The application of home ceiling insulation in Pakistan

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Home ceiling insulation

In Pakistan, there are various types of home ceiling insulation used in terms of material, generally, you’ll find flat rooftops which are completely made out of concrete. This much is certain that no matter which type of roof you have, during summertime, you would definitely feel intense heat inside and outside of your home, which not only makes you uncomfortable but also rose up the electricity bills to skyrocket. We understand the urge of air conditioning whenever the heat becomes unbearable, but let us inform you, the electricity per unit charges in Pakistan is the most expensive in the region, so keeping that in mind, its only beneficial for urban dwellers to invest on secondary sources which would help reduce the intense heat during the summer time.

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There are multiple advantages of Home ceiling insulation in Pakistan, as the most add up heat is transferred into your home through the topmost side, which is the rooftop. The roof if properly insulated not only limited the flow of heat radiation but also keep your interior cooler 24 hours. The direct temperature will fall down in a rapid scale and in the result of it, you will more probably feel the easiness and restful nights during your summer hours.

First step: Home energy auditor rounds

Before explaining much, it goes without saying that the first step in order to apply home ceiling insulation in Pakistan, you have to ask n home energy auditor to invite him into your home, whose main job is to properly asset your home, and how much energy is being consumed by various home appliances. During summertime, when the temperature is roaring up to its glory, the very same energy home auditor will also calculate the air conditioning needs in a room, or whether its presence is really benefiting the homeowner. So how does the home auditor does all this? The answer is simple, he will go around the house and look for insulation, leakages, air sealing etc. The house contains many areas where the hot air during warmer climates may come inside your house, in the result of it, it might affect you greatly.

Second step: Is any previous insulation being used in your home?

As this question might sound obvious in the first place, but it is important to understand that home insulation increase R-value, which is the amount of insulation that provides a rough scales as how much heat is resisted inside your home. Same goes with the cool that is trapped inside your home as well. If one might be thinking to apply as much insulation as possible into your home, that has two implications. One is the cost of insulation, it will add up and at certain points becomes out of your budget. The second part is the effectiveness of insulation for your home. It is straightforward that every home needs a cooling mechanism that will not only help your home to remain in chill position, but also increase your another element which is called fire-resistivity, as almost all of the heat resistance chemicals that have been used over the home ceiling insulation comes with the fire-resistant coating which is also quite a necessity in urban cities, where short circuit can happen anytime.

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Third step: First apply insulator with random R-value to fit your needs

The home ceiling insulation in Pakistan is not difficult to apply but takes some time to properly situate the correct insulation for the specific home. Every place, based on location, house structure, weather, and time of the day, has various values such as R-value, TSR value and cost limitation, which helps the auditor to understand which insulation would help the client most effectively. Now, from experience, the R-value of the home usually starts from half scale, meaning, that’s why we called it to room temperature at the middle of temperature outdoors when no insulation is used around the home. Application of home ceiling insulation will certainly provide benefit to the user because of the main heat transfer is controlled through a reflective surface which is a positive attitude.

How does home ceiling insulation help save you money?

People avail themselves of the home ceiling insulation to reduce high temperature over their rooms, but there’s more reason behind it. The home ceiling insulation is also used to save money over time.

Let’s examine some detail of how the heat insulation material secures us from home high heat temperature along with the bonus of saving cost concerning time.

That’s why these solutions have an element of return of investment within their attributes.

Saves in energy cost

First thing first, the direct benefit in saving cost comes from lower energy consumption in the form of air conditioning.

The application of home ceiling insulation helps the room to keep their room temperature retain and avoid the hot air to enter the room.

If even the air conditioning is working, it will keep activating the thermostat more frequently.  

Lower air conditioning maintenance cost

Talking about cost-saving from availing the home ceiling insulation goes far beyond just consuming less electricity. For homes, there’s an additional cost of maintenance air conditioners which is also reduced exponentially.

When the air conditioning is operating in higher settings, and less pressure is being exerted into the machine, it’s components will exert less wariness over time.

With this, your usual yearly maintenance for your air conditioners will be reduced and from it, the cost will be saved.

Reduce heat stroke-related medical cost

Besides the use of air condition, there is some cost, although no in great number but still cost no matter is saved in the department of medicine.

High temperature brings some heat stroke-related elements, which cater to doctor fees and medical bills.

With the application of home ceiling insulation, the frequent calls of doctors and medicine unnecessary will be reduced. The cost will be in several more people are living in a household.

Reduce beverages consumption cost

High summer seasons increase the consumption of beverages such as fizzy drinks and juices. Keeping hydrated is one way to remain in a normal state and avoid heatstroke elements.

Thanks to the help of the application of home ceiling insulation, the cost that is being applied over the unnecessary consumption of beverages is controlled altogether.

There’s no such thing as zero beverage cost, but we are talking about the reduction of cost which is all possible through the application of home ceiling insulation.


Home ceiling insulation and its application are easy, but there is some prior audition which will essentially assist homeowner has more options to choose from which their reach, as the heat insulation contractor will provide a generally more accurate consensus, which will not only provide benefit to the customer but also the contractor as well.

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