Types of thermal insulation available in Pakistan

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Much has been changed in the department of thermal insulation materials for the past years as the advancements in science have enabled to achieve such marvel in great haste and success. Although there is numerous thermal insulation available in the market with amazing traits and features which are superior over one another, the main thing to realize is due to a limitation in research and development or due to constraints in demand and supply, not every type of thermal insulation are available in Pakistan. So we noticed the need to explain the ones which are openly available to the general public and also inform about some of the amazing quality of all the types of thermal insulation available in Pakistan, so here we go.

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Polyurethane rigid panel

Also known as polyurethane sandwich panel which is completely made of solid material mostly used for internal insulation purposes. Although the resistivity and anti-thermal value are amazing, we would like to inform its availability in the region of Pakistan, which is today’s main topic of discussion. Polyurethane rigid panel is available on most of the thermal insulation shops in the form of solid panels. The distinguishable factor for these types of insulation material is the cross section area of the panels which helps the heat to trap inside of the panels and not reach into the interior facility where it’s situated.

Closed cell polyurethane spray foam

If you are looking for spray type of thermal insulation for your home or office, this is what you’ll get in the region of Pakistan by the name of Closed cell polyurethane spray foam. It’s a liquid-based insulation foam which is applied into the cavity of your wall (usually inside of your structure) and after it’s applied, it has the tendency to expand on an open environment. The expansion of the cells or bubbles helps to combine the chemical integrity to such an extent that the heat is successfully trapped inside the closed cell polyurethane spray foam and manages a perfect structure which makes it look solid after its application. Although, closed cell polyurethane spray foam is a bit different from open-cell polyurethane spray foam, as the former is more resistant than the later.

Polystyrene board

There are many names by which people call this thermal insulation, such as thermopore, styrofoam, Polyfoam XPS or simply foam board. This is the most widely used and easily available types of thermal insulation in Pakistan. Not to mention, the application of the polystyrene board is far more potent than simply construction use. Its also used in arts and craft, and creating various display pieces as well and formally it was also used as the replacement for the fore ceiling as well. There is absolutely no issue on getting this for one of your insulation needs also abundance is guaranteed. Some of the advantages of using polystyrene board are its light weight, have amazing thermal performance, has the ability to resist moisture and freeze prevention.

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Wood panels

If we are still living in the 20th century and writing this article back then, this type of insulation might still be available as it’s considered the most primitive types of insulation available in Pakistan. Wood panel, like the name sounds, is simply focused on panels made of wood. Indeed the availability margin is out of the box, so there is no trouble finding something wood related. In this category, where we are talking about rigid material and not chemically potent ones, hollow bricks can also lie into this category without a sweat. Reason being simple as its cheaper, available in large quantity and has no implication on the environment, so it’s green-friendly.

Foil-faced polyisocyanurate rigid panel

The last thermal insulation material that we are going to cover is foil faced polyisocyanurate rigid panel which is not easy to mention. This is considered the most secure types of thermal insulation available in Pakistan. So of its traits includes, fire protection, heat protection, lightweight, resist moisture, prevent mechanical damage and has the ability to retain external pressure. The foil faced area used to counter sunlight and make it reflected back into the atmosphere, comes with adhesive attached to the either facing of polyisocyanurate rigid panel. This makes the surface more superior than other thermal insulation available in this list, but little on the expensive side.

How to find the best thermal insulation vendor in Pakistan?

There are various types of thermal insulation available in Pakistan, but to get our hands on one of these, we need to rely on the best thermal insulation vendor in Pakistan.

It’s quite difficult for a person with no knowledge about different types of thermal insulation available in Pakistan to have a contact number for one of the highly known heat insulation vendors in Pakistan.

We would like to assist our readers in getting their hands on all types of thermal insulation available in Pakistan through a vendor without any issue.

Searching internet

The internet is the best source which a person can have to find almost anything nowadays. The same can be said to get contact information about a professional thermal insulation vendor in Pakistan.

Simply searching the internet with the keyword types of thermal insulation available in Pakistan would help you see a few companies which sell them in the first place.

Go to these companies, see for any specific material of your choice, and check out their contact information if you need to find the cost of the thermal insulation in Pakistan.

Asking for specific insulation material

Contacting a professional thermal insulation vendor helps the customer to ask more than a few questions, which not just made up their mind in buying the product, but also ask more about the company providing the material.

In the usual case, the people who are remotely interested to find out about types of thermal insulation available in Pakistan are looking for a specific kind of insulation material for their work.

Ask about that kind of material directly through the vendor and you’ll get a rough idea about the costing and availability of the product.

Application and material Cost

The cost of different types of thermal insulation available in Pakistan fluctuates from time to time. That’s why it’s quite difficult for website admin to apply cost over the website. You need to contact the vendor to directly ask about the cost.

It’s quite an easy step, since all we need to ask about different types of thermal insulation available in Pakistan and what is the cost per sq ft. Either that or cost per sheet is also something to look for.

There is also the cost of application which includes the cost of thermal insulation. That’s usually high but people avail this solution from time to time for their homes.


There are countless more types of thermal insulation materials available in Pakistan, which has amazing potential to restrict heat and humidity altogether. But the main importance to realize is that the thermal insulation material which is available in Pakistan and mentioned in this article are the ones which have good user review and is easily available into the market.

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