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There is no denying from the fact that bathroom leakage and seepage can only be fixed through Bathroom Waterproofing in Pakistan. If issue still persists, is indeed a nuisance that is being faced by many of us in various forms. But the important thing in the leakage is the water content freely being got easily absorbed by the concrete of the bathroom. The good thing about the waterproofing service is its aim to fix the very problem with great result. Indeed we have various waterproofing products at our disposal, but there is a catch. The Application of ordinary waterproofing products is applied over any surface, known as a binder. These binder aims to provide an airtight feature to any surface it’s being applied on, but the result of it is a dark layer of chemical which is easily visible to such an extent that it ruins the beautiful walls and tiles work for your bathroom. We understand that no everyone like the black bathroom, so instead of using the product the outer layer, there is another solution, known to conceal concrete waterproofing.

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Properties of bitumen waterproofing

Bitumen waterproofing is considered as being one of the widely used product to counter the problems of leakage and seepage of any type. The application of bitumen is just not limited to the bathroom, but they are used across the board, that includes roof, basement, foundation, the water tank, and expansion joints. The bitumen is char black in color since it’s extracted from asphalt product which is used as carpeting binder for roads. With absolutely no reservations of its performance in respect to bathroom leakage control, the only problem is the black color which makes your bathroom looks unattractive. The important part of waterproofing is that it should be applied on the inner end, cause the leakage usually happens internally rather than externally. Luckily modern science has not disappointed us, and provided a fix which not just ensures fantastic protection from water leakage for all sort, but also calls as conceal waterproofing agent, used cohesively with concrete.

Acrylic mixture with concrete

Acrylic product is a transparent, liquid-based chemical used to provide moisture protection. This product is an extension with concrete during the application of construction something new. This is the only disadvantage of acrylic mixture that whenever it’s needed, concrete work must be conveyed along the way, which usually takes more time. But the result of it, you have a structure free from any sort of leakage or seepage, and afterwords you are open to apply aesthetics over the concrete, such as tiles, paintwork or wallpaper. The acrylic product is a very flexible and multipurpose product that ensures complete safety of your bathroom for years to come.

Filling of cracks and voids

Have you noticed cracks and dangerous voids around your bathroom? Indeed you can simply do the filling job using concrete, but with loose concrete, the problem of cracks will be solved partially, since there is no counter-effect measure taken to resist water-based damages. The good thing about acrylic is that its transparent and is used with the amalgamation with concrete. Simply mixing this acrylic or conceal concrete mixture over the affected area, you will surely get a much-awaited solution against the adverse effects of water leakage and seepage in the bathroom.

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Other Conceal materials

There is no end in sight when we talk about the development taken by science in the field of procuring state of the art waterproofing based products. Besides the use of acrylic products that are both transparent is can work with the correlation to concrete, there are also other conceal systems to protect from unnecessary moisture control, leakages, and seepage. Some of these chemicals are PU based elastomeric waterproofing membrane coating, brush applied cementitious waterproofing coating and liquid-applied membranes. All of the products can be applied anywhere without any strong color visibility. All of these products are concealed used so that it doesn’t affect the aesthetics of your facility.

Multipurpose polymers for waterproofing

Polymers are the main ingredients used inside these conceal concrete waterproofing products. The unusual outcome from these chemically developed polymers is the fact that its cheap, industry standard and does the job well. The only shortcoming for using conceal waterproofing products is that because its get mixed with concrete, the application times is usually greater than the application of bitumen product.

4 water damage that indicates to avail Bathroom Waterproofing in Pakistan

As bathroom water leakage and seepage could usually indicate that it’s time to call out a plumber to fix the issue once and for all. But there are some issues which can only be resolved with the help of waterproofing chemical.

We are trying to post some of the indications which help people to undermine the right time to call bathroom waterproofing in Pakistan.

Leakage from the side of sewerage lines

The sewerage lines and leakage from the sides of it are the number one indication that ensures that its time to apply bathroom waterproofing in Pakistan.

Why we have concluded this is because a plumber work to fix is not just lengthy but also quite expensive. Thanks to these waterproofing chemicals, the leakage and seepage stop for good after the bathroom waterproofing in Pakistan is finished.

Usually, the sewerage lines are made up of concrete based pipes, which then profoundly produce leakage and seepage unprecedently.

Leaking tiles

The tiles on the floor and walls can be fixed with the help of bathroom waterproofing in Pakistan. The chemical works quite well to perform the grouting of the tiles.

Usually, water during bathroom cleaning or bathing remains under the tiles which release after pressure.

To close the opening for good, we usually refer to the chemical-based solution which can be mixed with white cement and applied to close off the opening of each tile.

Once the solution is dried properly, leakage and seepage from the grouting of the tiles are no more

Seepage over walls 

Most of the time, we need assistance from waterproofing experts to survey the seepage over the walls and suggest whether it’s the case that can be fixed through bathroom waterproofing in Pakistan.

Because if there’s any conceal pipe which is damaged, bathroom waterproofing in Pakistan cannot retain it for much time. For that, we need to perform the usual, call out a plumber to perform his services.

If there’s an unusual seepage either through raining or other environmental-based issues, it can be fixed through applying bathroom waterproofing in Pakistan.

Water Damage near a bathtub

For some bathrooms, the bathtub can also be a source of leakage and seepage to the bathroom. The water usually stayed over the bathroom and then at the corners of the area, water damage gets into account.

Thanks to the application of bathroom waterproofing in Pakistan its revolved for the better and trouble ascertaining it is also fixed for several years.


There we have it, a product that is not visible but works similarly as any other waterproofing product. This conceals acrylic mixture is not just limited to bathroom waterproofing, but it can be used anywhere, simply where concrete is necessary.

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