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What does comes into people mind when we say home leakages? Most probably something related to plumbing work, because that’s what makes us move hastily to fix the issue sooner rather than later. But leakage is not just confined to overflow of water from taps, but its a more complicated if any form of uncontrolled water is been observed at our home. Since our home is where we live, we cannot take any chance that our home defects from improper leakage control. Some of the water is not at our control and happens due to the environment on a random scale. No matter the leakage is, we are here to provide you the solution for it, in the form of our very own product know as Thorolac Waterproofing. Let’s see how this product is going to achieve this very goal of our cause.

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Why Thorolac waterproofing?

The product Thorolac Waterproofing has been introduced by us, Lakhwa Chemical Service. After putting our influence over the market as being a reputable waterproofing chemical treatment company, its a nigh time that we produce our very own brand name along the way. There is a various product available in the market which helps people to control the trouble of leakage into their home with great result. Our product does the same job, but the best thing about our product is its locally made, meaning, supporting this product will eventually help you to support locally made products and our economy.

Benefits of waterproofing solution

We have been the torchbearer of waterproofing solutions and have countless times provided the benefits of how waterproofing chemicals can have into your lives? Understanding this feature, we have been using waterproofing solutions over the roof mostly but at the same time, the product itself is not restricted to any area. Waterproofing can be used anywhere where it’s needed, which includes a basement, foundation, bathroom, joint expansion, and water tank are among a few of the areas where we notice substantial leakage over its walls and surface. The application of waterproofing chemical does the treatment with the best of the ability, that requires minimal cost and fixes everything related to waterproofing for good.

Protection from rainwater

Rain is the most notorious which weather brings over our heads. The leakage due to rain is unprecedented which cannot be fixed using ordinary solutions. We have a few options at our disposal with some chance of positivity concerning leakage control. Thorolac waterproofing product aims to provide the very solution for our customers that are looking to take some relief from a next-gen solution such as waterproofing treatment. Its a chemical-based, hence a be applied on almost any surface. Once its properly applied, the effect is instant. Most people might ask why to use a secondary chemical when we have a simple roof doing the work for us. The water leakage takes time to reach inside. But if it’s not controlled, the extreme damages could be in the form of pest infestation, mold, seepage and damage of property due to concrete dampness.

Security from moisture and foggy weather

Everyone knows that rain in Karachi only happens around the monsoon season and its not that much frequent. But leakage along is not caused by rain which environment brings over our heads. There is another source of leakage that we are facing, in the form of foggy weather, and intensity of moisture over our environment. Karachi is a coastal area, there is a terrible case of moisture trouble that is causing a great amount of distress over our homes, most importantly the roofs of our home. By adopting the Thorolac waterproofing solution, we have more chance of leakage security and get a trouble-free life.

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Fills up the damaged area

Now comes the benefits of Thorolac waterproofing. Since it an acrylic-based solution, it uses concrete or cement for its application. Meaning that during the application of the solution over the roof, there might become areas such as potted or damaged spots that need filling. It can be handled with the Thorolac waterproofing mixed cement, which helps us to fill the solution over the damaged area. Ensuring that not only the filling is waterproofing, but allover the solution that we are about to apply over our roof is perfectly waterproof, securing our home from unprecedented water-based damages in the form of leakage and seepage.

Transparent color does work

We say it with a single sentence, Thorolac waterproofing is transparent in color. Because of this feature, the possibilities are endless. We can use anywhere over our home, without letting other people know that our compound is unique. We can apply color over the solution as well since the transparent acrylic based waterproofing solution is mixed with concrete, we can simply use as an ordinary application of our concrete and masonry works.

Benefits of Thorolac waterproofing product for construction

Thorolac waterproofing, like other chemical products in the market, is used during construction works as well without any reservation.

One of the most important features of using our homebrew Thorolac waterproofing is that it can be used during construction works.

We know that coating over an existing construction is a given, but let’s learn some points about the benefits of Thorolac waterproofing when the construction is being taken place.

Protect your concrete

The basic work of Thorolac waterproofing is to make sure that water leakage and seepage does come near to your concrete.

The concrete protection is ensured when waterproofing chemicals are applied to the mixture. The concrete mixture along with waterproofing chemicals does an amazing job in protecting the concrete damage which might come into consideration.

All thanks to the application of Thorolac waterproofing, your walls, roof, basement, pilers, and almost every other feature of your home is protected from the water-based damage for the better.

Applied easily

If you are looking to make your construction properly waterproof, it important to see whether the complete and comprehensive solution can apply without a hitch.

The application itself is quite straight forward for Thorolac waterproofing and easy when compared to other chemicals.

As Thorolac waterproofing comes in the form of an acrylic chemical, it’s simply applied over the cement mixture for a ration of 1 kg with 3 bags of cement.

Through this method, you can ensure that your construction can easily withstand even the harshest water leakage and seepage damage for several years to come.

Works for several years

Because the house construction is an expensive process, we want to have a waterproofing solution that can protect our property for several years.

Thanks to the quality based Thorolac waterproofing, it tends to secure your home from the adverse effects of leakage and seepage for several years, at least around 5 years.

When compared to coating, it produces 2-3 years of protection, but when applied within the concrete element, the protection years also increases.


Cost-effective solution

It’s without a doubt that people need to have a solution which is above all cost-effective in the end. Thanks to the local manufacturing of Thorolac waterproofing, the cost of this product is quite within most people’s budgets.

The application and labor cost itself is also nonexistent since the application of 1 kg per 3 bags of cement can be handled by ordinary labor without any trouble.


Thorolac Waterproofing is new in the market, so people will often feel uneasy at first, but let us assure you, you will not be disappointed. Our product has the quality of the highest order and we will make sure that the product exceeds all your expectations that you have before applying a waterproofing based chemical treatment.

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