How to Protect from thermal radiation using Roof heat proofing in Karachi during the night

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Roof heat proofing in Karachi has gained tremendous outreach with the content that it will surely provide relief for the people from intense sunlight. The chemical is purely used to reflect the sun from entering into the home since it’s applied at the external end of the roof. This is pretty much understood, but the heat in the home is more complex than simply sun is entering into your home. There is night time when heat radiation gets in our way and makes the interior pretty hot and humid. This radiation is what known as stored heat during the day, but when the temperature of outside cools down, the heat exerts indoors. This radiation pretty much caused great distress and trouble with hot temperature, to a certain extent that people get frustrated from the internal heat. In this article, we need to understand is the heat proofing chemical right choice to protect from thermal radiation during night.

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What is Thermal Radiation

Thermal radiation is the heat but radiates from a stored object. There are objects which store heat, and then there are some which don’t. Concrete, being highly used for a construction-related job, is considered to be material with high storing probability to store thermal radiation, While wood and plastic don’t store heat. When talking purely as heat proofing expert, our aim to mention thermal radiation entirely refers to the concrete stored heat, which usually radiates during the night time. This heat presents great distress on the lives of people, since, in Pakistan, heat during day pose a direct threat both inside and outside, while heat during the night is located internally only.

Introducing Urban Heat Island Effect

People living in the great metropolis are more endangered with heat-related ailments, such as heat strokes, heatwaves and such. This event is caused by extra heat, but there is another man-made an effect with further enhanced the effects, known as urban heat island effect. The concrete jungle located in the big metropolis is intertwined together with radiation. The radiation comes and goes freely into the atmosphere. This transfer of heat doesn’t even require some sort of conduction since radiated heat freely roams around the air. The effect increase when lots of homes are joint together with no gaps in between. Plus the pollution from transport and factories plays an important part to further adds the heat, and reduce the effect of wind blowing either from sea breeze or mountainous breeze. All of these effects adding, ensuring urban heat island effect to take place, which pose a great threat in the well being of people living in a large metropolis.

Effects of thermal Roof heat proofing in Karachi

Understanding the effects of radiation and direct sunlight during day time, there are some appliances people have to use to protect themselves from hot weather, either through the fan, or air conditioning. Both of these appliances use energy which then comes in the form of a high power bill, adding more financial expenses into the monthly budget. While keeping monetary restrains in order, there is another solution which we are going to explain in this article, known as thermal proofing chemical application, a next-gen solution to resist heat from entering into your home altogether. Application of heat proofing chemical is itself a straight forward job, but its result is tremendous. The direct benefit is in the form of no direct heat enters into your home since the white color chemical reflects all the heat into the atmosphere. This effect reduces total heat inside our homes, meaning, no energy consumption and saving of power bill is a byproduct of using thermal proofing chemicals.

Heat Protection day and night using Roof heat proofing in Karachi

We understand that urban homes are facing heat 24/7 due to various actors affecting them all together, including heat radiation. Heat proofing chemicals is simply a sun reflective paint applied over the roof, but what effect does it have during night time, when not only your concrete but concrete from other homes starts dissipating the radiation, increasing the internal temperature yet again. Heat proofing chemical will certainly limit the storing of heat into the concrete in the first place, but considering the radiation from other concrete, such as walls, and parts in a concrete jungle, no security effect is possible thought heat proofing chemicals. It is possible to limit the radiation all together through using heat insulation service in Pakistan.

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Concrete vs metal roof difference in night

We find the need to separate two forms of the roof and how it effects during night. One is a concrete roof while the other is a metal roof. Considering the night time only when the sun sets down and the only enemy we are facing is heat radiation, metal roof sheets don’t pose threats to us since no radiation is stored over the roof, making it safer for top homes, where heat is at the maximum. While concrete floors are more popular and sturdier than metal, during night time, thermal radiation is an issue which presents some distress into our lives.

Can a Roof heat proofing in Karachi work on the tin surface?

When roof material changes to anything else than concrete, people start to get little concern regarding applying top-class Roof heat proofing in Karachi to protect from intense heat waves and summer season.

Although it’s pretty much obvious enough, the chemical application can be applied on any surface irrespective of the material that the roof is built through.

In this blog, we will further explore in learning more about how Roof heat proofing in Karachi works on the tin surface.

Concrete surface vs metal surface

No one can undermine from the fact that concrete surface makes up around 95% of the roof in Karachi, but that doesn’t mean that the other 5% should not experience the benefits of Roof heat proofing in Karachi in their home.

Still, it’s up to the homeowner to avail the surface in the first place, and the role of an expert chemical application, its quite evident enough that every client who is need of the chemical in the first place, should have Roof heat proofing in Karachi irrespective of the roof material.

Let’s see how we can apply the Roof heat proofing in Karachi in a tin or metal sheet without any trouble.

Apply the chemicals 

The chemical application, which Roof heat proofing in Karachi is all about can be applied over any surface, whether its made of metal, corrugated or not, or any other surface which needs some protection for high summer temperature.

The chemical is applied thoroughly over the metal sheet. Of course, we need people and equipment to apply the chemical in the first place.

Uses equipment 

Talking about the equipment required to apply over the metal sheet, since the metal sheet is not smooth in usual cases, hence the optimum equipment for the job is a paintbrush.

There are other equipment for the job, such as high-pressure spray, which requires electricity and proper training to apply it correctly.

Other than that, the roller is not advised because of the unsmooth surface that we usually see for a metal sheet.

Expertise required

The experienced hands who are more inclined towards the application of the material in the first place, we need them more than anything else.

The assist of expert technicians who will be responsible for applying the roof heat proofing in Karachi is essential, and if we are unable to apply the chemical properly, heat protection is not attended as intended.

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