How effective are waterproofing chemicals in Pakistan?

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The service industries in Pakistan always on the lookout to improve people’s lives as well as generate a good and healthy business environment. Because of this commitment, and through the free market, many services have emerged from the concept and into realization, but not all fly to success. When we simply ask ourselves about the industry of construction services, many fields come into our mind, but there is a special place for construction chemicals. Out of these chemicals, protective and coating types is among the most popular one because of its practicality in saving repair cost as well as security from other harmful effects. Among the same bandwagon, we want to understand in detail how effective is waterproofing chemicals in Pakistan and does it plays an important role in changing people’s lives?

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Repairing of leakage and seepage in Pakistan

Let talk about the objective for which waterproofing chemical in Pakistan came into being. Simply put, the waterproofing chemicals are intended to fix the leakage and seepage trouble in Pakistan and to ensure that minimum cost is bared by customers. The good thing about the waterproofing chemical sin Pakistan that it works. The application is simple enough which is not only quick to apply by long-lasting at the same time. There is a great practical use for waterproofing chemicals either we belong to the commercial, residential or industrial sections. Simply to stop or repair the leakage and seepage in any way, the use of waterproofing chemicals in Pakistan does the trick.

Types of Waterproofing solution

Once we have realized the importance of waterproofing chemicals in Pakistan, the next thing which is also quite necessary to understand is the types of waterproofing solutions. Specifically speaking, the waterproofing is simply products or chemicals that are applied over the surface, but when considering types, there are just two, namely, liquid-based and membrane-based. Various other products come within the realm of liquid-based product type, but for membrane, we have the only type, and not to mention the application of the product, which is important as well.

Benefits of waterproofing

waterproofing chemicals in Pakistan is completely safe to apply where most people are usually concerned because of the word chemical. The chemical is 80% water, while 20% adhesive that secures the surface with airtightness element, usually considered the crux of waterproofing service provided by the product application. Along with another benefit, there are many, which is explained in the article below.


Its suffice to say that there is no a better solution that not just fixes all the leakage and seepage trouble, but also fills up minor cracks and damaged surface that is caused by water-based damage than waterproofing chemical in Pakistan. It can be applied within hours, is available easily in Pakistan, even from online, and secure your surface for years to come. Another positive role for waterproofing companies in Pakistan is to provide the service of waterproofing along with application and product procurement, they also provide warranty for years, when dealing with waterproofing based services for roofs and such. These all elements simply make this waterproofing treatment quite reasonable or in some cases, a better cost based on cost-effectiveness.

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Applied in minutes

The application of waterproofing chemicals in Pakistan can be handled within hours or in most cases in minutes. Because the application of chemicals is so fast, it is widely used in places that we cannot spare for many days as under construction, such as a bathroom or water tank. The solution can be applied simply by single labor with the application for double coats if they are the liquid-based product. Once applied, the effect of waterproofing is obtained within hours as well, once its all dried up. For the membrane waterproofing solution, it might take some more time than application, but still far less than other means.

Long life and durable

Waterproofing chemicals in Pakistan is very durable and helps you secure for a long time. The application although it does take much time for its application, the result is long-lasting. All thanks to the effect of science and technology in the department of construction chemicals, that the waterproofing services have gained tremendous praise due to its timely application and above all, the longevity that it truly deserves.

List of 2-component waterproofing chemicals in Pakistan

2-Compoennet waterproofing chemicals in Pakistan is a waterproofing chemical solution comprises of two chemical mixture, one being usually cement.

This is a common practice in construction work because major waterproofing chemicals in Pakistan doesn’t have a good adhesive properly. Thanks to the additional chemical into the mix, it can easily assist waterproofing chemicals in Pakistan to apply over the affected surface.

We have listed some of the highly popular 2-component waterproofing chemicals in Pakistan which is highly used to cater to water-based damages such as leakage and seepage.


Acrylic is a polymer-based waterproofing chemical in Pakistan which are mixed with the cement during the coating process.

Thanks to the mixture, the chemical can coat on almost all of the surface without any reservation. We are talking about the roof, bathroom, basement, and water tank areas.

Not to mention, that acrylic is also is a colorless chemical which when applied as it is over the concrete, will show no sign of change from the color aspect.


Another 2-component waterproofing chemical in Pakistan which is mixed with cement is known as elastomeric.

Although the chemical works on similar terms when compared with acrylic, it’s more potent when subjected to protection from water-based damages like leakage and seepage.

The elastomeric chemical works instantly once it’s applied over the surface. The best thing about this chemical is its life, which is around double what acrylic waterproofing chemicals in Pakistan provided.


SBR is a sticky based solution which properly airs tight the structure without any reservations. It’s a highly potent chemical which is mostly applied during the construction process, unlike the above two waterproofing chemicals in Pakistan.

SBR is a synthetic rubber-based chemical that is in liquid form and applied over the pouring concrete stage. The main goal for applying SBR is to ensure that leakage and seepage are secured most professionally while keeping the damage under control.

Cementitious mortar

Talking about 2-component waterproofing chemicals in Pakistan, the most effective sort of waterproofing chemical comes in the form of cementitious mortar.

The mortar application is usually referred to as oil-based, but thanks to the advancements of bio-chemical sciences the mortar are easily applied with cement mixture.

It’s a material that includes mortar-like binding material along with a mixture of secondary binding material like cement. It’s used for most of the building of raw construction sites.

Waterproofing company in Pakistan

A waterproofing chemical is available from either stores or companies that make them locally, but the application is only handled by a waterproofing company in Pakistan. Lakhwa Chemical Services understands it more than anyone else the importance of waterproofing chemicals in Pakistan and how they have improved the lives of people. Keeping the tradition alive, Lakhwa Chemical Services also ensures that the company provides all possible chemical applications in check along with product procurement as demanded by customers and stakeholders in construction industries.

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