day time and radiates during night time as well. So what we want to propose to our readers is the need for house heat insulation, which really works during the heat wave epidemic. Most especially if you are really looking to decrease your energy bill to some extent as well.

House heat insulation and its importance

Most of the people might be thinking about whether house heat insulation really does fix the problem of a heat wave in Pakistan. As, heat is getting really out of control, and with soaring energy cost, the only viable option one might avail is through using alternative solutions which greatly assists people from fixing their heat issue. Now, since we were discussing house heat insulation, its nothing more than some material which has good insulation properly, or in other words, poor conduction, which makes it quite bothersome for heat to enter inside your house, which is the very factor we are trying to achieve in the first place.

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Its help save you some money

If you are guessing that applying for heat insulation cost money, it might for starters, since it’s a heavy investment to begin with. But for every investment, the ROI is also a great variable which helps people decide how much feasible is the investment really is. No matter what you do, you will always face summer season, and believe it or not, global warming is something out of the fairy tales, its a real epidemic which keeps on returning each year with greater force. Gone are the days, when we used to rely on the fan or at very most air conditioning units. If you happen to find every summer difficult to pass by, try to avail house heat insulation for starters, and be amazed at how many results how will obtain from it. And yes, about the safe money part, you might pay a lesser electricity bill each month for a considerable amount of days, Cool ha.

R-value and its importance in heat insulation

We want to explain to the easiest way possible to our readers about the insulation material used for houses and how does it work. The only thing you might need to understand which is a little technical is called R-value. It is a value in the form of numbers, which provide information about a certain material and give us feedback on how the well-insulated object is being observed. Anything else is just additional or more advanced for our scope, but the important thing to remember is always to make sure that the heat finds some resistance on the way as its strikes on an insulating material. More the thickness of insulation material, the better is R-value.

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Minimum areas where house heat insulation can be installed

Here comes the important part which our readers might be wondering in the first place. It’s quite obvious that we cannot completely fill up our entire house with insulation, its absolutely impossible to achieve. With that thing in mind, the next important element we have gathered for our readers is the minimum possible places at your house where you might consider installing heat insulation. So to begin with, always start with the roof, and I mean complete roof. You mustn’t leave any area untreated when it comes to the rooftop. Once that is cleared the next place is the walls, nowhere want to make it trickier. Always start with the walls that are starting from the roof, or in other words from the ceiling end of the house. If you find it difficult to apply insulation around the walls, roof insulation might cover you up for about 80% already, so it’s fine.


We can’t intensify enough on the importance of house heat insulation and why is it so important to effectively protect from heat waves in Pakistan. If you are getting second thoughts about it due to financial limitation, make sure you contact us to get a free estimation and some expert consultation along the way without any charges. Because everyone should get a right to spend their summers without any issues.

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