List of top heat insulation for the roof in Pakistan

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People often need various options that help improve their standard of living. Especially during the scorching summer days, even our homes are not protected and air conditioning is the only solution that somewhat makes a dent into our pockets when electric bills knock at our door each month. What we are aiming to pave away is to promote a new solution, which helps not just to decrease the intense heat, but helps you save money along the way. But for that, we are more interested to learn the list of top heat insulation for the roof in Pakistan, which will further increase our confidence and help us to pick the material based on our choice and requirement.

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Importance of Heat insulation materials

The best thing about heat insulation material is that its quite easy to purchase and application is also simple. Our homes take up a toll when directly exposed to the intense heat of the sun. Through adopting various options to fix this intense heat issue will get subsidized through the heat insulation material. Especially in Pakistan, the heat insulation materials are readily available without any issue. All we have to make sure which company or suppler needs to contact. Good thing that Lakhwa Chemical Services handles all the heat insulation material needs for our customers in Pakistan along with its application.

Difference between heat insulation and heat proofing

There is always some ambiguity existed on people’s minds when dealing with heat insulation vs heat proofing. Since both used to protect the roof of your property, the material and application are naturally different. Now with simple words, the heat insulation consists of a material with higher resistivity, because of the material resistive factor, plus heat insulation tends to absorb heat as well as repel. Whereas heat proofing is only used to reflect the heat from the sun and no absorbing property lies within its structure. Which means that heat insulation is a better option, but more expensive, while heat proofing is cheaper and helps decrease the temperature lower what heat insulation manages to achieve.

List of popular heat insulation material

Since we have understood and managed to grasp what heat insulation service is trying to achieve, it’s the best time to learn the list of most popular heat insulation materials used for roof in Pakistan. No one can deny that each heat insulation comes with different price and its application is also different. The best option which customers can avail is to take the services of a heat insulation company that will cover not just the application part but also procuring the product for our customer’s use. Below are some of the popular heat insulation material that helps to reduce intense heat for good.

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If you have some understanding of the heat insulation industry of the world, Polyurethane comes in number one spot anywhere you ask. Not industry of heat insulation anywhere in the world will be complete if they are not providing the polyurethane material for their customers. What good about this material anyways you asked? Well, in short, it has a greater amount of resistivity value, which helps to make your home cooler. Also, polyurethane comes in various forms, such as solid and foam based. The application of this material is also easier and handled only by experts with proper equipment. The only drawback of using polyurethane is that it’s expensive as compared to others on the list.


Polystyrene foam has many practical uses, like packing, arts, and crafts, etc. Also, the material finds its ways into the heat insulation arsenal because of its high number of resistivity values. Cost is way cheaper so that it can be applied easily. What left is the skills required to apply the material over the roof in Pakistan. Since this heat insulation is easily available, it can be applied both at the internal and external end of the roof. Simply with its application, we have to properly get equipment which helps us to apply the material for our house in the first place.


As long as human history tells us, wood is considered as the best insulation material which is used for the home construction as well as to reduce heat by explicitly using for roof heat insulation in Pakistan. Now for its cost and application, it’s easy and cheap. Only that it’s applied in slabs only externally over the roof. It’s poor when subjected to water or rain, so that makes some reservations for the material, still, the effect of heat reduction does help.

Aluminum foil

Aluminum foil and the use of heat insulation for the roof in Pakistan come together like hand and glove. This is the case for most of the heat insulation counter mechanism, Aluminum foil set a benchmark which works all the time, no matter the situation. There is also some evidence of Aluminum foil used along with the application of waterproofing chemicals.

Heat insulation supplier in Pakistan

Lakhwa Chemical Services is providing solutions to counter heat into our homes using a chemical solution. The use of heat insulation service is also provided by our organization to ensure that the service covers every aspect of the heat reduction process so that our customers can take a breath of relaxation from the adverse effects of heatwaves in Pakistan.

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