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We as a waterproofing expert keeps on introducing chemicals into the market with only one intention, to ensure secure and comprehensive waterproofing services for our customers. Keeping in mind that the price for the application is also competitive based on market research so that the customers simply go for our products and get an easy mind that the work which we claim will be as per our commitments. For few of the customers that are more interested in the nature of products that has been applied over their rooftop rather than simply following the reasons by the waterproofing companies, for all those customer, we are introducing our very own product with brand name newly introduced into the market known as Thorolac waterproofing, a Acrylic based chemical product that manages a more targeted waterproofing services with results as claimed.

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Advantages of using acrylic-based products

Waterproofing is all about a good material for coating over any material, not to mention whichever base our customers have, the acrylic product can easily be applied on it. There are quite a lot of products and chemical nature that does the task of waterproofing with flying colors, although through countless personal experience, and by confirmation from market gurus, acrylic based waterproofing products tops the list. We want to produce the top class product for our customers with is 100% acrylic based without any additive whatsoever. Since we are dealing with synthetic polymers for waterproofing work, the monomers that are created during the process of acrylic production, the acrylic goes from styrene acrylic to the vinyl acrylic based product.

Talking about the positivity that Thorolac waterproofing provides to our customers, the cost of our product is quite reasonable, to say the least. Since we are using a 100% synthetic based products, we manage to keep the price under most the people’s reach. Since waterproofing is usually covered as per the square feet area, and on top of it, an additional coating is also required for maximum benefits in a single use. Thorolac waterproofing product will ensure a top class chemical treatment and application anywhere in Pakistan, whether you want to apply yourself, its quite simple to do its, simply like applying paint over the structure.

Some features of Thorolac waterproofing coating

Once Thorolac waterproofing product is applied over your rooftops, the features start to emerges which is adequately noticeable at once. Acrylic based products for waterproofing related work, the advantages of having this chemical treatment is eye-opening. Below are some of the features for having Thorolac waterproofing for your home.

– Whether its cold environments such as the mountainous regions or hot desert-like conditions, the Thorolac waterproofing product have the strength to withstand every climate condition with great results. Not just stationary climates, but abrupt changes based climate is also handled for years to come.

– Since we are dealing with chemical-based product, most of the people might consider it harmful to the environment. In truth, the Thorolac waterproofing product is completely environmental friendly since its 90% water based product with 0% toxic, precipitation or any harmful or poisonous elements for other living organisms.

– Our Thorolac waterproofing has the ability to bond with any material, whether it is wood, concrete, asphalt or heat insulation materials.

– Comes in singular color which is helpful in identifying which type of product is being procured by our customers. Since color also plays an important role in ensuring that the coating doesn’t look weird over your beautifully constructed home.

– The Thorolac Waterproofing product comes in a good price range, absolutely affordable for most of our customers. Specifically for those customers that are looking to purchase in bulk, the amount is reduced tremendously.

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The manufacturing process for Thorolac waterproofing

Just like the procurement of Thorolac waterproofing products for our customers, the manufacturing for our acrylic based chemical is also necessary to understand since its a synthetic based product. We make sure that the manufacturing process of Thorolac waterproofing is subjected by following all the current estimations and standards prescribed by the industries. The final product is observed and checked with our highly defined quality assurance team and experts that the final good is produced as per the modifications prescribed to us. Since we use some of our own chemical formulations as well, the Thorolac waterproofing is unique in various ways imaginable.

Application procedure

Just like any other waterproofing based product, the Thorolac waterproofing is also applied in a similar manner. For roof waterproofing application, we start off by cleaning the roof and removing all the visible dust from it. To ensure a more adequate application, washing the floor is advised as well, which double checks the integrity of the roof cleanliness even further. Once the floor is all clean and dried up, the Thorolac waterproofing application starts up with simply using a brush or roller to apply a single coat. Once all of the areas are covered, we can wait for it to dry up and move again for the application of a second coating to gain maximum waterproofing scenario.

Application and limitation

The Thorolac waterproofing although is an acrylic based product, but the material to with it is bonded with any material you have in your roof, that includes cold asphalt, concrete, fiberglass, and other materials which are of great value. Through thick and thin our application will ensure that all of the chemical treatment is subjected to the most optimum covering but it’s advised to apply the application when it’s a little warmer outside for the best result you can have from our Thorolac waterproofing services.


Now with the most important question, how much does it cost? Our Thorolac waterproofing is an acrylic based chemical solution that has a great amount of viscosity, important for the result oriented waterproofing solution in Karachi. As for the pricing of the product, it’s quite competitive based on the average waterproofing product available in the market. We tried to provide the price that’s not heavy on the clients plus if they are looking to purchase in bulk, we provide a great discount as well, since we believe that a happy customer is a job well done.


In short, we really have done quite well by introducing one of the kind produce into the market that has great potential when it comes to waterproofing service in Karachi. We try our level best to keep introducing better and quicker solutions in the domain of waterproofing, heat proofing, and other home-based repair and modification work.

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