Waterproofing in Basement Pakistan

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Chemical Waterproofing

The waterproofing is a treatment that completely relies on the chemical application over the areas which are in great distress from water-based issues, that includes leakage and seepage. In Pakistan, people often consider this solution for their homes and office. Since we are dealing with chemicals, the waterproofing is widely known as a general solution to stop the leakage and seepage for good. The waterproofing can happen on any place and the chemical used to fix the solution is usually products of highest grip factor which ensure that no air passes over the area, so the effectiveness can be measured of the waterproofing chemicals. When understanding waterproofing in basement Pakistan, the same product help to solve the issue that resides over the foundation area over the customer’s basement. Rest assured that waterproofing solution will surely fix the leakage and seepage over the basement for years to comes.

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Waterproofing chemical price in Pakistan

With the chemical that works like magic to solve the issues of water-based damages, people might need to find more about the product in general. When considering the companies that offer the waterproofing solution in Pakistan, contacting them is a straight forward method that involves around contact them either through phone or by visiting their website to see the solution that they offer. In general, waterproofing companies offer every type of waterproofing based solution, that includes roof waterproofing, foundation waterproofing, waterproofing in a basement in Pakistan, bathroom waterproofing, water tank waterproofing and a lot of other types includes. That ultimately leads to the most important question often asked from waterproofing chemical providers in the form of waterproofing chemical prices in Pakistan. This question helps them to understand the financial standing of this work and further convince them about availing waterproofing in basement Pakistan in actuality.

Waterproofing membrane price in Pakistan

The waterproofing chemical application comes in various forms, that include chemical-based and non-chemical based. When considering a chemical-based solution for waterproofing in the basement in Pakistan, the most popular ones are bitumen based and acrylic based one, which is mixed with the cement to apply over the damaged area. The waterproofing solution of other types is more advanced and does a marvelous job in securing our basement from leakage and seepage for years to come. This one is known as the waterproofing membrane and comes in the form of sheets, made from bitumen. The concept behind these sheets is to lay over the affected surface and airtight them though providing high temperature. Once it’s closed down permanently, the water leakage is also controlled at the same time. The waterproofing membrane price in Pakistan is something people often goes over to enquire from the waterproofing companies that provide waterproofing membrane in Pakistan.

Waterproofing price in Pakistan

Every civil work that includes renovation and repair also costs us money. That price is what usually makes us less motivated to avail the services in the first place. Since we know that repairing of leakage and seepage is an important solution that must be availed sooner rather than later, but if the cost gets over our budget, the issue might be long-lasting. The good thing about waterproofing price in Pakistan, which is considered among the most cost-effective solution in Pakistan that helps our customer to fix the issue of waterproofing in the basement in Pakistan instantly. Not simply the waterproofing price in Pakistan that is more or less within the budget, with companies applying the chemical in the first place, the waterproofing solution is sure to protect for years to come. This is the most effective solution we can think of for long term planning.

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Waterproofing cement Pakistan

Since we are discussing waterproofing solutions in Pakistan, we can’t ignore the most vital form of chemical that helps to secure from leakage and seepage in Pakistan. We are referring to the waterproofing cement in Pakistan. Like its name suggest, waterproofing cement is naturally cement which can apply on any surface made from concrete. The waterproofing cement, in short, is the mixture of acrylic-based solution that protects from the leakage and seepage for the long run. The waterproofing that might come in the form of internal leakage and seepage also can be fixed for years if the waterproofing cement is poured over the structure. This solution is among the widely used in Pakistan.

Benefits of using Cementitious chemical for waterproofing in the basement in Pakistan

There’s no fixed solution for waterproofing in the basement in Pakistan, because everyone has different requirements based on the protection.

Although with enough experience over the field of waterproofing, we have come to the understanding that no one beat the importance of applying cementitious chemicals for waterproofing in the basement in Pakistan for various reasons.

Here we will go through and discuss in detail all the major benefits of using a chemical-based solution for your waterproofing in the basement in Pakistan needs.


Why do people go with cementitious chemicals solutions in the first place? Because of its way more cost-effective than other solutions available in the market.

For starters, the bitumen membrane solution is quite expensive and usually takes a major role over the application.

As compared to this solution, cementitious chemical only requires the use of cement and waterproofing chemicals which are usually polymers in the form of acrylic waterproofing.

Applied in hours

People need waterproofing in the basement in Pakistan that’s responsive, result-oriented, and above all get our basement waterproof in hours.

This is what cementitious chemical waterproofing is all about. When times are of the essence, always go with this solution because this solution simply requires a few hours for its complete work. Something people admire for the larger benefit of one’s application.

Possible as DIY

There are times and places where the expert application is usually not available. In the field of waterproofing solution, it entirely depends on the product selection and how people are going to apply over their respective areas.

Thanks to the help of cementitious chemical waterproofing in the basement in Pakistan, the chemical application over the surface and boundaries of your basement is easily applicable without any expert’s help.

Multiple layers

Thanks to the chemical application through cementitious waterproofing, it’s possible to apply multiple layers over the surface.

The use of layering for one’s surface ensures that leakage and seepage are restrained most effectively. There are very few solutions where besides cementitious applications where layering is possible.

The main reason for applying multiple coatings of waterproofing chemicals is to ensure that even a small leakage refrains for years to come.

Works for years

When a solution works for years and years, only that solution is worth having in. We have found that waterproofing in the basement in Pakistan is quite evident enough because when a high amount of leakage and seepage comes into play, people will have little or no alternatives to stop it from happening.

This makes the application of a waterproofing solution even more effective in the long run.

The Company that performs Waterproofing over basement effectively

Lakhwa Chemical Services we’re a best Water Proofing Company in Pakistan there is the range of our services in Waterproofing:

Roof Water Proofing, Roof Leaking Repairs services, Bathroom Leakage Seepage control without Damage

This is a unique polymeric chemical treatment for the water proofing. It is applied on the surface of roof after cleaning dust, rust and other unwanted materials. This chemical react with the moisture of fine drop lets present in concrete, asbestos and metallic sheet network. Which generates a non-soluble crystalline formation throughout the pores and capillary tracks of roof, thus the roof becomes permanently sealed against the penetration of water or liquid from any direction.

Process of water proofing Coating,

1- First layer fills the cracks and holes in the surface.
2- Second layer attach with first layer to fill the remaining cracks and makes the roof flexible.
3- Third layer covered with membrane sheets and make high flexural strength.
4- Fourth layer cover the sheets.
5- Fifth layer makes the roof more sufficient compressive strength.

We provide all kind of services which include,

1- Roof Water proofing
2- Bitumen waterproofing
4- Water Tank Coating
5- Leakage & Seepage Solution
6- Washroom leakage & Seepage control without Dismantling
7- Basement Waterproofing Solutions

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