How to add waterproofing with concrete admixtures in Pakistan?

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Waterproofing helps with reducing leakage and seepage from your facilities, consider one of the best solutions that handle water-based damages. Keeping the traditional alive, there are waterproofing chemicals which are used within the addition of other chemicals, namely construction chemicals. One type of chemical that helps solidify the concrete treatment is through concrete admixtures. With the chemicals in place, waterproofing application along with concrete admixtures helps it to further strengthen the treatment so that leakage and seepage are controlled properly. As a waterproofing expert, we want to further explain about more methods that help fix the waterproofing solution despite the surface where the chemical is applied.

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Waterproofing using superplasticizers in Pakistan

Superplasticizers are referred to as one of the most important construction chemicals that helps in the building. The importance of superplasticizers can be asked by any civil expert because it’s used in the addition with concrete plaster and cement benefits. Waterproofing, on the other hand, can be mixed with any type of concrete chemical which assists in giving the best leakage and seepage solution in Pakistan. Keeping the tradition alive, superplasticizers are maintained within the spectrum of waterproofing solutions but with the importance of assistance through other chemicals along the way.

Benefits of waterproofing in concrete

It is quite easy to imagine that waterproofing is independent on any surface whether its metal or non-metal, as long as its a solid service, because the problem of leakage exists only in solid surface, keeping the practice into context. There are quite several benefits for applying the waterproofing in concrete in Pakistan, among which, the top reason that leads all the other source is that almost 98% structure in Pakistan is made from concrete. If we are looking to provide waterproofing service for roof and basement, the concrete based waterproofing is your best bet.

Where concrete admixtures are used?

Concrete admixtures are mostly used in construction for buildings, homes and other concrete based manufacturing. It comes under the construction chemicals which helps assist the civil specialist during construction and related developments. Although concrete admixtures have no direct relationship with waterproofing service in Pakistan, there is much practical application for a waterproofing chemical treatment over the concrete and through other chemicals that are used for bind the compound together also comes into the considerations.

Advantages of cement waterproofing?

As it already understood the popularity of concrete in construction and at how much it is being used in practice. The waterproofing which is primarily used to secure from leakage and seepage from water-based damages, out of which the prime example where the most damage is seen is the concrete walls and roof. These concrete-based structures pose a great threat from water-based damages and must be rectified with waterproofing solution either through acrylic-based chemical which is mixed with cement or using entirely the bitumen-based chemical for waterproofing needs.

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Importance of Construction chemicals and waterproofing

The construction chemicals and waterproofing goes hand in hand because waterproofing comes under the type of protective coating, that construction chemicals provide to their users. Waterproofing is a chemical whose main objective is to fix the problem of leakage and seepage from the surface. The security from water-based damage can only be possible if we are aware of various types of construction chemicals used in Pakistan and what is the optimum way to procure it. Some of the waterproofing chemicals are acrylic based and bitumen, which comes in both liquid and solid form.

Where does the waterproofing company come in?

The job of a waterproofing company is straight forward, provide the labor and necessary chemicals to their customers to protect from the water-based damages in Pakistan. As a waterproofing company in Pakistan, Lakhwa Chemical Services manages to provide a service that is of utmost importance to both homeowners and civil experts alike, depending on the nature of service. As for construction chemicals, Lakhwa Chemical Services also supply the most basic form of construction chemicals that helps in the department of leakage and seepage, plus other related areas as well.


Although the real job of a waterproofing chemical is to make surface water-resistant, in general, the construction chemicals are much broader than just a single form of work. It is the job of a chemical supplier and application expert like Lakhwa Chemical Services to provide all the possible support and assistance in chemically related work in Pakistan.

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