The reason behind Thermal insulation and energy savings

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Thermal insulation

In Pakistan, where the heat is being increased at a rapid scale, people living in urban areas are now trying to adopt various methods which help them decrease its effect to some extent. The most popular Thermal insulation method out there is the use of air conditioning. Now we all know how expensive is the air conditioning is for an average household. The heat is 24/7 during the summer season, we most of us just turn on the air conditioning unit for no more than 3-5 hours. Mostly during sleeping hours. But with just a few hours of air conditioning usage, the electric bill usually roars up to thousands of rupees which has become nothing short of a concern for us urban citizen.

In order to get abstain from soaring electric bills, most people try to adopt over more unconventional means such as heat insulation and heat proofing methods, which bears fruitful results. But what we want to discuss in particular is about insulation, the coating used over the substrate and how it helps to achieve energy savings for everyone. Although people might realize that all of this extra investment of utilizing insulation in one’s home in overkill, but many people has accepted that thermal insulation and its application is quite a reasonable investment. Most of the people advise applying insulation on just limited space, if not to the entire home. Here, we want to talk about insulation and its advantages over energy savings for a common household.

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Choice of thermal insulation in Pakistan

There is not one but several different heat insulation available in Pakistan. It is up to the customer to buy the one which suits his needs to the most. So, which one is the best of the best you might wonder. According to various sources, Thermal insulation and its allocated coating used has varied properties which adds up to provide its effective tasks, which is to save energy and provide cool inside your homes or office. In practical, there are two different categories of heat insulation available in the market as explained below.

Obstructive thermal insulation

The main objective of this insulation is to provide the mechanism to provide resistance when heat energy is applied to it. This resistance exists due to the compound’s properties and how they interact with the heat radiation and temperature difference. These types of heat insulation have a higher R-value, also known as Resistivity value, which is a scale used to understand how much heat transfer through it is slowed by the material. In practice, obstructive insulation is composed of layered panels, whose sole purpose is to prevent heat from transfer in decrease rate, or ideally, with zero tolerance. The element which is located inside the obstructive heat insulation is usually called fillers, which is considered to be an excellent obstruction compound. Practically speaking, the more the thickness of the material is, the better it will restrict the heat to enter into the home. But with everything else in the world, there is always the negative part of every material that also includes insulation. If we increase the thickness of the thermal insulation compound, you would also increase the rate of absorption, quicker to crack, less flexible and shrinks when remaining dry for a longer period of time. Although all these issues existed in thermal insulation, the advantages of its outreach.

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Reflective thermal insulation

For this type of thermal insulation, we deal in reflectivity instead of absorption of heat energy. It clearly indicates that reflective insulation works on a special scale rather than R-value, which we previously worked with obstructive thermal insulation. The new scale which is used for reflective insulation is called Total Solar Reflectance (TSR). The higher the TSR, the better the material has the tendency to reflect sunlight from its surface. The energy saving due to reflection is far better than absorption, and not only its advantage, but most of the insulation is also cheaper. Although the life of reflective thermal insulation is light and have a lower expectancy rate than a full-fledged obstructive insulation.

How Thermal insulation stops high heat over our roof?

The heat over our roof is in great number when compared to another part of your home. For that, most people avail the solution of air conditioning, while others use thick size curtains next to their windows or doors. Although the solution provided by thermal insulation has remained far more superior in most cases.

Let’s understand a bit more about how thermal insulation helps in protecting people over their roof ends from high temperature and heat during the summer season.

How R-value plays in thermal insulation

There is various form of thermal insulation available in the market which helps in resisting heat over the roof. But there are some better from the rest. The only way to determine which thermal insulation is better suited to protect your roof from high temperature is by finding its R-value.

In layman’s terms, R-value should be higher. The greater the value, the better it can resist heat temperature.

Polyurethane spray foam, which is one of the highly popular thermal insulation materials, has an R-6.7, while most of the hardwood people use over their floor has an R-value of R-0.71.

Stopping high heat from entering

There’s always this concern people have which are already using thermal insulation material over their roof, but still complain that heat is still coming in.

The best way to fix this issue is to ensure that thermal insulation is properly applied over their roof the right way.

One way to ensure is to completely make your roof from wood as we have in the mountainous region. Or we can use PU foam spray insulation material which is easily applied over the entire area without any difficulty.

The main goal here is to ensure that heat insulation material is properly applied over your home to its entirety.

The right way to apply Thermal insulation

As we have mentioned above, the heat insulation material needs to be applied properly so that the heat radiation and extreme heatwave is resisted.

But this is only possible when the material is applied correctly. The right way is possible through the hiring of a professional heat insulation application company.

We can never achieve the right result by relying on someone other than a professional company who not just applies the insulation material over the roof but test the result in front of their customers after it has successfully been applied.


Thermal insulation has a direct relation to energy consumption for homes and offices. In Pakistan, the trend is changing and people are accepting the use of insulation material for their homes in quite a rapid scale. The biggest reasons for this impact is due to the energy consumption has drastically reduced and heat absorption or in other words, R-value has increased, which helps the residential and commercial buildings to live their lives easier and in the meantime save energy.


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