10 types of household pests that need fumigation control

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Every house, no matter it’s large or small is, to some degree, has been infested with common types of household pests. If there is no history of pesticides control or fumigation services being availed, the infestation will only rise to an unprecedented scale. To ensure that such insects don’t cultivate with no ends in sight at your home, there is a need to make these pest go away for good thought pesticides control. We have listed down 10 common types of household pests that need eradication.

Common household insects

Before going into the common household insects, there is an absolute certainty, that at least one of more than one types of pests would be located inside your home. Now the only question is, what is the quantity of these insects, are they just one or two, or have they’ve created colonies there? All of these sounds nothing short of a nightmare, but that’s what fumigation spray control existed in the first place. Let’s look into some of the common household insects in details and what danger does it carry within them.


The singular most troubling insect that households usually observes are flown. They are also known to be household flies because of their abundance in quantity, only located inside the house. They carry germs and other bacteria which usually becomes the root causes of many dangerous diseases. Their eradication is also very important to get secured from such harmful possibilities.

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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs like the name suggests are mostly found in beds, but not limited to. They can also be found in other hard to reach places like cracks and crevices. The bed bugs infestation is very dangerous for human because these pests feed on human blood. They grow in number and their proper eradication is only possible through a professional fumigation spray control service in Karachi.


Ants feed on food, so they are usually found near the source of food, such as the kitchen. They grow inside colonies and travel in numbers. There are various types of ants with different sizes and dangers, but no matter their size or shape, the ants can get in our way and would annoy us in a greater manner, most especially if its fire ants.


Wasps are usually found at your backyard, or garden since they create nests which contain around 25,000 wasps at single nests. These wasps might enter into your home and get into your way. Dealing with them individually seems troubling because of their aggressive stance and they are notoriously known to attack with their stings. It’s better to call out a professional fumigation control service to deal with this issue promptly.


Rats are what made pests control existed in large cities because removing the rest infestation is no job of an individual because they usually come out under the shadows and are hard to kill. We usually observe the existing rats infestation through rats droppings or teeth marks usually around electric cables, which sometimes becomes the cause of the electric fire. Calling the professional pest control service is the only option to properly deal with the mouse trouble in your household.


It has been observed by a statistics report that only due to termites damage alone, an average household in Karachi needs to bear around 30,000 to 50,000 thousands on yearly basis due to the destruction they cause, either in the form of furniture decay, or structural damages. Since termites are very small and existed inside a wood, the only solution to completely terminate them is through termite proofing services.

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Like rates, mices are smaller in size, more active and spread dangerous diseases. In some cases, mice get to enter into your kitchen and spread germs all over your dishes, food or even water. They are truly a source of disruption that needs proper attention from an expert in pest control.


Cockroaches live in your household no matter how vigilantly you manage to eradicate them. They live in numbers, moves in the dark and spread numerous diseases at the same time. Properly controlling cockroaches is also a part of pest control services which is quite necessary for people looking to have their kitchen protected.


Mosquitoes are a source of terrible diseases, which in some cases becomes life-threatening ones, such as malaria, dengue, or even STDs. They usually found during spring seasons then into the summer, when the temperature lowers down. Termination of mosquitoes is a recognized need for every household to get properly protected from hazardous diseases.


Spiders either small or large are found in your homes. They create webs and gets into your way, feed on insects and sometimes creeps people out due to their sizes. They are found in abundances on corners, cracks, ducts, and eaves of your household.

Home Fumigation Spray Control

Fumigation spray control helps people to get protected from insects either large or small. These are insecticides/pesticides that are completely tried and tested on a laboratory and posses no harmful effects on the human body. During its application, safety gear is necessary to equipped to get protected from harmful elements, but the effects of the pesticides are instant and follow a lasting effect.

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