How to remove bathroom odor using Waterproofing

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A bathroom besides being one of the most important areas inside any facility and its an absolute necessity to ensure that its cleanliness is in order, most of us rely on Bathroom waterproofing in Karachi in order to fix it. Often there’s  another issue which sometimes exceeds even the importance of cleanliness, which is called odor. A bathroom with a bad smell is as good as a dirty bathroom. We find it quite difficult to convey our business properly when bathroom reeks odor. The odor can be of sewage, like a rotten egg, sulfur or at most it just smells out of this world. We are not listing down the types of smell that comes out from an ordinary bathroom, but instead, we wish to provide a solution, through the use of waterproofing based chemical treatment.

Understanding the source of bathroom smell and how Bathroom Waterproofing in Karachi can fix it

A bathroom smells and when it does, 95% chance is that it’s coming from the toilet itself. While the other 5% is the rest of the area in the bathroom. Fortunately, waterproofing prime objective is to ensure that surface is airtight, and this airtight also ensures that nothing can leave from the inside of a bathroom similar as the external factors affecting the covered area is not possible. Bathroom with the toilet installed should be considered more endangered by smell since the U-shape pipe known as p-trap is what used to hold some amount of water to counter any air trap, which also implies negative effect if there is any sign of leakage. Of course, unlike the ordinary cracks and void, leakages that produce bad smell is hard to see, so it’s always better to completely cover the bathroom through waterproofing based solution so that no area is left unaffected.

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The gaseous form is hard to find

Since we are talking about the leakages find inside a bathroom, which in return exerts foul smell all over, are most of the times, in the form of gas. The trapped sewage water inside a toilet produces gases due to internal pipe heat, and when there is an opening, no matter how small in size, the smell will easily escape the pipes and follow into the entire bathroom. The worst case for this assumption comes into reality when sometimes we notice that during morning times, the smell are usually in greater quantity than other duration. The main reason for this possibility is the use of external pressure through maximum usage when boils down all the gases into the pipe and once the leakage is present, the gate will escape and enter into the open area of your bathroom, resulting in an excruciating bad smell continuously. Good thing is that bathroom waterproofing will cover all sort of opening permanently.

A possible Toilet leakage can be fixed by Bathroom Waterproofing in Karachi

Toilet leakage should be our number one priority when fixing the bathroom odor through waterproofing. Applying the chemical across the toilet helps the people to get completely relaxed from the notion that a toilet is playing any part in producing a foul smell. The good thing about waterproofing products and ceramic is that the chemical easily gets joined with the surface without any trouble. By covering your bathroom, and if there is Pakistani styled toilet around, waterproofing could assist in ensuring that fixes around the WC are covered to the best of our ability. The purpose for this exercise is to make sure that all the possible leakage sources are completely shut down from the outside, which helps to take greater effect of all the foul gases to remain inside as they should be, through a proper airtight process.

Sealing all pipes

The bathroom has more than one set of pipes, and when we talk about pipes, we are also referring to the pipes that are used to throw out clean water as well. The waterproofing products work as a binder when it comes to any surface, the start off with fixed pipes and then follow into the flexible pipes. The bathroom waterproofing solution will cover all the pipes to safeguard that no odor of any types gets escaped from these pipes, which carries water, gases, and another element. We are aiming to close down every source that might produce foul smell one at a time.

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Wall seepage as a culprit

Once all the pipe, toilet and WC are covered, let’s focus on the remaining 5% of the source that could affect on creating an odor in a bathroom, which is through wall seepage and tiles grout. A wall when gets condensed produced bacteria, which double down on the damaged part and scrapes out paintwork, creating a mess at the same time. Talking about the tiles and gaps which is located between tiles, these grout also stores water and in the result of it, the fungus-like element is created, which adds up on the foul smell meter to a certain degree. A Waterproofing material will aim to provide two things in this regard, one is to remove the possibility of bad smell reeking from walls and floor, while the second part is ensuring to secure the structure from water-based damages, such as leakage and seepage. We can simply say that availing bathroom waterproofing is struck two birds with one stone.

How does Bathroom Waterproofing in Karachi best for saving money?

There is always the permanent solution to fix the leakage and seepage for your bathroom, by calling your plumber and repair all the damaged, or leaking pipes structure all over.

But if you are unaware of the source of leakage, its best to apply bathroom waterproofing in Karachi, because it saves you time and money.

Talking about money benefits, there’s no better solution than bathroom waterproofing in Karachi and there’s the reason for it. We have tried to explain some of the major elements which ensure that bathroom waterproofing in Karachi is the most cost-effective leakage protection solution we can find.

No breakage required

The first benefit for which bathroom waterproofing in Karachi exists today is that it doesn’t require any type of hammer work. Your walls and floors will remain intact, but not only that, the solution will ensure that no leakage and seepage come again for several years.

Some might ask, how it’s possible to stop the water-based leakage without any repair works? It’s in science. The leakage element is still happening, just its not ruining your floor and concrete walls, which is the main concern for people in general terms.

Bathroom Waterproofing in Karachi is applied in hours

When an application takes a lot of time, the cost increase substantially. But what about a 2 hours solution? It’ can be finished with covering main leakage areas over your bathroom for good, without taking a major hit in your budget.

Since a bathroom waterproofing in Karachi incorporates chemicals only, the only time it requires for the bathroom to drying time, which doesn’t take any money in exchange.

No extra Material needed

Taking about solid material, such as plumbing equipment, none is needed. All we need is a chemical, some stick to mix chemicals and cement, and a blow dryer to blow chemicals inside the sewerage system.

All of this solution is applicable and no damaging hardware is needed that might increase the cost or the least will create a mess for us. bathroom waterproofing in Karachi is surely one of the most convenient solutions in the market.

One-man job

When the number of laborers increases so does the cost. But to our amazement, bathroom waterproofing in Karachi is an only a one-man job.

The application of chemicals can help a bathroom owner cover for several years and because of the low-cost solution, it’s beneficial to apply bathroom waterproofing in Karachi over several bathrooms all within a day.


Bathroom smell is somewhat more than a nuisance, and the extremities of it are unbearable, to say the least. Besides using room spray and freshener to temporary subdue bad smell, its also necessary to apply for a more permanent solution at the same time through the use of bathroom waterproofing based solution


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