Guide for Home Insulation Cost in Pakistan

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Home insulation

Home insulation is a one-time investment you can do for your home. And with every investment, you should understand the element of ROI (return of Investment) as of what this hefty amount could provide me back? Well, there is a complete consensus regarding the harsh and brutal weather changing which is disrupting the normal forecast of temperature into an unprecedented scale. We have been observing each year, that the heat which is being situated in Pakistan is on the rise. According to the meteorological survey, each year Pakistan will experience a 0.5 C increase in temperature during the summer season. Although it might look small, in 10 – 20 years. It will reach to 10 C, which will not only put our health at risk but also increase our energy consumption skyrocketing. The only viable option is there for our homes especially, is to invest on various techniques that profoundly decrease the overall effect of thermal radiation into our homes and also decrease the use of air conditioning and other appliances, which is a source of higher carbon dioxide emission into the environment. So, It’s in our interest to invest in home insulation in Pakistan, but before anything else, we must have to understand what is the cost of home insulation in Pakistan?

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Home insulation Cost

Understanding the cost of anything is a hard job. You may need to do a survey from various contractors either through a phone call or going into their office. This market survey is somewhat putting people at bay from actually opting to use home insulation service in Pakistan. Being a Heat insulation service contractor in Pakistan, it is our duty to educate our users about the average cost as per various home insulation material used in Pakistan. To understand behind the concept of home proofing through insulation, we deal with 4 different variables, such as R-value of your home, the climate where your home is situated, an area that needs to be insulated and your budget. The surveyor is responsible for learning all these variables in general, who usually comes in free.

Types of Insulation

By taking all the values into consideration, he will advise you with various options depending on your budget and choice. We have lined down the most popular home insulation materials that are being used internally and externally for your homes.

Spray foam insulation

Being the most used home insulation in the market, Spray foam insulation is used to fill the cracks and gaps of your homes plus increasing the R-value of your home by applying on walls and roofs. Its fire-resistant, and can prevent heat radiation from traveling inside of your home. Its composition is made from a liquid polyurethane compound which is situated in a spray unit. The best thing about spray foam insulation is that it can be used with any type of surface, whether it’s symmetric or asymmetric.

Categorically speaking, there are two types of spray foam insulation used in Pakistan. One is half-pound open-cell foam, and another more dense type of insulation is two-pound closed-cell foam. The latter or closed-cell insulation foam is more effective than open-cell foam. The reason for this is the higher number of R-value is achieved through using a lesser unit area. If you have properly used closed cell insulation into your home, you might save around Rs 50000 yearly, which is just remarkable.

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Cost of Spray foam insulation

Let’s talk about spray foam insulation and what is its actual cost? In the practical application for liquid polyurethane foam, the cost is usually calculated by the board foot, meaning 12-inch height, 12-inch width, 1-inch thickness. This evaluated 1 board foot. Now as for the average cost of liquid polyurethane, is divided into two parts, open-cell spray foam and closed cell spray foam. Open cell foam is generally starting from Rs35 to Rs55 per board feet while closed cell spray form starts from Rs 100 – Rs 200 per board feet.

Reflective barriers

Being the most used insulation option in Pakistan, reflective barriers, like its name suggests uses the principle of thermodynamics, in which the material through its composition can reflect heat energy back into the atmosphere, while other insulation options are used to slow down heat process. If we talk about its working, reflective barrier contains various insulation material such as card boxes, plastic films, air infiltration board and strand board, which is then covered with a slightly reflective aluminum foil, making a sand witch effect. To increase the proper effect of insulation for your home through reflective barriers, you can add more element into the compound which further increases the total effect of insulation. If insulated properly, the reflective barrier has the capacity to save around Rs15000 yearly energy cost.

Cost of Reflective barriers

Reflective barriers are the cheapest form of home insulation in Pakistan. Measured in square feet, the reflective barrier will cost around Rs 15 – Rs 30 for a square foot. The only drawback of the reflective barrier is that it doesn’t effectively cover walls and roofs if you have cracks or damaged walls.

How to determine home insulation costs for small homes?

Home insulation is essential to secure from high temperatures during the summer season. While large homes usually avail of this service in most cases, it doesn’t mean that small homes are not suitable for the solution.

Although it worth mentioning that when learning about home insulation cost in Pakistan, it’s important to have a guide in place particularly for small homes as well.

For the same reason, we have listed down some of the easy steps which assist small homeowners to have a rough estimation about home insulation cost in Pakistan.

Calculate the area of the home

First thing first, you need to calculate the area of your home where you need to apply home insulation. The cost varies based on the area and width of the material choose.

For area, it’s better to not insulation complete home and gets a huge bill from it, rather it’s advised to play it wise and smartly. The home insulation is used in the first place to protect yourself from the unprecedented heat radiations of the summer season.

Hence, it’s important to apply insulation sheet firstly over your head or roof area and experience any change. If you feel that the result is up to your liking, you can get onto the next stage as per your requirement increases.

Find high R-value home insulation material

One element which devises how home insulation cost will add up to your all over bill is an area, the other element is a type of insulation that you use.

The major difference between the types of insulation sheet is its R-value. The higher the value means it’s insulative element is better.

Choose one under your budget

Based on your requirement as well as budget, you can go along and choose the right home insulation material for your need, is that simple.

As the budget is always at the forefront of people who are looking to have a solid insulation solution for their home, we advise keeping it at the bare minimum as insulation tends to come at a different rate.

The objective here is to avail insulation sheet for your home and not to go with the best solution in the market available now.

Contact home insulation application companies

Lastly, we need to have a professional hand on deck to apply insulation in the first place. And secondly, with all the market survey and taking the rates one by one, it’s effective if we double-check from a reputable insulation sheet application company in Pakistan for the entire cost from product procurement to application


Home insulation adds up the cost, that’s why we categorize it as an investment. And like any investment, the ROI for its return is in the form of savings which will be acquired per yearly, as well as the restfulness on might experience through higher R-value of your home and in return, better summer season to spend.

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